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    Maybe it was out of fuel, then it would burn cooler...just sayin lol
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    Cute Arms

    now you need a jacket with longer sleeves
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    I dont see it..
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    the one on the right needs a cuddle
  5. Thanks for the clarification !!
  6. I think so?, There was only the EU when i signed up, I gather that was a temp and US is perm. Thats what i understand based on the reply i got
  7. New to our community, I see a US server now. Is that going to be around for a while and does the data between the two servers cross over? (meaning if i play a character on US,does it show up in EU as well). Thanks in advance for answering my noobish questions.
  8. well thats something i guess? lol
  9. 33 more MINS!!! i called in sick ... lol
  10. Thanks alot,glad to be part of the community ?. I am looking forward to some RP weirdness.
  11. Today was what i had been planning for over a year. Provisions for the journey off the mountain had taken longer than I expected.The game wasn't here any more. Not after the zombie swarm. They had decimated the town below a year ago. The dead had started walking 2 years before..they had time to build and fortify. Too busy congratulating themselves on settling in such remote wilderness. "the rivers and mountain passes will keep us safe." Doomed from the beginning. The dead are easy to understand..eat,kill,eat. What they did not prepare for was fellow man. Pushed into a corner folks do whatever they need to do to feed themselves. The trade trucks from a nearby stronghold pulled up at first light on that day. The fog was still settling on the fields, sheep were bleating from down by the stream. The old rooster was making himself know to the townsfolk. I was just entering town with my packhorse. Loaded with skins i had collected and tanned, I intended to try and trade for some rifle ammo or at least some gunpowder. I stopped at the edge of the tree line,cautious by and from nature. I wanted to wait until these other traders had left before I did my business. The drivers got out of the three old trucks and walked around to the rear double doors. These looked like old moving vans...how much stuff were they trading? The hairs on my neck sent a tingle down my spine...something wasn't right here. I had never seen trucks like this being used for trade,not when gas was so hard to come by these dayz. The three men looked around and all lifted the latches and swung the doors wide. What the hell were these guys up to? All three ran back to the cabs of the trucks and slammed the doors closed. I saw movement in the dark interiors of the truck...and shock and disgust ran through me. The trucks were filled with the undead. I counted near 30 creatures issue from one truck and scatter throughout the town. So nearly 90 zombies were unleashed onto the unsuspecting towns people. The loud rooster was the first meal of the day,followed by the sheep. Their blood curdling screams sounded human as they were torn and consumed alive by the crazed dead. The next screams i heard were human. A terrified mother was pushing,pulling and screaming trying to keep her children from being the next meal. They vanished in a cloud of limbs, blood and bone. What came next wakes me almost every night since. The town was unable to recover from the attack. Small bands of people were trying to make a stand from their homes,outnumbered and ill prepared they didnt have a chance. I didnt see if the fires were set on purpose...the end result was that the entire town burned. Everything was gone. The homes,the farms, the people,the dam rooster, and all the livestock lay dead or dying. I approached cautiously from the north side of town looking for any survivors. All I found were corpses, those that were still living...well I brought them mercy. I didnt find anyone well enough to travel and if you cant travel in this new world well buddy your meat for the masses. I rummaged around for a bit looking for anything of use. I didnt linger long, I knew that the other stronghold would be by shortly to reap their harvest...to bad for them they decided to attack in the hottest month in these parts. This place was a tinderbox aching for a spark. A complete loss,nothing here left ..so pointless. The trucks had drove off during the mayhem, I had to get a move on. Back to camp, I needed to leave this death. It was on my way back to my camp that I decided to try and find like minded survivors and try to rebuild something real. I had nothing tying me to the cabin anyway, my family had never returned from the coastal vacation they had went on. I had stayed behind to tend the traps and animals.
  12. Howdy all. Just joined the community here, wanted to say hello. Been gone from game, just getting back into it. I look forward(if whitelisted) to meeting and playing with new folks and getting into some RP scenarios.
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