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"Suicide isn't a coward's way out, it's the ONLY way out."

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  1. for 4/20, i will be posting a picture to show everyone how much of a fat bong rip i can take

    1. Hollows



      (this isn't me i hosted a drug thread on /b/ and the dipshit forgot his drivers license kek)

      THIS is me 


    2. Simatho

      Hey! Do you want to chat on TS! I'm a super nice guy. I could show you how to RP around the server. There are some dangerous bandits but I'll protect you :ph34r:

    3. Roach


      His weed looks like dried up leaves and stems... eww but hey could be wrong lol

    4. Hollows


      why hello boyyyyyyssssssssss

    5. Simatho

      Hihi, I'm more of a man myself. I'm really nice btw. Do you have Instagram? Or snapchat?

    6. Hollows


      i'll give it to u only if u buy me tycoon <<333333 xoxoxoxx

    7. Simatho

      haha no