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  1. Hollows

    Friend Appreciation Thread

    damn my nibbas all you bois so many can't @
  2. Hollows

    OREL (Recruitment Open)

    #Hype. Ready to the bad people of Chernarus.
  3. Hollows

    Initiation before raiding

    -1. You've got to do better at hiding your bases or have people on schedules to protect your gear, because as a survivor if I see a base that is unmanned temporarily, I'm looting it for supplies that I'd need. Essentially... Do better at protecting what is yours, or your going to lose it regardless.
  4. Hollows

    Play bonus idea

    I don't really see a downside w/ that, looks like a pretty good idea. Gives people an incentive to keep the servers full which in turn attracts more people to want to join the community because of a healthy, stable populius.
  5. So I noticed that the custom Jaysh Allah armbands were removed recently and was wondering why? I get the group was archived but we spent €50 for them, and I don't think that's fair to just lose our money over archiving the group. There was no disclaimer or anything about that. If not then I think @Diamond and @Nik should be compensated.
  6. Hollows

    DayZRP 7th birthday!

    Happy 7th, but I can't claim the gift. Says I need to be on DayZ servers recently... I have. ;_;
  7. Needs more vulgarity but I'm feeling it.
  8. Hollows

    Allahu Akbar

    *Assad presses his PTT* "Allahu akbar! Sharia Law has found a permanent home within Chernarus, and now it is time for us to continue the jihad elsewhere. Let what those whom have witnessed our doings first-hand realize what will be waiting for them shall we ever return and find South Zagoria once again plagued with infidelity. Remember to keep yourselves open to Allah at all times, and he will guide you to salvation. However... Remember our brutality to those infidels. That is what awaits those who challenge Allah, or our great Caliph. Long may he reign!" *Assad moves his radio near another cassette, which he uses to play his favorite nasheed.*
  9. +1 I've been wanting tasers and other incapacitating items for a while now. Makes it easier to do hostage RP because now you can work your way up to an execution if someone is unruly instead of just giving someone 23 1/2 chances not to fuck up before you ice them.
  10. Yeah, all of us were able to meet in discord and speak about the situation. It has been resolved and we would like the report to be closed, seeing how it is still open 17 hours after the request.
  11. I'd be down. I'd love to be Ray Lewis and pop up out of nowhere to just decapitate people who have the football IG. I don't think you can force people to acknowledge your fame, though. If someone you run across decides to bite your lore for RP then that's okay. But you can't be like," I'm the other singer from Foo Fighters, ya'know?"
  12. I did not sign Twitch ToS, so I will not abide by their ToS. No.
  13. I'm confused as to the counter report. You are claiming that because we talked shit it is NVFL, even though we stopped talking back when you aimed a weapon at us and said if we continued to talk back, we'd be shot? When you made the demand for us to stop being verbally abrasive otherwise we'd be shot, we complied to those demands and you still executed us. Furthermore, it is already realized that y'all had 100% intentions to execute me, so what's the problem? Secondly, how is me saying I *wanted* to tell the guys to raid the island metagaming? I never concluded the action and was speaking out of frustration, not to mention most of Jaysh Allah at the time were running on ALTs who, by definition would not share kill rights on the situation. Me venting and saying," Man, I want to fuck you guys up for that," isn't metagaming. No information was given, and nobody attacked. Staff can even check position logs for everyone in the group yesterday and nobody was south of Zelenogorsk doing their own thing. And since you want to post our private conversation in hopes to make me look bad, let me post the whole thing for you. Lastly, @Crim and I had our own internal RP at Kamenka before he returned to the island. I had my radio up until I was initiated on the rock by the cargo ship. I was in correspondence with @TheGooseIRL as we were ICly to go to the island for a scout/recon mission for intelligence. @TheGooseIRL heard @Crim initiate on me, and he already knew where I was going to be so he knew where to go. Then, when he was initiated on his radio was confiscated and that was the end of transmission. To my knowledge, @TheGooseIRL ICly told Jaysh Allah that I was captured in that area while still trying to run to the Island after hearing Crim's demands. However, we told the group OOCly to not come and help as we waived our KoS rights for internal RP with your group between us. Crim can validate this if he needs to, as well. @TheGooseIRL did not metagame by saying he was dead as I could ascertain he was killed referencing this timestamp here. I even, before the guy unmutes say," Don't tell me you got yourself killed." There are two sets of separate shots, and you two come back alone to get me. Not to mention I continued to play through the scenario as ICly I could not confirm he was dead until this frame right here: As you can clearly see, my character is in complete eyesight of his dead brother laying no more than 50 feet in front of him. I connected the dots ICly and realized he was executed, and chose to not take an execution like a coward and attempted to fight back with hope to survive and somehow escape. I displayed or utilized no metagamed information throughout this RolePlay, and only acted on what I could ICly acquire through sound and sight. I was even RPing as confused when being rapidly escorted, because my brother going from being heavily guarded all the time to left unattended in the yard while the only two guards come and get me raised some flags. If, in IRL context, I hear gunshots across the yard and get escorted near my brother's dead body what would you assume? Regardless of the fact, @Diamond wasn't even in game and we were discussing Crusader Kings II mechanics up until the execution. How is anything at risk of being metagamed? Was Casper going to siege the island? For reference, here is a snapshot of the rules against metagaming. Nothing under any category was utilized. The realistic way the information was acquired by me ICly was mentioned in the aforementioned paragraph. I'd like to push for false report in conclusion, please.
  14. You would come to the cell and antagonize a reaction out of two detained Islamic extremists declaiming and openly disrespecting Islam. At no point were we in a position to be a threat to you, and the moment you pointed a weapon at us and told us to stop talking back, we did so. I even said," I like living, and because you are pointing a gun at me I will do as you say." Mind you we are two strip-searched, prison-uniform adorning people locked in a cell. As for your second kill, look at this timestamp for me please. You literally paused, aimed with the obvious intention to shoot me. I choose to fight back because I don't ever take being executed without a fight, and I was going to die regardless. Earlier in the video your companion literally pauses when I was walking out to likely kill me on the spot. Not to mention, additionally if we look at this timestamp here, you can see where you asked for permission to perma-kill me, so it was obvious you intended to kill me. Your mind was made up. Every incident of backtalk was instigated by you. When Crim and the Medic gentleman (The same man who showed me a compass to help me ICly find Mecca to pray as it was sunset) we did not threaten, and spoke to with respect. It is not NVFL or against the rules to talk back to your captors if they antagonize you for a reaction, which is what you did. The minute you told us to stop talking shit or we would die, we never spoke or became unruly afterwards. I even verbally agreed to follow your orders because I did not want to die. You don't have execution rights. OOC agreement or not, as prisoners we didn't warrant anything for you to execute us. We are not at war/fighting, we have not RP'ed with you before. Killing us was not only lazy, but it killed any RP that could have been immediately on the spot. I used shadowplay, which records 5 minutes prior to the moment I clip it. I don't have the space on my PC to record the entire 38 minute encounter, not to mention the 5 minute video took me 55 minutes to upload because of my not-so-super internet. Honestly, I was going to finish doing my morning errands and I would've spoken to you and your companion over Discord like how you've asked me to, but because of your attitude in this report, I'm choosing to move forward with it. You don't get to talk to me like that, or anyone else in this community for that matter. You are inherently disrespectful in your responses and act like you were the ones inconvenience by us being executed.
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