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  1. After significant losses both OOC and IC, elections will be held shortly for the new leadership of the Sentinels. Two goals completed, 4/17/2019
  2. Breaching Training Breaching Training Breaching Training The lads are back! The Convoy! Convoy Contact Sentinel Zarkay posing for the camera!
  3. @mudge54Grainger Bekker, @William Munny Logan Mitchel, and Hugh Ryan accepted as initiates. Jordan Moss has been accepted as a Warden. All will be added to the roster when I have all their forum names. Matt Chillas has deserted the Sentinels.
  4. @ZanaanThanks for the reminder!
  5. Nicolau Nazario has permanently fallen in the line of duty. Cato Zarkay has retired from service.
  6. Neo Hoffman has retired from service.
  7. J. D., D. H., E. J., V. S., and D. W., have been judged accordingly and declared [ E X C O M M U N I C A T E T R A I T O R I S ] Richard "Molière" Morgane has retired from service. Promoted Nicolau to supervisory rank of Sentinel-Warden.
  8. Edited goals, completed first goal, added Markus Butcher
  9. Excuse the double post, but updated roster titles once again, updated goals and added a recruitment section.
  10. Updated goals and added a few new recruits
  11. Then it wasn't you guys that put the gear on the ground, any idea if anyone had came in after you lads? Also if there isn't any conclusive evidence in 24 hours, I guess close the thread
  12. I do not have screenshots of DAY 2's items being left out to despawn, and to my knowledge this is consistent raiding, every night, when everyone is offline and them knowing this, using it to their advantage
  13. Server and location: S1, Vystovo Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 3/13/19, 3/14/19 and 3/15/19 Your in game name: Alexander Garrett Names of allies involved: The Sentinels, The Cavaliers, Alpha Company 3-34, Sheriff's Ranger Department, The Hunters & The Freemen Name of suspect/s: n/a Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): 1 Friendly (This morning) Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): n/a Detailed description of the events: As it stands, our Capital building (which we call the Citadel) has been ransacked three times these past three days, consistently. The First day was the Battle of the Twelve Armies where the Green Dragon's initiated on our building of saying they'll break in, which we then initiated on them, long ass fire fight ensues, everyone dies, valid roleplay scenario in my book. What I can't understand and have asked @Pontiffabout is the follow up ransacks on our compound following this fight, with the Battle of the Twelve Armies (which i'll abbreviate as BoTA), everything was valid, we were all online and we were present for it. So we didn't care much about them ransacking us while they were fighting us, it would just make sense. But for the past few days we have noticed several instances of our compound being broken into. DAY 2 (3/14/19) EST. 12:00 AM CST - 6:00 AM CST (Unknown Server Time) We had all went to sleep following the raid on our capital and decided to rebuild, rebuilding all our lower walls with sheet metal and restocking our barrels and the like, we even had found a vehicle and parked it inside. When we logged off we had came back on to find out that one of our M1A's, all of it's ammo was left on the ground to despawn and that one of our AWM's, all of it's ammunition as well as all of our nails and 5.56 was also missing, a simple intruder we thought. They had broken in by using our southern wall one fence away from our gate by breaking apart the lower wall's sheet metal before then going to break the lower wall's sheet metal for the interior gate into the building itself, we quickly rebuilt and replenished the losses. DAY 3 (3/15/19 EST. 12:00 AM CST - 5:00 AM CST (Unknown server time, I woke up at 5 AM and checked to see if we had been ransacked.) I had went to sleep at exactly around 11:50 PM - 12:15 AM CST and had intended to wake up early to see if anyone had hit us or went through our things and this was indeed the case, I was still in bed at the time of me asking @Melody (Jonas Steed) to go and check which, he had told me all three locks on the gates had been sawn off by a hack saw and that our sea chests, protective case were missing as well as various amounts of tools (pliers, metal wire, barb wire, nails, hammers etc) were missing alongside netting, burlap sacks, unknown types and amounts of ammunition. When I had logged on to see the damage, we had also lost all of our food and water stores, all of our vehicle parts and our vehicle itself. Jonas had told me everything top side was fine but when i checked the barrel and the tent, we have two clearly defining spaces where weapons use to be along side all of it's ammunition, I can only assume these to be M4's. This is all that I know of so far. I wouldn't be as disappointed if there was roleplay involved but most of our allies are stationed in Albion (Chernogorsk Docks) and are too far away to help or offline, a swell as all of The Sentinels are offline during this period too.
  14. Updated! Added a new goal, titles and added a new person! Also open recruitment is now available!
  15. Inverted the black images and fixed the grammar error, thanks! @Ron
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