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"Suicide isn't a coward's way out, it's the ONLY way out."

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  1. Wanna see a magic trick? See you maybe in the Spring.


    1. Hebee


      It's called hibernation not magic 

  2. Log into his account because he isn't on Final Warning and RP without worried about getting banned or targeted. Also probably steal his shoes.
  3. 56bddbf4b8ff7d9224d96b4494afdacd.png

    That's a cool fucking magic trick, 10 to 29? I don't acknowledge it.

    1. Santa


      wait for what?

    2. Hollows


      IDK anymore lmao what the honest fuck

    3. Santa


      twice in one year. nice

    4. Pepe Jones

      Pepe Jones

      Lol I guess the "Final" part of your previous Final Warning didn't mean much.

    5. Hollows


      I'm just disappointed, to be honest.

    6. Cid


      I mean, it's better than being perma'd, right?

    7. Hollows


      I've been absent for a long time on the inside. Not worth it anymore.


    8. PalmtreeWhale


      rope'ing.. the points in I see

    9. Docto Ouface

      Docto Ouface

      Yeah, this is ridiculous. They should just remove all your points and perma you instead. :)

    10. Hollows


      How would that work, when you remove all points you come out with 0, and you can't be permed with the absence of points?

      Where did you go to Medical School again?

    11. Docto Ouface

      Docto Ouface

      I see your logic, but there are some actions that should mean instant perma, no points needed. I'm sure you're familiar with more than a few.

    12. Hollows


      Though I do not disagree with your less than subtle jab at me on certain punishments, I don't think you know enough about what transpired to have a legitimate and respected opinion on the matter to be," throwing shade," in my general direction. I don't respect it, and hardly want to entertain it.

      You see, I don't care about your opinion, as I am an adult who knows not to take things in a gaming community to heart. I can tell, even with autism, that words cannot harm me unless I let them. I'm am familiar with only one prior instance where a punishment was legitimately deserved due to me being an asshole, and that has since been appealed and accepted. Since 2014, not including instantaneous Final Warnings, I've acquired 9 warning points.

      Any questions or further salt-related comments should be kept to your private slack or in PM's. That, or, as YBN Nahmir once put it:

      That's what I thought you said

      Now let me offer this as a rebuttal

      Ayy, ayy, gang, gang

      Ayy, ayy, ayy, gang, gang

      Ayy, ayy, ayy, gang, gang

      Ayy, ayy, ayy, gang, gang

      They say Lil'' Nahmir where you been at? I'm just passin' a breeze

      I been runnin' up a check, that's why these bitches on me

      I been coolin', layin' low, but I'm not takin' a seat

      But just know a (censored) back and this time I won't leave

      I been runnin', runnin', runnin', gotta check me a bag

      I got hunnids on my neck and I got Trues on my ass

      (censored) said I'm goin' broke, well I just take it and laugh

      I be speedin' in that foreign with Five-O on my ass

      But I'm that (censored), I won't ever change, rubbin' off the paint

      Smokin' dank, got a Uzi in my lap, I let it bang

      Free Lil' Tay, know he keep a 'K, but he not Tay-K

      I up the chop and let it blow him, watch this bitch heat his face, I'm that (censored)

      And all my young (censored) pullin' triggers, we gorillas

      We let this bitch off until you feel us, for you (censored)

      That's always on IG with them yiggies, takin' pictures

      Is you really gon' use 'em or you just loafin' for them bitches?

      You (censored) really hoes and you be acting like these bitches

      You (censored) say y'all silent but y'all probably in there snitchin'

      Most the (censored) that's around me throwin C's like they crippin'

      But they do it for the twins, free Lil' Corey and Lil' Christian

      But I'm rockin' with my shooters and that's mandatory

      One up top like I'm Mozzy, bitch I keep a forty

      You say I'm lackin', (censored) try me, shoot you and yo' shorty

      I'm cookin up in the lab like I'm Rick and Morty

      Forty poppa, hit a mobsta, turn your brain to pasta

      Hit a opp up, dreads swangin' just like I'm a Rasta

      Smokin' ganja and I'm zooted, walkin' in my Pradas

      Any (censored) test my gangsta (censored), I'ma pop 'em

      And we ain't throwin' hands with you fuck (censored)

      It's one up top up in that chamber, better duck (censored)

      (censored) dissin' on Lil' Valley, he get slumped (censored)

      We shoot his body then we lay him in that trunk (censored)

      I'm one-hundo, bitch that's on my life, I will never fold

      A (censored) speakin on Lil' Quay, well then that (censored) gotta go

      I'm really small but I can fight but I'ma still up that pole

      For you (censored) think I'm pussy, you gon' have to show me hoe

      Police always at my fuckin' crib, I don't tell 'em shit

      I'm really rapping 'bout this (censored) life, that I (censored) live

      But I be coolin', tryna focus on them fuckin' dividends

      But if it's money near yo' head, well I'ma fuckin get it, man

      Ayy, ayy, gang, gang, gang

      Ayy, ayy, gang, gang, gang

      Ayy, ayy, gang, gang, gang

      Ayy, ayy, gang, gang, gang




  5. Real life picture Thread

    Oh, Squillywilly You gettin it in Paris baby. Don't get stabbed though.
  6. DayzRP Members as DOGS Thread.

    You have peaked my interests.
  7. Graveyard Characters

    I think Brad already had something like this going in a thread before the LW. Would be cool to have it again.
  8. blasting this shit when we just talked our way out of a bank robbery, not a shot fired

    @Boston fuck you lmao

    1. BostonRP



    2. Beni


      You been playing Payday 2 again? 

    3. Hollows


      fivem my guy. 

      boston is a shit driver tbh though  lmao 3 motorcycle crashes in a 2 hour span

      loses 50k in respawn fees.

    4. BostonRP


      Five of the M variety

  9. 2a874fa79ed0e5eea0c30fd180bf2073.png

    What the fuck is this bullshit. What does anything i've posted relate to that shit.

    1. Beni


      What did you post kidda? 

      Actually, steam me. 

    2. Oliv


      Did you get lost on your way to the appeals section?

    3. Yung Shade

      Yung Shade

      Maybe the Image of you searching for rope on google, after y'know...

    4. Hollows


      apparently people are assuming the  two are connected and i was pointed without further evidence which i believe is a underline requirement to give pointss or ban someone.

      idk who the fuck  they're takingg about someone came into ts complained to me without droppingg a name then dipped.

    5. Beni


      He just explained the situation to me... He really shouldn't of been pointed for that, if that's the case. 

    6. BlindingGMAK


      Someone threatens to hang themselves and you post an image of you searching the price of rope. I'm struggling to see how that doesn't relate.

    7. Hollows


      Sorry @BlindingGMAK, you aren't allowed to voice your opinion on my thread. I don't know you, this is a closed forum and I'm playing GTAV.

    8. Beni


      Hollows you playing FiveM? What server b? 

    9. Hollows
  10. The Moretti Famiglia (Media)

    Hey, I shot at people in the Moretti Flamingos before the LW. Do you guys still hate school shooters and the color blue?
  11. Cool, in 16 days I'll be eligible for the 2018 community awards, which I will not win in.


    1. Hebi Kotei

      Hebi Kotei

      I'm going for clean sheet of the year 2018, wbu?

    2. Eagle



    3. Hollows


      i'm going for not giving me points hebi you know me.

    4. Hebi Kotei

      Hebi Kotei

      I wouldn't say you're wrong. *Shrug*

    5. Santa



  12. you know if you recorded this it would be cooler
  13. Bring Back Bunny!

    Talk to @JimRP about trying to use your roll for her name at a chance for her to win a free computer. Also, will a receipt be posted after she acquires said new PC so we know the money was spent for that particular reason, instead of unrelated stuff like spa days or other things?
  14. Return of SVR?

    Yay if you can get some of the old-heads to come back, nay if you're unable to do so. Whitenames ruin everything. :9
  15. Poll: Should an Arma 3 DayZ styled server be implemented?

    No. People on DayZRP are mainly here for DayZ SA and not ArmA3. It'll likely get a minor backing then fizzle out within the month and die out again. Side projects just don't work for this community. No need on wasting what funding we have on another server that'll inevitably die out. Look at LiF, for example. Servers were packed but it died out over Christmas brake and come January 1, the servers had maybe 7 people on during prime-time on a weekend. Might as well just donate the money we intend to use for a charity instead, at least that way it won't be outright wasted.
  16. Right

    Hey, welcome to the club. Well, at least you left with dignity. ToS is about as secure as Titanic's hull, but we gotta use scapegoats to make it seem like it's all good.
  17. Snowed in Texas faster than in New York.

    Get fucked.

    1. WesternRP



  18. Black Fangs [Strict Recruitment]

    [/Deny] Reason: This isn't fucking 2013 man, c'omon.
  19. I've played SWTOR on/off since day 1 of launch in 2011. Went from Lord Adraas to Ebon Hawk, and now Ebon Hawk to... Star Forge?

    Extremely disappointed, yet not surprised to see EA having completely removed any and all RP servers, merging them with PvP/PvE servers. That's one way to snuff out an entire community over night. Thanks for ruining something I've spent 6 years working on.


    Darth Drekov Voidrend

    Nikko Betta

    Lieutenant Blace Goodwynn

    1. APTerminator


      It's almost like corporations dehumanize everything they touch.

  20. Show some love <3

    Going to give a shout out to some oldies, here. @GodOfInternetLag - Thank you for standing by my side and being a loyal brother in the Regulator days, finding stability in friendship is difficult online and you nailed it, couldn't ask for a better Ozzy mate to shoot shit with. @ThePoshFart - Same goes to you, being the second oldest Reg to stick around. I appreciate us all fucking around in TS and just chilling. Tell your brother I called him an idiot for me. @APTerminator - This Communist bastard gets a shout out for being AP. @Crim - He's British. @Boston - For knocking me out when my headphones D/C'ed from the game causing me to alt tab during the prison break event and punching me out. I've literally let this man get arrested dozens of times on GTAVRP for that and he still hasn't made up for it yet. Indeed, I am speaking to YOU on an OOC level. @Pepe Jones - For catching that d4nk final then playing vidya with me. @Nihoolious - #RemovedFromStaffKlubb2k17
  21. Staff Team Livestream QnA

    Still waiting on that incriminating evidence. :C
  22. Computer giveaway

    My PC is nearing the end of its life, would be amazing to get a new one. Luck be on my side, pls.
  23. I AFK in Room 4 for 2 1/2 days, only to come back to a 20-something strong roast zone debate.

    Made my week.

    1. ExoticRP


      You're welcome