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  1. I love this so much LMAO amazing. ♥
  2. Alena Armas POV Exactly as TZ said. We were dropped off at the southern city gates by a UAZ and after they left, I went up to the gate. Before I could let us in, I heard shots up along the city wall so I radio'd some guys from VK to ask what was going on and if it was good to go in. I hear something about them holding a Russian up and so we wait outside a few more seconds. Then I instantly hear yelling from behind me. One voice saying "Hey fuck off or I'll kill you" and one from my right telling us to get our hands up. It was a confusing blur so I spun around, backing up and putting my rifle in my hands, and got shot down by someone half hidden in a fallen tree and the other one that I didn't see. I didn't see Kai's reaction beside me since the shooting was practically instantly as I turned to look.
  3. A mess of a girl that should have never ended up in this half of the world. Logistically, her life was chaotic from the start. Alena was born to a loving - but completely unprepared - couple that stayed on the outskirts of the larger settlement in Monterey, far on the west coast of what was left of the good ol’ United States. Her parents always hopped from settlement to settlement, exploring, working, and ‘looking for a better life’. To them, that meant doing whatever it took to get by, stealing and conning was not off the table. Even as the world lay in ruins, they wanted to explore it like a bunch of kids backpacking across states and countries, and stealing what they could to keep it moving. And unfortunately, Alena only slowed them down, at least when she was little. The damage was done from the start, leaving her feeling like a burden anywhere she’s ended up. The travels continued once she was older, nonetheless. She was whisked away from settlement to settlement, state to state, until her father dragged them across the ocean in one grand leap. Perhaps, it was the worst decision he ever made. The world had all gone to hell anyways, but at least they understood everyone back home. In the years that followed Alena’s arrival off the coast of Spain, the chaos of this new half of the world crept in. One month, most of the locals spoke Spanish. On their travels, the next settlement they ran into spoke mostly French. And on and on, the little band went, struggling to survive, interact, and even speak with the mixing pots of people left behind in the wastelands and settlements in between. The world came to a sharp, spinning half as their travels crossed into Russia. They were not prepared for the cold, not by a long shot. Within two years, Alena’s mother had passed away, falling victim to hypothermia from the bitter cold. From then on, it was just her and her father trying to con the world just to get by. They stayed in a smaller settlement for a while, on the outskirts of Finland. Her father took up some spare jobs, working in some factories and making some quick money on the side by pretending he could do anything. If anything, he was particularly good at bullshitting, embellishing stories on the drop of a dime. This skill, he certainly passed on to his daughter, but it eventually cost him his life. He conned the wrong man, making a quick few bucks by pretending to fix a factory manager’s rusty old car. Truly, all he did was put just enough sawdust in the transmission that the car would happily drive up the road, and then break down. He tried to make off with the money, but the factory manager was well connected and ran a crew of his own. By the end of the week, they’d tracked the duo down and shot Alena’s father right before her, just to send a message. And send a message it did. It also sent her running. From settlement to settlement, she couldn’t get far enough away. Alena barely stopped to eat. She stole one of their cars just to put some distance between them. Then the car broke down, and she stole a horse just to get away from that, before their goons could find it. Then the horse’s owner would come tracking it down... On and on, she just continued, she’d rather brave the wasteland and the virus than the consequences that were chasing her.
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