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  1. Hollows

    DayZRP 19.6.3

  2. Hollows

    New Dawn - Medical Group [Open Recruitment]

    +1 Glad to see a medical group pop up, good luck.
  3. Hollows

    The Time - Media Page

    >mfw I get gun collision on a bannister I wasn't even standing in front of
  4. Hollows / Assad al-Abhari PoV: We in Jaysh Allah were conducting our daily Hisbah routines, checking in with the citizens of South Zagoria and making sure everyone is following Sharia Law when the Mechanics in Severograd informed us about the," Toymakers," luring people into the woods and are generally cannibals. After digging for more information, one of the people on base let us know the red 4-door car was being driven around and operated by these Toymakers. So, being apart of the Hisbah patrol, I initiated on the vehicle when it came by the road again. We stripped the passengers and driver of their weapons and interrogated them, and after some talking we concluded that it is possible these people were/are the Toymakers and decide to hand the decision and the custody of the prisoners over to the Mechanics. Right as we are about to depart, @Blake gets sprayed down and I immediately run out of the base to take cover, all while being shot at before an initiation is dropped (However, this is 100% valid as the Time had someone in their dynamic on the car we did not realize), and regroup with @Diamond and @Nik while we try to loop around and kill these people. After about 30 minutes of scraping around Severograd without much luck, one of the people in the Mechanics compound runs up to me and lets me know," One of the initiators had blue surgical gloves, orange raincoat, white shoes and a FAL." So, I begin to run around the streets again looking for this person when this person actually finds me in the green double by Hospital. When he runs upstairs and I can positively I.D. him as a hostile, I follow and attempt to spray him down when I am hit with gun collision from the bannister on the stairs and are killed after hitting him a few times. BTW: Only 2 Muslims were killed in the entire firefight. @Blake and I, with Blake being sprayed down in the very beginning and me failing to spray down @RavenousRP.
  5. Don't see any negatives w/ this. +1 Makes sense for practical and RP use, as this is a need for every single survivor camp.
  6. Lmao, that's what you get when you comply.
  7. Phat -1 from me, dawg. Death is the end result for any survival game, this isn't Fortnite or Apex. Either do less dangerous stuff or get better at not dying in situations where things get hairy.
  8. Only if you sponsor us in our efforts to build a Mosque.
  9. Hollows

    Jaysh Allah (Open Recruitment)

    Good little DayZRP gift to come home from vacation to, good stuff boys.
  10. Hollows

    Creating a Economy

    Not a fan of money. Currency IRL is a government's debt extended backed with their gold reserve which is what most of our currency is based off of. That and other raw resources like oil and natural gas. So paper currency doesn't mean shit in the apocalypse, because what is backed by it? Nothing if use, to be honest. I think ammunition, rare goods like marijuana, alcohol and other things of the nature should be currency still because at least they have a use for the everyday survivor.
  11. *Assad chuckles into his PTT as he responds.* "According to the calendar equivalent, it is around the month you are familiar with the beginning "May". It's been half a decade nearly since Allah sent this plague upon us to punish man for infidelity, all calendars are going to be different and thoughts of dates will not be the same across the board. According to the Islamic Calendar, the current date should be around the first week of May. Do you have some sort of calendar keeping machine to keep the date exactly as it should be, and if so are you accounting for your leap year? I didn't realize I was speaking to Chernarus' only exact chronographer." *He laughs heartily before releasing his PTT.*
  12. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: Because I believe that there was no targeting or flaming involved. I was warned for the statement of," If you spent as much time apologizing than you do attempting to weasel out of rule breaks, these reports would rarely make it to verdict." Don't know how it violates Rule 1.1, as I'm telling the guy that if he admits his wrongdoings instead of openly attempting to denounce evidence showing he messes up, the report could've been closed and everyone could be happy. But his general attitude has been subpar, and all the individual has been doing is throwing things at us hoping literally anything sticks on the off chance is distracts the virdicting Staff members. Rule 1.1 Criteria: Insult Bully Harass Troll Provoke It wasn't an insult, there was definitely no bullying, harassment or trolling involved. I've been polite yet straightforward in my paragraph pointing out some of his flaws in his counter statement, I was mature during the ordeal and he was treated with respect in my analysis. As for it being a provocative statement, I don't think calling someone out on their misdeeds should be considered provocative. The literal premise of the statement was aimed to (hopefully) make them realize we don't want some form of Report War or to always wait these verdicts out. If, most of the time, these guys just apologize for breaking a rule instead of trying some weird backwater justification behind it, these reports would be immediately dropped. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I'm replying to a guy who is trying to downplay physical evidence of a rule break(s). My comment states and or implies that we're (were) open to discussion and hopefully come to a mutual agreement to drop the report, but he comes in swinging his member around shooting accusations with an attitude and that option went out the window. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Reduction to 3 points if not removal; it is not flaming. What could you have done better?: Possibly reworded it? Regardless, the message would've stayed the same.
  13. *Assad sits comfortably in his evening robes in his office, having finished his fasting and praying a few hours earlier. He presses his PTT while reading from a script before him in a thick Takistani accent. Some other men in the a seperate room begin to play with a generator and a small broadcaster box to roll footage to anyone with power and a screen of an execution scene.* "Good morning to all who is tuned into this broadcast on this holy event of celebration in Islam. For those who are currently out of the know, we have just begun Ramadan. Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar where we focus on sawm, or fasting, reflection, community and prayer. As the Safir for Jaysh Allah, I'd like to express my gratitude to my fellow Muslim brothers and neighbors, and out of respect to the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, would encourage others to tune into this frequency as often as possible for Ramadan updates, including our call to prayer when the time(s) arrive from our Imams. In Jaysh Allah controlled South Zagoria, we will do away with the Gregorian calendar most of you are aware of, and replace it with the Hilāl, or Islamic Calendar where the current year is 1440. I'd like to remind those around the region that as a member of the Hisbah, we will be enforcing the strict fasting policy as well as encouraging additional acts of charity in celebration of this holy event. Anyone found to be engaging in physical conflict which draws blood will be dealt with by me personally, and made an example of. I'd also advise anyone who comes across the Torah, the "Holy" book of Judaism, or the Bible to burn it accordingly. The Caliph has enacted a decree banning it permanently. Punishment for failure to abide by this decree will be multiplied tenfold. Lastly, I'd like to address any inevitable future "radio warriors" who will be wanting to comment on this frequency. We possess plenty of ears throughout the lands. Allah, as well as us will know your voice, and those you believe to be friends will turn you in out of fear or respect. Hold your tongue, because regardless of the calendar event or year, Hisbas are tasked by Allah directly to execute his will against sinful behavior. Do not paint a target on yourselves. Tusbih ealaa khayrin." *He stops pressing his PTT and moves into his bed to get what rest he can before the morning call to prayer.*
  14. Hollows


    Make caves throughout the map, that would be some cool shit.
  15. ... What? You want to dismiss what looks like the only video evidence we have against you actively breaking a rule because it makes you look bad and because it is short? Why did you even use the word plethora? What is an excessive amount of inconclusive evidence, you are seen in the footage looking at Nik, then shooting him dead before you initiate on him or even make contact with him (AKA the KoS accusation as we aren't an official group, that initiation doesn't extend to everybody not present). Your counters: Your slanting the present evidence to paint a picture of possible metagaming when the only thing gathered in the video are three voices of: A. "Nik, are you close to the house?" B. "I'm a white guy." C. "On the other side of the house?" D. "What- they don't have rights?" -Nik is then killed, video ends-. Where can you ascertain possible metagaming? Why are you trying to grasp at straws and hope something can be pulled out. Pt.2 You don't really have a right or evidence to prove anything has been altercated, because it hasn't and it's visibly proven without video cuts as well as Nik provided a picture of his settings to satisfy you. Secondly, how are you going to stand and accuse people of potentially breaking a rule without evidence? What? "Had the video not been edited, there COULD be a CHANCE they MIGHT'VE broken a RULE!" That sounds like some collusion delusion there, to me. I know you guys MIGHT have clips of the kills on us for montages, so there MIGHT be a chance you yourselves are withholding evidence in this report! Do you see how ridiculous this sentiment is when it is turned around and used on you? Stop. Next, what exactly was Nik going to bait? How could have he baited, you shot him (Or, whoever did shoot him) before any RolePlay transpired, lol. Pt.3 No, it wouldn't be unfair. If the clip is 3 seconds long or 3 hours, it is evidence of a rule break regardless, and you don't get a pass because you don't think it's fair. Location and hit logs can validate the evidence, sorry Nik's settings aren't good enough to satisfy you, but you aren't the people we are trying to satisfy in this report. I'd like to counter this point specifically and would like to press Norway on slandering, as he is "nearly" accusing us of foul play without evidence or any other proof in his witch hunt to find holes in his own party's rule-breaks. Pt.4 Your knowledge on how Shadowplay functions is incorrect, unfortunately. Please familiarize yourself with this piece of evidence for future reference both in and out of this report: -USER HAS BEEN WARNED FOR THIS PART OF THE POST-
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