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  2. Was fun whilst i was here, hope y'all do good without me boys. Goodluck!
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  4. Zenun was born near the Kosovo border on the Albanian side to a Serbian father and an Albanian mother into a very strict, dictatorial type tribe called the Free territory of Dobrunë. In his younger years Zenun would be forced to train in the youth program that was setup due to the tribe being at war with a Kosovan tribe over the old borders and his father would constantly be out fighting and as such, he never really got to know his father, unfortunately. But, nevertheless he continued in the youth program, destined to become a figther. Once he graduated from the program he officially could call himself a proud member and fighter of the Ushtria Çlirimtare e Kosovës, a reborn version of the way old UÇK from the Yugoslav wars, obviously right after he graduated he was called upon by the "Udhëheqës i Lavdishëm", otherwise known as the Glorious Leader to fight in the upcoming war with another Kosovan tribe which trespassed into the territory of Dobrunë. Him and his fellow fighters set out in the evening and was expected to ambush the enemy tribesmen near the border but ended up never having any enemy show up. Zenun and his fellow comrades waited and waited until one of them got the good idea to advance towards the enemy tribe, and so Zenun agreed. After a few hours of walking they meet a person who was wandering and scavenging for whatever they could find, a Kosovan. Zenun and his comrades talk amongst themselves, debating on what they are gonna do with the man and after some minutes of debating, they began asking him questions about the Enemy tribe and to their surprise, the random person was with them and so they force him to give the fighters the location of the tribe and yet again, to their surpise he tell them. Unfortunately for the man, all of the fighters have been brought up by the Youth Program to indoctrinate the children, so they without a reason and without any resistance shot the man after they got what they wanted. They returned to Dobrunë and told their superiors about the location. The Free Territory of Dobrunë mustered up about 100 fighters to attack the target, once they had marched towards their location it was a bloodbath for the enemy and Dobrunë once again won a "border" war with a Kosovan tribe, but even though he was indoctrinated as a child, Zenun saw how bad his tribe had become, especially their leader and started to question the authority resulting in his exile. He had nowhere to go until a band of mercenaries showed up right at his doorstep and saw how capable the man was, they told him that they could use a man like Zenun, Zenun agreed. They would show him back to a ship where they sailed for a few hours before ending up on an hot island in the middle of nowhere, and that's when they presented themselves. They called themselves PKM, Phanton Knife Mercenaries. Since he already had training and passed their quotas he quickly became one of them and shipped to Nyheim on a contract mission where they still continue to operate to this day.
  5. *A heavy accented slavic person speaks into the radio* "To the group known as the 'Sobaki'... In amidst of your raiding party you took our members hostage, accident or not it was still an act of hostility and aggression. You took a neutral party into custody and refused us to the right to negotiate..." "I don't know what you were trying to do there, but as you saw it ended up in a mass grave for you people. I suggest next time you do something stupid like that, if you take our people hostage and we tried to calmy negotiate with words instead of bullets... don't chose bullets over words..." "We're not angry with you, just majorly disappointed. To regain neutrality with the Phantom Knife Mercenaries, also known as P.K.M. , you will have to pay us compensation for the bullets we wasted on your people. And, if you now go through with it, we won't care for future operations of yours." *In the end, the P.K.M. would play music throughout the radio for 10-20 minutes until they got bored*
  6. Find out IC @Knight

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  7. Prizrak was born near the Finnish border, but on the Russian side of the landscape in a makeshift settlement. During his time at the settlement he'd learn how to hunt, gather food and supplies with his father. When he became 20 he was looking for more action than just hunting and gathering supplies and so he ventured far and wide until he met a group known as the PKM on a mission near old Leningrad, there he was contracted by the leader of the group and they took him to Port Royal for training for some years before he became an actual operative. There on after he was shipped with PKM to Nyheim where they are currently having their service. Prizrak and another member of PKM conducting a contracted raid
  8. Thank you for the positive words Elrod!!
  9. "Hello my bruddas and muh sistas. We are very good organisation'.... Ugandan and Jamacian speciality.... From tribe best service come"
  10. Thank you i am very excited to play on DayZRP again
  11. I think this is the best group DayzRP has ever seen
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