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  1. 2nd LT John Smith is a member of US AIR GUARD. He was traveling abroad when he this ordeal began. He wanted to see if his abilities as a nurse woulds allow him to help the people of Russia in their time of need. He also wanted to see what had happened out in Chernerus after it was all over the news in America. John took a cruise east of Chernarus when a storm hit & sank the ship. He awoke on a raft with a couple & a child who was frantically searching for his brother. The mother was crying & the dead had a sad expression on his face knowing damn well where the brother was. John is a grade A Nurse who understands the importance of medical care & has 2 combat tours from when he was enlisted as Combat medic on the enlisted side.
  2. It's not your fault its just Idk always felt weird & I'd say definitely think it over before you do it I know a few good people who didnt & they got kicked out
  3. Where were you stationed? Thanks for the support I always feel awkward when ppl thanks lmao
  4. Hello everyone my name is Phillip & I'm new to this community I just applied & am really excited to get started on here ^^ A little bit of info about me I'm 22 active duty AF & I l'm just really excited to start rp ^^
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