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  1. Oliv

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    I never got an answer last week. Is there something I or the rest of staff can do to help make your time here more enjoyable?

    1. Hollows


      Host classes in the Presidential Palace where newly promoted members of the Staff team can go and gradually be informed on how to run their position. Or have a trial period prior to a promotion where they work closely with someone above them to learn said position. Points are being handed out like candy. People are too sensitive online, so if someone isn't able to be truly neutral, then they shouldn't be in a position of authority.

      If something is reported, it doesn't always need to end up in points. Especially if it's one person targeting people because they're salty.

      Also, let me keep my profile permanently like this theme is another one thing. I mean there are many things but I'm stoned out of my mind and on Netflix so I'll come back later.

    2. Oliv


      We'll chat more later, enjoy your netflix :)