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  1. The server has gone long enough without a full server wipe and it shows. There's not alot of food, weapons or anything besides clothing since everyone is stashing their loot behind their walls. Hence why i'm making this poll because some people just like to hoard stuff without reason and by wiping the server it'd make more people go out from their bases and actually get roleplay
  2. @Banksyyffs those baity words man

    1. Elrod


      watch me whip 

      watch me nae nae

    2. SynO


      @ElrodI love you man

    3. Elrod


      i love men

    4. Hanro


      Damn those words

  3. A Russian accented man talks on the radio "Seems like you've made quite some.... Enemies there tovarishch . I'd like to get in contact with you for possible cooperation in the future. It'd benefit both of us..." The Russian man stops talking on the radio and lets go off his ptt
  4. Would honestly be pretty cool and unique. I support this
  5. Pretty pog video you've made yourself there mister

    1. Knight


      Hello Syno.

      Thank you for welcoming my friend.

      Kind regards.
      -Mr Knight

    2. SynO


      Shut up @Knight

    3. Knight


      @SynO no u

    4. SynO


      Who even are you @Knight

    5. Woodzie


      Forrest Gump Flirting GIF by MOODMAN

      Hope these 2 losers aren't bothering you.

  7. No way hosay snowflake

    1. Woodzie


      You the snowflake?

    2. SynO


      Your nan @Woodzie

    3. Elrod



    4. Hanro



  8. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: I do somewhat agree with the verdict, the initiation did sound subpar on the OP's end due to everyone initiating at once. However, we did initiate and say "Stop the Vehicle and put your hands up". As seen in the video he sped up from 80 to 91 km/h as soon as the initiation happened and it took him 4 seconds from initiation to when he applied his breaks at timestamp 16:16 in the video. In my opinion 4 seconds is more than enough to process that people shouting at you to "stop the vehicle" is a valid initi
  9. A Russian accented man responds on the radio "Привет, друг. Me and my Comrades can help." "You seem to be troubled with something, Мы хотим помочь, and believe me when I say it when we want to help" Vladimir turns to his Comrades whilst the radio is still on "Товарищи, надо ему «помочь». Если вы понимаете мой дрейф." He speaks back into the radio "We'll see you soon"
  10. Nice

    1. ImFrosty



    2. Elrod



    3. Hanro


      That’s pretty sick ngl 

  11. Yes I was one of the people who was shooting at the car
  12. Hello gamers, I was one of the people who initiated on @VolraSlava. As for the metagame allegations, In no shape or form did we know that he was gonna come down the road as mine and @Murdocinitial plan was for me to meet up with @Jackfish, @Banksyy and @Hanro In Stary Sobor then move up towards NWAF through the main road, we notice car-lights shining behind the hill he was driving on, we immediately decided to initiate and so we did. Once we did scream for you to stop the car you decided to speed up and we thought you were gonna drive off, hence why most of us including myself started to shoot
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