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  1. Born in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, Jack was a kid mostly born into a life of mischief, by the age of 15, he was already a masterful kleptomaniac, who caused a lot of trouble around his community, with no one knowing it was him, his version of fun was just being a complete dick to people, especially at night, where he would ding dong ditch his classmates houses', he tends to hate a lot of people, including his classmates and people he did not respect, causing irreversible damage to vehicles and houses of adults whom he did not respect, or being a vandal to windows of his peers, often drawing weird symbols, or funny things instead, by the age of 20, he dropped his tendencies of the juvenile delinquent and he joined the CAF, going the route of his grandparents before him, after his service, he booked a cruise on a ship called the Costa Riscca, to relax and get away from the stress of it all, due to work, family and friends, when it sunk, he and several other people, made it off, once he made it to shore, they wandered around for a while, trying to find anyone else, then they found someone, but they weren't human, more like a rabid animal if anything, after attracting a horde of zombies after his group, he, and the only remaining two survivors of his group, ran into an armed squad, who then killed the zombies, took Jack and his cruise mates back to their church, after a long night, he heads to sleep, he gets woken up by yelling and gunshots, he escapes the church alone amidst the chaos, leaving the people he was with, and the people who saved him, to an unknown fate.
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