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  1. Born in Edmonton, after his father and mother moved from Moscow after a crippling job loss and found a job with the rising oil industry, Jack led a normal, middle class life. Having an interest in weapons and military, he went and joined the infantry cadets company, he later joined up with the Canadian Armed Forces, and after sometime, tensions in Chernarus were rising with the alarming infection rate and the lethality of it. after it turned out to be a rabid zombie like virus, NATO were sent in to protect NATO bases and reinforce south Zagoria, Jack was assigned to reinforce Zagoria, after those defences were overrun, jack retreated but all the fallback bases were eventually in even worse shape by the time he got to them, all alone and gearless, he set off down a random road...
  2. Dropping the report we talked things out.
  3. Server and location: S1, Krasnostov Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): June, 24th, 06:40 or something like that. Your in game name: Jack Kenoff Names of allies involved: @Combi @shleal225 Spetzer 7R3X Name of suspect/s: Unknown, I didn't see anyone. Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): N/A, Wasn't recording. Detailed description of the events: After some shooting in Krasnostov, wasn't entirely sure what was going on and left immediately, just came for the trading post and to meet up with some friends when shit started going down, my friend got shot and so off I fucked. so after I left I came back around to see if I could try to find my friends, was hella far from the town, had no weapons drawn at all, had my rangefinder out looking for them while sitting in the treeline, didn't see anyone and didn't initiate the entire time and was sitting in the treeline and dead, zero warning at all, seen no one.
  4. I was there, he didn't initate or anything and saw from afar, I have no idea who shot him and where he was.
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