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  1. Just because the logs of a note sounds like something doesn't mean it always will be this way. The straight emoji notes are kind of pushing it in my book but who cares otherwise? I doodle and write stupid shit all the time in my older notebooks when bored at work or in class, I wouldn't imagine it to be any different in a end of the world setting often without running water, electricity for entertainment or the means for food. Writing," X is gey," or," If you reading this, your stupid," shouldn't matter. As long as it can be used ICly, of course. If someone is writing their forum names, OOC messages or other non-RP things, I can see where it could be a problem. We have all these tools and resources to enhance the immersion of our RolePlay and it seems like we keep finding more ways to police the little things that shouldn't be worried about. Remember, we are all here for fun.
  2. Nah, because Rule 4 still exists for this reason if the Staff believe someone is rule-skirting or abusing point mechanics. The standard 1 month policy is fair because some people either have shit luck, judgement/decision making or anything under the sun when they get hit with something report-wise. I, along with many fellow community members have obligations elsewhere offline (e.g. work, school, social, etc) and shouldn't have to worry about logging in to meet some quota for points to expire. If someone gets too close to the 30 point mark and steps away for a month, it is okay in my book because it gives them time to re-read the rules and or "cool off" seeing how their decision making was lackluster leading up to punishment. Edit: Hell, another suggestion I wanna throw out there as food for thought is the restoration of status updates. I'm being punished, still, for stuff that happened 3 years ago.
  3. Hey, literally did a project on prions for my class last month. Cool timing! In 2008 it was observed that mice transmitted a prion disease through white and brown fat tissues. This was also later observed in a very rare case with Mule Deer in their fatty cells. A common theory and practice among consumption of meat brings forward with cooking to rid of pathogens, bacteria, etc, etc which cannot survive above a certain temperature (e.g. 102-105 degrees Fahrenheit; this is also why you commonly get fevers with diseases, as it is a method your body is using to neutralize and or kill the pathogens), however when it involves prions or a prion disease (e.g. Kuru), cooking will not rid the infected tissue of said disease. This information was found out by Rice University's professor Volker Rudolf, ironically an expert on cannibalism. So, in essence, cooking anything in relation to a prion disease will not rid the contaminated sample and isn't safe for human consumption. As per this is DayZ, I am not sure if cooked Human meat IG will work in the way it would IRL, however from the sounds of it, it follows a similar model. tl;dr - Don't eat Human meat if you don't want your prions to literally commit suicide and you die a slow, painful and inevitable brain death.
  4. Livonia is cool I guess Loot one sided IMO military guns hard 2 find aks m4s and shit hot spots rn i think by or around Poland not really but still kinda I got banned lmao
  5. Hollows

    Ban Apple

    Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: Because the verdict completely contradicts what was said in the report, let alone it isn't BadRP to say," black person," in a non-trolling manner, because it was apparent through the fact that I wasn't hit with TrollRP, because there was reason behind the anger and insults on our end. I'd probably have been banned if I said," Fuck you, retard," because the R word bad too. Cursing bad. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: In this snippet of the reasoning behind my ban, I am accused of ignoring him because he," Isn't happy with what is being said OOCly." All the guy literally had to do was ask us to stop using this verbiage and we would've done so, but instead despite the transcripts below, he complains about it. Never asked us to stop. The guy can speak English, he knows how to communicate back and forth between us clear as day but he never requested that we stop. I shouldn't be responsible for depicting what he is and isn't happy about, because I'm damn sure he wasn't happy about losing his gear too, so should I give it back? Was I banned for saying," black person," at all, or because I called him a," Stupid black person," when we executed him and ended the RolePlay? Did I miss where I was told to stop and ignored it? Because to me, and everyone involved it seemed like he was complaining and continuing to want and urge death over RolePlay. 05:47:09 | Chat("Yannick Baros"): //thats so ridiculous 05:47:20 | Chat("Yannick Baros"): //im not going to play with people who use the n word 05:48:22 | Chat("Yannick Baros"): //oh im still in character, but this is ridiculous. retard, faggot, and black person. ridiculous. 05:48:37 | Chat("Yannick Baros"): //could have done that tone without using that dumbass shit Furthermore, what the hell is this? So, by this logic, I can ONLY say," black person," if someone is black? What? black person is an insult, Nigga is slang, I can use either or to anyone regardless of skin color and it would make sense. If I wanted to RP a racist in game, I can say," Sand black person," in reference to someone of Arabian or Middle East origins, or I can say," black person," as a demeaning term to someone to make them feel lesser than my character. What the hell kind of mental gymnastics were done for this reasoning? Are we placing skin color holds on words now? Lastly, I'd like to leave this tidbit here: @Roland What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Removal of points because they weren't appropriate. What could you have done better?: I don't think I was in the wrong. I did everything I could to extend the RolePlay and allow the guy to survive the hostage situation. He gave up on us, so we gave up on him.
  6. I never drove out of the compound with the Humvee. You watched @Squillium argue with y'all about the Humvee then steal it before getting killed, in the vehicle, and crashing it because of the SVD guy. I ran around and hopped in the seat and drove off with it after it left the compound and after he died. Position logs can validate this because I was outside the base in Sitnik trying to get a line of sight on whoever was hiding in double green. I don't have video unless there is another video in the other report about the Humvee to my knowledge because I didn't think to clip it.
  7. Yes, that is my voice. He never told us to stop OOCly with the name calling and with his IC behavior and disregard for his safety it had us annoyed so he was blown off when Kyle shot him. This is some other time stamps of us using vulgarity here and here and it doesn't seem to phase him, I just think it's kind of interesting how when we remove his gear and weapons it becomes an issue then instead of immediately when it first happened. Not to mention this little bit found here where he insults us on our race as well, so why would it be okay for him to do this if he is against it OOCly? It seemed he was entertaining it just as we were. Would also like to highlight the events starting from here, where he is shot and provides no PainRP whatsoever and appears to be almost bored with everything and is urging us to die, however you can see me interject and prevent his execution in an attempt to revive and continue the RolePlay. *Note we did not have any idea about this person's appearance or race outside of game until the report was made. Everything in the video was done IC, and is to be kept IC.
  8. My shadowplay records to 15 seconds to save space, I clip a lot of kills in both Tarkov, Classic WoW PvP and other FPS games.
  9. This is you, @JohnGrace initiating on me. Charles Hackett PoV: After the firefight ended, I believed An Pobal had all been killed off when in reality they were hiding and not talking. I believed that the only surviving people of the firefight were Nihoolious, Grizz and I and the Consortium remnants, which is why I thought it would be a good idea to take the Humvee seeing how it wasn't claimed at the moment. I hop in after asking around if I can, and only after I got no answers telling me not to. So, after either being ignored or unheard I hopped in, turned the engine over and told people to please move so I can move the vehicle when @JohnGrace runs up and initiates on me, clear as day in the video. He then goes on to tell us we need to leave and believing we were wronged for being shot up in the first place, elected to use our KoS rights and kill the two people, who were of the same initiating group, as they escorted us out. With this being said, I'd like to push for false report as well as lying in a report, as per this sentiment here as well as in this other report here and here.
  10. So, your telling me you 100% did not tell me to," Get out of the Humvee or you will be shot?" Am I reading this statement correct? Will post my PoV in a minute, wrapping up homework.
  11. Charles Hackett PoV: After an earlier albeit friendly encounter with the Consortium (We saw the armbands IC, not the name until we put 2 and 2 together at the firefight in Sitnik) we saw a post saying the base at Sitnik was taken over by the aforementioned group name. We went to see what was going on and to check if An Pobal was needing help. When we got there, everyone was on cool terms and we RPed for several minutes until @Zanaan rode in on his Humvee. After getting out and telling whoever the Consortium to raise their hands, an initiation was dropped and everyone began getting shot at, including @Grizzz, @Nihoolious and I, as you can see in these two video links below with the time-stamps ready: 1.) From this PoV you can see at the time that he rushes out of the building and immediately begins spraying into Grizzz, Nihoolious and I even though we put our hands up. You can even hear us pleading with the man to stop killing us as we aren't a threat and will indeed comply with demands. We are fortunate to survive, and it is eventually found out that they do not even want us but we are left, nearly mortally wounded, to fend for ourselves while not trying to be crossfired as we were literally on ground zero of the initiation. 2.) This second PoV is just additional evidence of us screaming for them to stop shooting at us, after laying several rounds into all of us. (*Note, I was indeed shot in this situation hence why you can hear me screaming about needing to bandage, yet my logs aren't posted for some reason.) Because of the two PoV's above, we as a dynamic subsequently gain KoS rights on the Consortium present, as they nearly killed us. Now to address @JohnGrace accusations about me killing both he and his friend "with no initiation," please let it be known that these men wore no I.D. or mentioned they were An Pobal, the side we were trying to help in the firefight. At the time, I believed them to be remnants of the Consortium, who had just shot us. However, I did gain rights on An Pobal because as I hopped in the Humvee, either @JohnGrace or @chief_mello pointed their rifle at me and demanded," I get out of the Humvee or you will be shot," and after exiting they kept a weapon on me for a few more seconds before demanding I leave the compound. Seeing how we had backup arrive, we elected to kill the two people escorting us to the gate and fight with the remnants with the intention to take the Humvee, to which we did with success.
  12. Charles Hackett PoV: We initiated on Kyle because we ran up on the Soup Kitchen and saw him all geared out in supplies we were lacking and subsequently decided we needed. We initiate and send the other two people he was talking to away while we pull him into some reeds by the lake to get him stripped of weapons and comms before we can move again. As we handcuffed him, some people showed up to the scene and demand to know what we were doing. We told them both multiple times that it isn't their business, it isn't worth it and that they needed to leave. Finally after refusing to do so, we initiate and kill one person who NVFL's as it was a 1v4 or 5 and tries to gun it out. @punchie is the only survivor out of this and we lump him together with @Kyle Reynolds as our hostage. We called him stupid and a bunch of other things because he made the decision to disregard what would be best for his personal safety as a character and interject in a hostage scenario where he was outnumbered to try and be a hero. When we began to verbally taunt him (This is IC, we never OOCly insulted him as an RPer or person) he disregarded his life by insulting us back and being insubordinate to our commands as a hostage. We could've executed him ten to fifteen minutes prior to when he died had I not stepped in to try and give him more chances for RP development. He really began acting insubordinate when we stripped him of his weapons and other non-essential gear, and this got on everyone's last nerve. After verbally berating him, he goes OOC to complain about how we are using inappropriate words and he doesn't want to RP with us, to which we more so feel he is just using this as a way to complain seeing how he lost everything a few minutes ago and was fine until we took his guns. He continues to be ICly disrespectful and I once again interject to the execution and give him one more chance to apologize, all he needed to do was apologize and we wouldn't have killed him. He stays quiet for a second and just goes," Shoot me." So, we gave our other hostage, Kyle, his gun back with one in the chamber and ordered him to execute @punchie for non-compliance. Once Kyle killed him, we released Kyle with a weapon and food/water for survival and left. I'd like to counter report for NVFL, as it is clear in any evidence he will show to staff that he disregarded his life because he wasn't mature enough to handle the RolePlay or simply use his words to ask us to stop instead of complaining. Had he requested we stop using those words at all, we would've happily complied. Also, @punchie as someone in Medical School let me get you some references to use for that PTSD and emotional help, because if a video game is causing you this much distress to where you preach about requiring emotional help, it is clear to me as a soon to be practicing physician that you need better resources to help keep you in the best condition physically and mentally, as a video game shouldn't have adverse effects on your health in this regard: If you are a US citizen or live within the US: https://www.integration.samhsa.gov/clinical-practice/trauma | https://istss.org/home | https://www.ptsd.va.gov/ If you are a EU citizen or live in Europe: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6319458/ | https://emdr-europe.org/ | http://www.euro.who.int/__data/assets/pdf_file/0020/280604/WHO-Europe-Mental-Health-Acion-Plan-2013-2020.pdf These sources are free and can help you better than we at DayZRP.com can for these issues your claiming to need help with.
  13. haven't forgot still expecting to be rewarded for my pain and suffering of being unable to acquire a FAL rifle
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