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  1. Alexander Garrett is an Austrian born male coming from a war-torn family, who had many members of his family be inducted into the ways and walk of life known as the Army, both in Germany in past and historic wars. Garrett was no stranger to being alone and for the most part, relied solely on his own survival instincts with his two Brothers who would walk the streets of Munich at night and at day work, this capitalized when they acquired enough money to be able to illegally move to Germany, Berlin where they attempted to get a living but failed to do such. After several police complaints towards the trio, they were eventually deported back to their home country. With one of his brothers moving into the Austrian Military and the other attempting to find a woman and settle down, Alexander, which, to be reiterated, is the youngest of the three, set out for the place of freedom, America. Eventually acquiring a new job as a Electrician's apprentice, he applied to the appropriate American departments to go about migrating there, which, after four years of expensive screening and waiting, he was finally accepted and had a green-card to the United states. To where he stayed and developed varying habits and hobbies, to which had eventually brought him to a international event in Chernarus shortly before the apocalypse. (wip, this is just the main pinpoints to the backstory)
  2. My stream didn't record the event properly and I have bad recollection of the memory. I do have audio but not video. Allies in the situation @Arcarius I met @Arcarius about 3-4 minutes of me logging in and after about 3 minutes later we meet these guys inside the Stary Church where they actually opened the door and walked in while I had my Mosin out and @Arcarius had his on his back, they pester us to come with them and they come off as passive aggressive and we reluctantly follow and then shortly afterwards they lead us into a house where we see a female tied up, a guy in the corner with meat on a stick and three men with guns all around us. On the floor are weapons that I can presume to be from the other players and then as soon as I'm about to pull my Mosin out, I get a gun thrown in my face and told to drop the Mosin, which I comply with, without having of taken it out after walking in the house. This entire course from the Church to this is about 6 minutes later and we're told to fight to the death and to punch one another, we both are not willing to and then they say its either both of you or one of you and then I proceed to throw the first punch so that my friend that I just met can start the fight and I proceed to just take the beating without fighting back until I'm unconscious and then I can hear myself getting beaten up and then before long, I hear a shotgun blast and I'm dead. In all from me meeting the mute, it was 11 minutes. From me starting my stream and booting up DayZ was 23 minutes. So now I know why no one was watching my stream though, cause it wasn't working ! ?
  3. Born into a financially unstable family coping with the problems of an abusive Father, Edward Brown, and a consistently ill-stricken Mother, Maria Brown, Sullivan is the fourth youngest out of six children, with the three previous youngest having been born with complications resulting in their untimely demise. Supported only partially by his Uncle, Thomas Grey and the Church to which the family belonged to, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Times would be tough growing up with many vulnerabilities, including his own Father at times, who took pride in going off on 'trips' for weeks or even months at a time while the family suffered, which later served to vilify his own Father from his own family. Whilst growing up, Sullivan was commonly mocked and picked on for his weak physical build, short height, fragile stature and blind eye and it is due to this peer-to-peer bullying that had served as the reason for his Mother to pull him and his Brother, Brayden Brown, out of elementary and attempt to teach them herself- only to fail miserably at it. Throughout the years of attempting to teach the two children she would find difficulties in gathering their attention and thoughts towards the topic she was having them learn. Only one of the two would pick up eventually into education and it was Sullivan, who had eventually earned his High School diploma over the course of the years as his Brother had fallen out of interest in earning it and dropped out. Early on in his life, even before graduating, Sullivan worked and he worked hard, at the age of fifteen he worked as an Electrician's Apprentice for somebody from the Church, who he grew attached to and saw as a Father-figure and looked to him for guidance instead of his own Dad. During this Apprenticeship his family eventually disbanded with a violent divorce tearing it apart forever, causing Sullivan to choose sides with which parent and to abandon his Father and now cancer-stricken Mother, all the while, using his job to help provide support to the family. As the years ran along and with the eventual graduation, Sullivan oriented himself into the Church more and more and even transitioned into a new job, this being a Security Guard in North Park Mall, all according to his hopes and desires, he hated being an Electrician, not only was the people unpleasant, but the job was far too demanding and even the man he had looked up to as a figure head in his life had even began to turn and become sour in his eyes, it is this job, as a Security Guard that he stayed into until he was able to fill his Missionary papers out and file them, expecting to either go to somewhere in America, Germany, Austria or the United Kingdom. When he had received the letter in the mail, he was ecstatic as well as his family was; they had even hosted a small private party for him to reveal where he was going and it was to the Russian Federation which, within two days after receiving the letter, had banned all incoming traffic to missionaries into the country, dismayed at what happened he had then received a letter from the First Presidency of the Church for him to report to the Missionary Training Center and to be relocated to the Chernarussian, Chernarus-Electragorsk mission, which only held a total of thirty missionaries.. Once again thrilled, he guessed, he reported to the Missionary Training Center to be taught by the best the Church had on how to be more spiritually clean and fit to serve this sacred duty given to him, it was time for him to be sent to one of the worst possible places in the world, without him even knowing. More entries will be added in as his backstory and character develops.
  4. After about four or five years of inactivity and being a normie, I've finally done it and bought me a computer of being able to run DayZRP again, which, back in '14, was the last time I played so; I'm excited to meet you all in game whenever I get whitelisted and hopefully you'll enjoy my character! hint: it's a religious character and represents what i do irl
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