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"Suicide isn't a coward's way out, it's the ONLY way out."

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  1. Good luck on your appeal <3 

    1. Puncture


      You duh real MVP @Hollows

    2. Hollows
    3. evanm23


      Your contour actually is on point, well done.

    4. Seiceps the Deceiver

      Seiceps the Deceiver

      Man did you get plastic surgery with that makeup too?

    5. Hollows


      Are you saying I'm fake?

    6. Seiceps the Deceiver

      Seiceps the Deceiver

      Your meme skills are still weak.

    7. Hollows


      Shit, you're right. There wasn't a Transgender option. :/

      I'd appreciate you stop trying to treat my transition as a meme, as I find your words to be hurtful and offensive. Please refrain from continuing any form of contact with me, or you will be reported for harassment.

    8. Seiceps the Deceiver

      Seiceps the Deceiver

      If you sexually identify as a woman it wouldn't me male, this is too easy man.


    9. Hollows


      Evidently not, because I, by law, have to use the male restroom still.

      I label myself as 'Transgender,' and your attempts to generalize me into a category of strictly Male / Female is disrespectful. You have been reported.

    10. Seiceps the Deceiver

      Seiceps the Deceiver

      Oh Meme Apprentice, you gotta play the game a little better than that!

    11. Hollows


      The real meme was WoD and how Saurfang isn't Warchief. 

    12. Seiceps the Deceiver

      Seiceps the Deceiver

      You right, Sylvanas is a bitch. Even Gamon would have been a better selection.

    13. evanm23


      ^^ urite

    14. Hollows


      I don't own Legion because I was burnt out on the whole thing. I subbed once a few weeks ago to RP some and that was it. Maybe if the story starts to make more sense, I'll go back.

    15. Seiceps the Deceiver

      Seiceps the Deceiver

      Well i've been playing more and since 7.2 the story has been more fleshed out. You'd probably like it GUUURRRLLLLLLLL