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    Killed in Vybor

    Charles Hackett PoV: I was not involved directly in your death, yet I am a witness to the situation as I was a member of the initiating party. You were initiated in while on the roof of the school building in Vybor due to a past encounter between you and another member of New Moon, where you remained for a descent about of time despite people giving you orders to climb down the ladder. Once you climbed down, you turned and immediately sprinted into the school which gave us a red flag immediately and you are fortunate you weren't shot there and then. You then were commanded by 3-4 different people to drop your gun, and your backpack before you just stood there and looked at everyone. It was at this point when @Lewis scott gave you 5 seconds to drop your bag and get on the ground. Both he and I counted down, and when we hit 1 we gave you additional moments to comply before he shot you for noncompliance.
  2. Hollows

    The House

    It's been real
  3. Hollows

    [BoS] Brotherhood of Steel

  4. Hollows

    Require recording during hostile situations

    Not going to record and have 1-2 frames or risk crashing when I just granted someone KoS rights, that is a severe disadvantage towards me and nothing but an inconvenience. I'd likely die all the time, so what would be the point of even initiating?
  5. Hollows

    Require recording during hostile situations

    I love this in theory but in reality it's going to be a no from me, dawg. I've got a shitty PC that cannot let me record (My only Graphics Card is a GeForce 550 I've had for like 4 years) and when I try to record on ANY game, my game usually either crashes or lags beyond playable-standards for me. There have been times where I solo-initiated, or been in groups with other people who have shit-tier PCs, so it wouldn't be fair to bar us from being able to be hostile if we can't find someone to record. Luckily, I bought a new PC for Cyber Monday and around December 17th I should be getting it so I should be able to record, but what about the other people who still have low tier PCs and aren't able to access the functions that other people can? I've still got Windows 7 on this PC lol.
  6. Hollows

    Infamous Groups/Characters

    The Reapers v.1 - v.2: - Nothing like 20+ people bum-rushing into your RP at GM and just taking your shit out of intimidation without an initiation. They provided good RP each encounter I've had with them up until around v.3, then I just kind of avoided them. Nothing personal. 85th Platoon: - Had a fun time fighting and getting killed by them on Austellus as a Regulator in 2015. Shame they got /archived, not going to lie we were salty sometimes but we never hated them. Very good antagonists to us Regulators. Masquerade v.1-v.2: - Same as the 85th, they had really good BanditRP back in the day. I was never directly captured by them and are thankful for that because I saw the scars and IC emotional damage they caused to their old game-show contestants from the past. SVR: - OG Banditos IMO, one of the largest and most infamous of them all if anything. I remember being scared of anything red head-gear wise for months after Mod changed to SA. Honorable Mention- SDS: - Ran into them a handful of times in 2013-ish. Always wanted to avoid them because of stories, their RP was both intimidating and hilarious at times.
  7. Hollows

    PsiSyndicate needs your help!

  8. Hollows

    Top 5 DayZRP PVPers

    can i be top pvper i am good at art of cameoflajue i can cut trees down and hid in them all firefite so i dont lose gear plealse?
  9. Hollows

    Christmas Themed Website

    If we can Photoshop this in the background I'll be eternally grateful. -Just kidding, though I'll hop in PS and see if I can alter some DayZ stuff for a background with a Christmas theme. Maybe form some frost or something? Wish we had a snow mod in Chernarus though that would be LIT.
  10. Hollows

    To Zagorians [46.8Hz]

    *Charles flicks his cigarette into a bush as his radio crackles to life. He squints, following a toothy grin as New Moon is bashed. He tucks himself into the brush before he responds, softly.* "What happened wasn't out fault. Not our fault some Irish git shot and wounded one of our boys because he doesn't got any trigger control. Injuring one of our men takes two others out as well, as now we've got to nurse his ass back to health. We technically did a good trade off, there. Nothing was violated, quit lying to your people. We were trying to be the most diplomatic of them all, I hate fighting especially. The fact that you are calling for a war- which will not only strain your own people, but your resources alone says much for you as a leader. Drop the charade and just leave us alone." *He tucks his radio back into his vest and pulls out his binoculars while overlooking Novaya Petrovka.*
  11. Hollows

    Physical Currency

    Currency in an apocalypse IMO in my opinion would likely be just ammunition and some more rare food provisioning things. I wouldn't give a fuck about bottle caps, for example. Should be worth while.
  12. Hollows

    Initiation & Game mechanics

    You might need to rebind your surrender animation. @Pepe Jones and I initated on someone yesterday and they did the old surrender F2 with their hands on their head so I'd like to believe it is back in the game.
  13. Hollows

    Custom Settlements

    I'm 110% down for custom settlements. I remember perching in Solace or RN and just RPing for hours on end, grouping up with random people to scavenge then scurry back into the compounds while Admins randomly spawned hundreds of zombie hordes in during random events. Or the Halloween pestilence event as those Dark Priests.
  14. Hollows


    oh well he wants to be youngbrandon too he going to be included
  15. Hollows


    New Moon had a meet up in October, this is @Nihoolious @Shroud @youngbrandonbl and I in the trenches getting the dirty in bois
  16. Hollows

    The Regulators: Law of Chernarus

    @GodOfInternetLag @Crim @ThePoshFart hahaha i'm just joeking lol not right now guys my mom is near lol please send help ... this is not a drill i have been trtapped in matt damonds basement no fod helap
  17. Hollows

    2018 Midterm Election Thread

    I did the early voting in the later part of October to save face from waiting in the poll lines, and I voted Republican in the state of Texas. I am not very fond of Nancy Pelosi's Democratic band of ragamuffins, and Dianne Feinstein's Social Justice-Crusaders especially after the Kavanaugh allegation sham.
  18. Hollows

    Re-instate the LoreMasters

    I'm not into it. There's only a certain number of lore-wipes you can suggest before you just ruin everything. #NoMoreLoreWipesAgain Not only that, but it seems like there is a Lore Master Team, but it always ends up only being ONE Lore Master doing all of the work while everyone else is inactive.
  19. Hollows

    Amnesty Grace

    Ah, Final Warning. A great weight that looms on peoples' shoulders, and more often than not deserved. One thing that's bothered me about it, is that one of the requirements to get off of a final is 3 months of clean, active and steady behavior on BOTH the forums and in game, when a majority of the offenses committed being from the forums. However I'll press this argument at a later date. I'm basically getting at for the Amnesty group returning to the server to have a sort of one-strike system atop their final warning that prevents them from making an honest mistake and just getting yoinked from the community. As long as the offense isn't major, they should have a little halo to give them a change to get re-accustomed to the community again. Many people returning haven't been on RP servers in over a year since post-Tendy, so they could probably use some time to re-acclimate back, IMO. I feel it would work in a simple-ish way like so, eg. Someone has 29 points from a tendie, they come back and roll around in game for around two to three weeks. They BadRP or Mis-ID someone by accident, without malicious intent, and instead of going to the chopping block by a salt or witch-hunt report that'll get them banned again, they'd get a normal ban timer that is accompanied by no points. So, they are still technically punished like the rest, but not vanquished as soon as they show up again. I'm tired writing this out but I hope it makes some sense. This way everyone isn't so tense because being in firefight coms or generally logging into the server from a lot of people on final I know is very stressful for them, causing them to act completely irrational or differently. It kind of gives an OOC advantage to other players because they have a safety-net to fall back onto instead of worrying about permanent removal from the community. Anyhow, thoughts? Could this system, if reformed or anything potentially work? Or am I just coming form an emotional standpoint because I have and associate with people on final warning? Edit: Would basically act like a more broad or wide spectrum Caution, to better word it.
  20. Hollows

    Attention All Fortnite Gamers

    Welcome back, Gator. May we trade our BCSO hostage for some M4s, bröther?
  21. Hollows

    Amnesty Grace

    Hey, thanks for the response Rolle. I see what you are saying about the contract thing, and it makes sense because it is something they did agree too, but I'd like to just quickly point out point No. 2. If there is a 1-strike system implemented behind the Final, they will not escape punishment and will receive a same punishment (x-amount of day ban) from IG and serve out their time, (e.g. Someone on Amnesty gets initiated on by 8 people, they don't hear anyone else and only see 2 and attempt to retaliate then they get put down by the other 6. Instead of NVFL and a 3-day ban and a 10 point strike, it's a 3 day ban and their last 'grace' strike is used, meaning anything else beyond that is 100% on them.) They will still be punished and treated like everyone else, but the little bump behind their Final prevents people from quickly relapsing and falling from the community. With the Amnesty returns a lot of old-timers from DayZRP's early SA and Mod's glory-days, and I am just wanting to exhaust our resources to keeping some of them around so more positive interactions and attention can be brought to the community. As for No. 4, I agree with you that it isn't always about winning. I'm in favor of RolePlaying over PvP as it should be known for my 3+ years in the Regulators focusing on strict IC rehabilitation of bandits behavior on Austellus. It won't just kind of shroud over firefights, though. Their people would be more inclined to do against what they would normally do. If they are being initiated on by a hostile group, instead of risking the chance of running they feel OOC pressure to comply, which leads them to being permanently maimed in some hostage-torture RP. Maybe I've been playing CK2 too much, but I notice in underdeveloped ages/times or in this case an apocalypse, when someone rips your eye out, cuts your arm off or just maims you, your chances of survival are realistically yeeted. Sure firefights losses are one of the effects of not being able to wholly go gun-ho but there are other events that can stem from that which will effect your character on a IC level in a negative light. No. 5 Is something I actually side with you on. I haven't received any points or a ban from IG activities since July of 2013 in the infancy of DayZ SA. In this time I've played a plethora of hostile to hero characters, and it can be easy but then again I was fortunate enough to either talk myself from reports when I've legitimately fucked up accidentally, or just have been able to escape situations by sheer luck. I 'unno if I'm just preaching from the choir but I hope at least what I'm saying is making some sense. Not messing up is apart of the deal and those on Amnesty agreed to it, but everyone's only human. I just hope all of the people on Amnesty can make it through their 3 months without much hardship or targeting so they can get a weight lifted off of their shoulders.
  22. Hollows

    Teamspeak: "the heart of he community"

    TS3 is fine, Discord is very shitty in terms of microphone sound and things. No privacy. IMO Discord is cool for a group chat thing where you can probably banter but it isn't the way to go for a community. Keep the DayZRP TS3 alive, because if we make the switch I will not be using it. Already cannot speak to Staff because I refuse to make the switch now about game related ordeals, anyways. No need to isolate some players for something new- if it isn't broken, don't fix it.
  23. Hollows

    Introduction of a minimum Age requirement of 16/18+

    I like the case by case basis thing @Oliv presented earlier, I think that is a good way to measure someone's maturity is through a report with evidence. Maturity is a spectrum, you can be a mature 12 year old and an immature 25 year old man-child (3/4ths the amateur New York Soundcloud population). And shieeeet if Staff needs more GM's hit me and my boy @Nihoolious up. We're ready to /Solve tf out of some reports.
  24. Hollows

    If DayZRP rules applied to real life...

    "Fuck, my friend's house is getting sacked by some thugs, but I can't shoot the dude in all black with a ski mask smoking by his mailbox even though he is armed and clearly with the other looters because he hasn't gained KoS yet." or, my personal favorite *Posts something stupid to the forum, gets killed IRL from an over accumulation of 'points' on a health test.*
  25. Hollows

    The House