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  1. Preston James Murphy was born July 19, 1978, he was born in Fargo North Dakota to parents Frank and Susan Murphy. Frank Murphy was the colonel of the NDSP (North Dakota State Police). Preston always wanted to be like his dad and follow in his footsteps, he tried out for the Fargo Sheriff department and here he met Deputy Wayne who quickly became one of Preston’s closet friends. His Parents decided to adopt a kid, they named him Adam. Adam and Preston got along very well as siblings, they never had any rivalry or problems at all. Preston worked with Wayne and he helped train Preston, a few months later Preston got a knock on his door from the Sergeant of the Fargo Sheriff Department and his Father congratulating him on making it into the Sheriff’s department. Preston moved a few years later to California after his Father was shot and killed in the line of duty. He moved to California with his best friend Max Wayne and his good friend Vanessa Fox, they lived with each other for 3 years up in paleto bay, until Vanessa and Preston had enough money to move out and get a place of their own. Vanessa and Preston later had two kids named Jimmy and Tyler shortly after they got married. He and Wayne both decided to apply for the CHP, they got into the force pretty easily due to their prior experience. They both shot up the ranks and soon enough they were corporals of the CHP. As the years went by Preston and Vanessa began to drift apart slowly due to Vanessa's problem with heavy substance abuse. In 2015, Preston and Vanessa signed their final divorce papers and went their separate ways. Preston won full custody of both kids, they moved into a penthouse in Elton Towers. In 2016, Preston knew the dangers his kid Jimmy was getting into. He wanted to be like his dad and become a cop, so Jimmy applied for the LASD. He got accepted and based his entry exam with flying colors. He was given his Badge, Gun and, Uniform Jimmy went on an FTO ridealong and was about to be signed off and assigned to active duty. 07-15-16 Los Angeles, Block #1103 5:30 PM. Jimmy Alan Murphy was shot and killed by an unknown man with a Sniper Rifle, the ballistics team reported the man was on a rooftop. They sent detectives to the area and only found a white business card, on it was written 1103 and a -Z. 07-15-16 Los Angeles, Elton Towers Apt#: 103, Time 9:30 PM. Preston called 9-1-1 and asked for an officers assistance, his buddy Wayne answered and he told him everything he was feeling. Wayne was assigned to keep an eye on him, Preston went into the bathroom and attempted suicide he was trying to grasp the concept that his son was really gone. Preston developed Anxiety and PTSD from the incident, he was never the same from that day forward. In August he decided to transfer from the CHP to the SBCS. He was welcomed with open arms into the department. Preston received a phone call later that day from his brother Adam, he just moved to California. Preston went to pick up Adam from the airport and took him over to the job center, Adam became a Taxi driver with his buddies Pablo and Todd. 12-2-16, Preston finished all his FTO training and became an official officer with the SBCS. The only thing that drove him was his job and the motivation he had to find the man who took his son's life but he gave up on finding him because it was just a dead trail..
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