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  1. Boris Zurkci, a native to Chernarus, who had a wife and three children. Boris worked 13 years at the balota airfield as security, the lowest man on the totem pole possible. Boris was never given recognition for all the overtime and practically slave labor he put in for his superiors, he is used to having to work hard just to survive and that is exactly what Borris plans on doing..... surviving as an honest man not taking from others or killing, although Boris does have a very maluable mind when around others. Boris for sure knows both his wife and his oldest 2 sons were killed at the beginning of the outbreak, by crossfire from local authorities, but he knows his youngest must still be out there somewhere NW. His youngest, Vlad, was at his relative's house by Vavilovo. Boris is truly determined to find his son and piece back together of what's left of his broken family, but Borris will need a group to find the one he loves, so assembling a squad of others looking and chasing for what may be just ghosts.
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