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  1. Hollows

    If DayZRP rules applied to real life...

    "Fuck, my friend's house is getting sacked by some thugs, but I can't shoot the dude in all black with a ski mask smoking by his mailbox even though he is armed and clearly with the other looters because he hasn't gained KoS yet." or, my personal favorite *Posts something stupid to the forum, gets killed IRL from an over accumulation of 'points' on a health test.*
  2. Hollows

    The House

  3. Hollows

    This is odd

    Honestly, you shouldn't be able to report people for things you aren't apart of IMO unless it is a thing like hacking or another serious offense of the nature. I was blatantly KoSed by one of PsiSyn's fans yesterday and he took the exact gear I had on me up to him and said, in game," Hey Psi, want some loot?" He's new, and I don't want the guy banned, though I wouldn't mind coming into contact with him to help coach him on appropriate IC behavior in this community. This is the equivalent of you being a bystander watching someone tap my car in a very minor fender bender, and I get out and tell them it's all good, no damage or offense taken and you still report it to the police because you want to. People should mind their own business if you aren't involved.
  4. Hollows

    PsiSyn back in DayZRP.

    I'm glad Syndicate is back as he is a good entertainer and the influx of new members to the community is amazing, but... I got KoS'ed laying in a field spawning in from a D/C and the guy who killed me apparently gave my gear, exact same I was wearing, to the people in his group. Need to be tighter on the recruitment if he rolls in a proxy group IMO but other than that +1.
  5. Hollows

    A New Moon [Closed Recruitment]

    oh badass #hype we did it bois!!!
  6. Hollows

    PsiSyn back in DayZRP.

    cool to hear +1 ps. pls /accept new moon as a official group
  7. Hollows

    How has the community dealt with surrender since the animation was removed?

    Wouldn't be a problem even though F2's surrender animation was the best b/c you can actually move w/ it. Doesn't help this patch that it takes .25 seconds to pull out your weapon from inventory, no animation and can spray your initiators down though. Feel like a trigger finger would go down when this is fixed. Just F2 or F1 and state your compliance. My group WILL gas you if you stand there for 15 seconds because like I said there is 0 animation to pull your gun out and start spraying so immediately just drop your bag and gun if you intend to comply do not stand there with a thumb in your butt because we see it as you thinking," Should I NVFL?" and nobody is wanting to be the victim of that.
  8. Cobe

    • Cobe
    • Hollows

    I made this for you, you never havent changed your profile pic a while, maybe you would appreciate this? Same photo just better quality and dimensions ❤️ 


  9. Hollows

    A New Moon [Closed Recruitment]

    new group theme song @Shroud this one for you buddy wakanda forever
  10. Hollows

    New Moon Media Thread

    gotta take one from the team
  11. Hollows

    "over the line" Roleplay?

    Friendly reminder to those people who are using their genders to push a point about something as arbitrary as emotion and comfort level: This is the cure to discomfort, cyber-terrorism and cyber bullying. If you are hot and heavy about this topic for whatever the fuck knows why reason, this is the go-to method to circumvent all of it. If you find yourself in a RP situation and the people are immature enough to try and force you into something (e.g. a rape scene) and just outright discomforts you, tell them in OOC to stop. If they do not and it progresses, log the hell out and talk to Staff about it. If you can record, record. I'm tired of all of this apparent micro-aggression safe-space bullshit. I bet you all money I will literally take out as a student loan if we got a group of female community members to surround and harass a random male community member in game nobody would give a shit. Hell, the leader of Alba 19 got his dick CUT OFF by another female RPer (Not name dropping anyone in this thread o7) and nobody gave a shit. I saw or heard NO blowback from that.
  12. Hollows

    "over the line" Roleplay?

    There shouldn't be any rules against what you can or cannot do in RolePlay as long as it is RolePlay and not trolling, or directly targeted towards someone OOCly for the purpose of harassment. RolePlay is make believe, and we are in an apocalypse where a lot of former social taboo items become of the norm. Just because someone is not mature enough to separate In Character actions from Out of Character actions doesn't mean it should restrict the mature players. Of course things like rape, sexual assault or perma-killing someone's character must be consensual because these are (In real life) abhorrent and very delicate subjects, and this is understandable, but everything else should be relatively fair game. Good example of this was Rolle's position on pro-Nazi groups. The swastika is banned from being used in group profiles, and Nazi-like groups are often disbanded and blacklisted (Zbor, for example), however pro-Communist groups and Maoist like propaganda is allowed without worry. Another thing is ERP- I don't care for it, I won't be doing it but if people aren't in the middle of Kab sucking each other off, I don't care what their characters do. If there is a story behind it or your character is a whore, that is completely up to your discretion, as long as the people(s) you roll with are consensual and mature about it, as well.
  13. Hollows

    anyone else?

    Personally I'm not too keen on the PvP in DayZ as of late, the new layout and controls are bullshit. I haven't played DayZ since August of 2017 and the new controls and things you have to do are just stupid and extra. Can't Q and E to lean-check corners, you can't F2 and walk to surrender anymore. Everything new wise is WACK! But beyond that I haven't seen much PvP focus on things, the only PvP I've seen were in retaliation to myself and my friends being initiated on and fighting back.
  14. Hollows


    Also LF new computer + mouse + headset.

  15. Hollows


    LF PvP where I don't bounce around for the duration of the fight and teleport everywhere.