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  1. Hollows

    Chedaki's Claim

    *Charles Hackett picks up his radio and presses the PTT* "The world's gone to shit... Dead are literally rising from their graves, many people are out there starving and trying to survive and you faggots want to worry about a specific form of government? What kind of whack-ass shit is that? How about we actually worry about getting rid of the whole zombie thing before we worry about whose form of government is better. I like that idea, because all that is realistically going to happen is y'all folk will capture a town or two, claim it a province and push your ways for a while before something goes wrong and it collapses. Nothing and nobody here is permanent." *He releases the PTT and clips the radio back on his vest.*
  2. https://register.ubisoft.com/acu-notredame-giveaway/en-US Ubisoft is making A/C Unity free until the 25th of April due to the Notre Dame Cathedral being set ablaze. I understand not a lot of people like A/C games (Blackflag is where I stopped), but it is something that is an entire game for free, so if you want something you can maybe use mods in, or just run around lazily when bored, get it now. Because after the 25th you have to go back to pay for it, and if you get it for free it is permanently in your library meaning you own the whole thing. (Minus DLC's if there are any.) Just a heads up.
  3. Who are you? Because I hope nobody takes that flame-bait your tossing out there. Point being is there needs to be consistency with the rules. Each new generation of Staff come up with some weird stuff, then it conflicts with previous verdicts even if it is within the rules. Point being the verdict is whack and I hope it isn't going to stick. It's setting a horrible precedent in RP standards now.
  4. Rolle, if I am not mistaken the group wasn't with Scar directly. It was people who knew of Scar and the Mexicans ICly. They did not share rights, and were not present directly when he punched Scar. They were still on the crossroads by the Admin building. It is clear as night in Dusty's PoV video. They did not share rights. Their numbers should not be counted towards Scar as nobody had a right to kill Dusty. But if that is how you want and choose the new rules to be interpreted then I will be sure to think way differently IG now. Because to me, and frankly everyone else on multiple threads about this, we think the same way.
  5. Hollows

    False Report?

    The GM+ Team is setting a weird precedent on standards and interpretations of how the Rules work. They're setting an idea that it is a green light to gas literally anyone doing hostile RP with me. If I get punched, or threatened IG I will be 100% shooting the person, because this interpretation of the rules allows it. I'm "defending my life." I can now draw a line in the sand to when I believe it is appropriate to kill someone because I am in fear of my life. Wherever the line in the sand is, is up to how I am feeling that day. DayZRP, where RP is valued over PvP, unless we don't like you... Then we'll throw everything at the wall and hope something sticks. Should've just R4'ed him instead of trying to reach out wide and hope a ban sticks. I am disappointed with this verdict. Rolle... You know what needs to be done. Please... For the people.
  6. Before we begin, let it be known I an a friend of Dusty's, so there is a hint of bias coming from me, and what I mention following this disclaimer is my opinion. I'm going to be dissecting the verdict handed down in this report. NVFL: @YNW Dusty, you punched an individual having clear hostile intentions against you while said individual was carrying an assault-rifle in his hands. This unrealistic behaviour shows that you cared very little for your character well-being. 3.2 Your character must behave realistically and appropriately to the different situations you participate in, keeping the current world situation and context of post-apocalyptic world in mind. Do not act in a way that indicates no value for your characters life and survival. For example, attempting to kill people when heavily outnumbered, excessively talking back or insulting someone when taken hostage, or knowingly running into an area of active hostile engagement when not involved in the fight. Characters found guilty of breaking this rule will be permanently marked as dead. What...? So, in a server where we prioritize RolePlay over RulePlay and PvP, punching someone is considered NVFL? So, why according to this verdict found here, that isn't the case. There is literally zero difference from what I am reading in the situation. The guy, who had a gun, was punched and when the guy punching the person was shot, it became Attempted RDM because punching is literally stated in the link," First of all lets address the punch. This is something that falls completely within RP, you two had an aggressive conversation which led to -Snip- punching you once." Why is this situation not NVFL, but Dusty's is? What has changed? I don't see any justification for this. @Roland literally states that we prioritize RolePlay over PvP, so what the fuck should've Dusty done? Walk away and have Scar follow him until he is initiated on? I guess HostileRP can only be done by initiations these days instead of shit talking in person and fighting via fists. I'll remember that next time someone threatens me verbally or something in RP so I can just green light and gas them. Good to know. False Report: @YNW Dusty, you will be found guilty of filing a false report. You punched a man with an assault-rifle in his hands and allies in direct vicinity. While you might have been surprised that you got killed, the fact remains that you put a report up despite being the first person in the situation to start hostilities. The reasoning for False Report is lackluster entirely. False Reports are verdicts given out to people who do not know the rules, or throw up a report with malicious intent (eg. no obvious rule break, yet they want to try and get someone banned- like what a certain G person did to @Nihoolious in December, which in turn got he/she banned. From reading the report, there was no malicious intent behind it. Every community member has a right to put up a report if they believe a rule was broken. Dusty was fucking shot for trying to RP and punching Scar instead of escalating immediately to PvP or just bullshit shit-talking, which again is not against the rules. So, out of curiosity, are we allowed to put up reports against anyone, as long as it isn't any RP boys anymore? I promise you if the situation was reversed, the outcome would've been entirely different. I get that Dusty left a really bad taste in people's mouths when he was initially banned, but this is grasping at straws and throwing them at the wall hoping something sticks. It is very disappointing to see how verdicts have steadily declined since the beginning of this year. Hell, @Jasper was even wrongfully permabanned in a report he put up and it took almost two weeks for the error to be corrected. It is very disappointing to see how the rules are interpreted and how different verdicts can be with a new staff generation getting involved. I urge every GM+ to PM @Terra, @Ron, @Stagsview and all older and more experienced Ex-Staff for their input and guidance because we need it right about now. It takes 6+ days to verdict reports where people have stopped commenting on to be verdicted, we as a community and as a Staff team can and should do better. This isn't a flame thread or post, but I'm sorry. These verdicts lately, even accusing and involving people I don't know are just whack.
  7. Hollows

    Exam Support Thread

    Lol, this aged well. I've got 2 Science labs coming up, one if I do good on this project I can skip the practical because he is dropping the lowest grade and I can afford a 0. I've got a math exam I'm working on and just 1-2 projects which are almost complete. My classes end for me within the first 8-10 days of May, so I'm just hyped for the summer so I can have time to relax, work extra hours for guap and not worry about grades until my transfer goes through and I change Uni's for August.
  8. Hollows

    Group cap

    I'm down for 25, I don't like Supergrouping. Isn't fun anymore.
  9. Hollows

    Group requirements revised

    Question about this statement: So, if the Leader drops the group and for RP reasons eventually comes back or returns on a new character, this new rule will bar them from ever joining the group again? Did I misread that, or? I understand where you are coming from with everything else, but this confuses me.
  10. The Jackals would like to have a word with you... Good luck, though. Fr, it's been a minute since a Chedaki group rolled around.
  11. Hollows

    Revival of room 4

    See, you get the idea. Snaking has been prevalent anyway for a while now, better to just leave private Discords or TS's up for personal banter w/ people everyone can trust lest we end up in a private Staff PM. This is why I refrain from doing anything not-IC through RP. Saves me a lot of headaches this way.
  12. Hollows

    Revival of room 4

    I think @Pepe Jones would be against that idea, as would I. Once the integrity of Room 4 was breached, there is no returning.
  13. Hollows

    DayZRP feedback - the behavior of a community

    If this ain't the truth. I don't want to stray off topic here, but I feel if a ban appeal is made the upper levels of Staff need to prioritize it before the ban timer expires, or there should be a decent compensation system for waiting out unjust bans, e.g. 1-2 free items from the shop, or something. An example of this is Nihoolious' ban appeal in January taking almost 3 weeks to solve, and them just brushing it aside. However, to remain on topic I wanna side with Major on this one.
  14. So, I was doing as I normally do and browse the Reports section as it is usually mildly entertaining, when I stumbled upon this thread. Now, in the thread the plaintiff @YNW Dusty requested two specific Staff members refrain from posting thread notes (JimRP and @RandyRP), or involving themselves at all in the decision making process when @JimRP chimed in with the following statement: I am more or less confused by this sentiment, as Jim basically says Staff does not keep track of friendships, which brings up the question of how are we supposed to know an opinion which adds to a potential verdict isn't biased? If the person is a known group member or friend, why do they still have an opportunity to chime in? I'm not in any way/shape/form accusing either JimRP or RandyRP of being biased, but this is merely a question as to when is the line drawn during verdicting? If Randy already stated he is already biased, and handed the torch over to Onyx, why is he freely able to post in this report when it is still a member of the 24th is involved? What has changed during this interaction? I'd like further enlightenment, especially from @Roland if possible. Thank you for your time, Hollows
  15. Very cool indeed, but the Island name is officially Austellus. Take good care of her while your there.
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