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  1. Hollows

    Should DayZRP add a weapon redux mod?

    +1. The AK-74 with the walnut stock and handrail was my shit.
  2. Hollows

    1.0 Ready

    Alright, I chuckled. @Quill
  3. Hollows

    Energy/Water Rework

    IRL I eat 2 times a day. Even when I work on cardio or are at the gym, I don't suddenly stop on the treadmill 45 minutes after dinner and think," Man, I'm about to fucking die from starvation because I haven't eaten in an hour." Hunger needs to be slowed to like 75%+. Thirst should be slowed to around 50%, but it should very depending on how long/far you've been running. You should logically have to drink once every 2-3 hours real time in game, this is reasonable. If I haven't had a sip of water in an hour, I'm not going to die of dehydration either. Supposed to be a survival game but my character feels like he needs to be bottle fed every 15 minutes, fuck me. As for decreased spawn of food, I'm okay with 25-50%. Makes hunting more worthwhile.
  4. Hollows

    Make clothing indestructible (ex. hats, glasses, masks, shirts, gloves, pants, and boots)

    the German Army has now subscribed. am on board w/ this, tbh. Very inconvenient when I get hit by a teleporting lagging zombie and my fit gets ruined
  5. Hollows

    Should drugs give you extra HP?

    No. Taking painkillers will not give you extra HP, they nullify the pain you are currently feeling. It could increase your stamina if there are stimulants in game, not raising it above 100 per se but the levels will either deplete more slowly or it won't for a while then begin to go down. After my surgery, my Morphine and Tramadol pills didn't make me feel healed or that I can get up and do more stuff. It made me tolerate laying in bed bundled up in a cast.
  6. Hollows

    S1: KoS in Vybor - 10/12/2018

    Charles Hackett PoV: I was not involved directly in your death, yet I am a witness to the situation as I was a member of the initiating party. You were initiated in while on the roof of the school building in Vybor due to a past encounter between you and another member of New Moon, where you remained for a descent about of time despite people giving you orders to climb down the ladder. Once you climbed down, you turned and immediately sprinted into the school which gave us a red flag immediately and you are fortunate you weren't shot there and then. You then were commanded by 3-4 different people to drop your gun, and your backpack before you just stood there and looked at everyone. It was at this point when @Lewis scott gave you 5 seconds to drop your bag and get on the ground. Both he and I counted down, and when we hit 1 we gave you additional moments to comply before he shot you for noncompliance.
  7. Hollows

    The House

    It's been real
  8. Hollows

    [BoS] Brotherhood of Steel

  9. Hollows

    Require recording during hostile situations

    Not going to record and have 1-2 frames or risk crashing when I just granted someone KoS rights, that is a severe disadvantage towards me and nothing but an inconvenience. I'd likely die all the time, so what would be the point of even initiating?
  10. Hollows

    Require recording during hostile situations

    I love this in theory but in reality it's going to be a no from me, dawg. I've got a shitty PC that cannot let me record (My only Graphics Card is a GeForce 550 I've had for like 4 years) and when I try to record on ANY game, my game usually either crashes or lags beyond playable-standards for me. There have been times where I solo-initiated, or been in groups with other people who have shit-tier PCs, so it wouldn't be fair to bar us from being able to be hostile if we can't find someone to record. Luckily, I bought a new PC for Cyber Monday and around December 17th I should be getting it so I should be able to record, but what about the other people who still have low tier PCs and aren't able to access the functions that other people can? I've still got Windows 7 on this PC lol.
  11. Hollows

    Infamous Groups/Characters

    The Reapers v.1 - v.2: - Nothing like 20+ people bum-rushing into your RP at GM and just taking your shit out of intimidation without an initiation. They provided good RP each encounter I've had with them up until around v.3, then I just kind of avoided them. Nothing personal. 85th Platoon: - Had a fun time fighting and getting killed by them on Austellus as a Regulator in 2015. Shame they got /archived, not going to lie we were salty sometimes but we never hated them. Very good antagonists to us Regulators. Masquerade v.1-v.2: - Same as the 85th, they had really good BanditRP back in the day. I was never directly captured by them and are thankful for that because I saw the scars and IC emotional damage they caused to their old game-show contestants from the past. SVR: - OG Banditos IMO, one of the largest and most infamous of them all if anything. I remember being scared of anything red head-gear wise for months after Mod changed to SA. Honorable Mention- SDS: - Ran into them a handful of times in 2013-ish. Always wanted to avoid them because of stories, their RP was both intimidating and hilarious at times.
  12. Hollows

    PsiSyndicate needs your help!

  13. Hollows

    Top 5 DayZRP PVPers

    can i be top pvper i am good at art of cameoflajue i can cut trees down and hid in them all firefite so i dont lose gear plealse?
  14. Hollows

    Christmas Themed Website

    If we can Photoshop this in the background I'll be eternally grateful. -Just kidding, though I'll hop in PS and see if I can alter some DayZ stuff for a background with a Christmas theme. Maybe form some frost or something? Wish we had a snow mod in Chernarus though that would be LIT.
  15. Hollows

    To Zagorians [46.8Hz]

    *Charles flicks his cigarette into a bush as his radio crackles to life. He squints, following a toothy grin as New Moon is bashed. He tucks himself into the brush before he responds, softly.* "What happened wasn't out fault. Not our fault some Irish git shot and wounded one of our boys because he doesn't got any trigger control. Injuring one of our men takes two others out as well, as now we've got to nurse his ass back to health. We technically did a good trade off, there. Nothing was violated, quit lying to your people. We were trying to be the most diplomatic of them all, I hate fighting especially. The fact that you are calling for a war- which will not only strain your own people, but your resources alone says much for you as a leader. Drop the charade and just leave us alone." *He tucks his radio back into his vest and pulls out his binoculars while overlooking Novaya Petrovka.*