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  1. well shit i dont think so for the mod one and a defo no for the dayz launcher one but im pretty sure for the character one
  2. when i load up dayz i and i put in the password it just doesn't let me join idk if im putting the password in wrong or something but need help please
  3. characters name Donovan Smith - Age 17 Job Title Before OutBreak Signed up for the army my character is born in scotland in 2002 me and my friends have came to Chernarus for a holiday when the outbreak happened we were in Chernogorsk in our hotel room watching TV when the power cut out to our building we assumed it was a regular power outage until we went down stairs and complained to reception. reception said they had no idea what was going on until we exited the hotel and found people running and screaming in the distance we heard gun shots we looked at each other in fear . we decided to see what everyone was running from when we people in agony on the ground and saw people in the distance stumbling . we decided to try and help the stumbling people until one of them attempted to attack my friend Jerry until me and my other friend Ben dragged him off Jerry the man continued to attack us and over powered us which the managed to bite Jerry on the leg we were left with nothing to do we took Jerry's pocket knife which we then stabbed the man. he wouldn't go down so i stabbed the man in the head. me and Ben dragged Jerry to the car and we headed to the hospital when we got to the hospital we found nothing but more stumbling people we assumed he worst and thought that they were the same as the man was near the hotel. we got out of the car and we heard someone shouting from the building near the hospital there was a lady at her door shouting at us to come in quickly so we grabbed Jerry and ran inside this ladys home. when we got into the building be found many people who were bitten like my friend jerry someone of them were unconscious and some weren't breathing. we asked her what was going on she explained to us there was an infection and too keep back form the people that were stumbling around and that weren't showing any sign of humanity. she then continued to help jerry she gave him some antibiotics and bandaged him up we decided to leave cause we didn't feel safe in the city we ran to the car and started it up we then drive to the country side un sure that whether or not the same would happen to jerry as happened to the people near the hotel and hospital
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