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  1. Born in the Siberian region of Russia, Borin Olovsky was no stranger to harsh conditions. That's why once he joined the Russian army, he excelled and quickly began training as an officer. With his training near completion, his commanding officers took he and the rest of the recruits on a secret training mission into Chernarus. During their time running drills, the outbreak began and they were told to find refuge in an abandoned castle. As they awaited exfil, the artillery barrages from Russia began. Borin and his company started to move out due to panic and ran into a group of Chernorussian soliders seeking refuge in the same castle. After the ensuing firefight, Borin and 3 of his comrades managed to slip free. They wandered the wilderness for days and days turned to weeks as one by one the survivors succumbed to exposure. Borin became the sole survivor, pure survival instinct keeping one foot in front of the next. Near to collapse, Borin saw his salvation, as small campfire in the distance. He stumbled his way to it and collapsed at the feet of Gabriel Seth. Now the two wander the wasteland together, Borin acting as the bodyguard for his savior turned friend.
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