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  1. Robin Williams Hello GIF by 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment

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  4. A Chernarussian voice comes through the radio "Listen... There's been... Many, many clowns in South Zagoria and to be honest you all fail your objective one way or another. This is probably the last time i'll hear from you because you got shot in an alleyway or something. You are more welcome to try though, I think you'll be dead rather quick. Oh and by the way, if you want to look for me, look for someone named Damek, i'll be more than happy to put you in the ground" The voice disappears into static
  5. Born in 1989 into a loving family, he started very early with showing signs of love to engineering and the military at the same time, his goal was always to enlist and become a flight engineer. After graduating high school with good grades enough grades to apply to a flight academy in the Swedish military, and that's exactly what he did. After some years of studying he finally got his diploma and became an official "Corporal" in the Swedish army, stationed at F17 in Blekinge "flygflottilj", he loved his job and would serve for 6 years before quitting. Months after quitting his job he'd get a contract from World Health Organization, also known as WHO, he'd accept the contract and in 2019 he would be stationed in Takistan because of the Frenzy Flue becoming more and more active. When the news about the Frenzy flue spreading extra rapidly in an area known as South Zagoria, in a small country named Chernarus WHO began to assign different personnel to different planes, and due to his Engineering skills in the Swedish army he got assigned to a plane by the name of "Angel-2" and got the task to keep it active until new assignments were given. (DONT TOUCH STINKY STAFF)

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      Banging tune

  7. He unforunately thought he was done
  8. Happy new years everyone!

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      Happy new year, my homie ❤️

  9. Page looks great! Looking forward to this group, best of luck!
  10. Cronge!

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      cringe crange cronge

  11. Negative sir, 1- Doesn't really fit a roleplaying apocalypse, only for pvp servers in my opinion
  12. Big no from me no since i genuinely disliked Livonia and because it's a DLC map which means you're forcing a playerbase to buy a DLC to play on the server.
  13. I very much like the new profile 

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