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  1. SullyDat

    The Sentinels [OPEN RECRUITMENT]

    After many days of consideration and pondering we've finally decided on the new leadership of the Sentinel's and will announce it in the few days to come. But to make it short, @Aron73will have leadership of the Sentinel's transferred over to him. Thanks for your patience (mainly the staff team). He'll most likely provide a new forum post and he can edit it and tailor it to his own needs.
  2. SullyDat

    DayZRP Minecraft server

    i mean if there's discussion of the minecraft server being overhauled and wiped, there isn't any real reason to play until it's wiped, innit?
  3. SullyDat

    The Sentinels [OPEN RECRUITMENT]

    @SullyDat Commissioner Alexander Garrett has fallen in the line of duty. @Nonplayer Commander Mark Wolff has fallen in the line of duty. @FatherCoon Inspector Hugh Ryan has fallen in the line of duty. @ShuffleMoose Inspector Jordan Moss has fallen in the line of duty. @perry Sentinel Perry Brittle has fallen in the line of duty. @gabemg421 Sentinel Travis Miller has fallen in the line of duty. New leadership element, if they choose to accept will be as follows. @Melody Inspector Jonas Steed will take up the mantle as the Second Sentinel Commissioner. @cjackson821 Warden Chris Jackson will be raised to the mantle of Inspector. However, he resigns. @SeVeN Pills Sentinel Michael Levin will be raised to the mantle of Inspector. @Sapperton Sentinel Clive Winderlin will be raised to the mantle of Warden. @Aron73 Sentinel Mikael Hansson will be raised to the mantle of Warden. @Matthew Lees Sentinel Henry Dow will be raised to the mantle of Warden. @Zombiedude Recruit Ricky Bobby will be raised to the mantle of Warden. F to pay respects. Formal leadership of the Sentinels will be transferred over to Jonas Steed if he takes it, we will live on. If he doesn't, it will keep transferring until someone takes the mantle of Commissioner, if no one takes up the leadership of the Sentinels, then I'll formally request their archival. The only next post I'll make on this threat is whenever the new leadership is announced.
  4. probably the best pic of me
  5. SullyDat

    The Sentinels [OPEN RECRUITMENT]

    UPDATE: Reformatted our goals and also failed all Vystovo/Chernogorsk related goals, added several new ones, promoted Jordan Moss to Inspector
  6. SullyDat

    The Sentinels [OPEN RECRUITMENT]

    William Hughs made Warden, Jonas Steed made Inspector, all recruits have passed initiate training and are now full Sentinel's.
  7. SullyDat

    The Sentinels [OPEN RECRUITMENT]

    Dr. Alen Fraider @PurifiedNoobs12, Niko Sullivan @Nikoteen, Jiri Polednak @Slammer & Ricky Bobby @Zombiedude have joined the Sentinel's.
  8. SullyDat

    The Sentinels [OPEN RECRUITMENT]

    All inactive members have been honorable discharged from service within the Sentinels. These include F. W., K. V., C. C., and G. B. The Capital has fallen and with it, the Citadel. The Sentinel's are now nomadic and are taking a more hostile approach to the way of life that is Chernarus. Presidential Elections have concluded with the office of President being abolished and replaced with the lesser title of Commissioner. The Research and Medical branchs are entirely dissolved and will no longer be recruited into. All branchs will form the core Sentinel branch. The title of Inspector is now established and will be used to regulate troops and ensure activity and honesty. They will be side by side in hand with the Commander and his Wardens. Official Rank structure is now Commissioner, Commander / Inspector, Warden, Sentinel & Initiate.
  9. A certain group has returned.
  10. SullyDat

    The Sentinels [OPEN RECRUITMENT]

    Already on it @Zanaan
  11. SullyDat

    The Sentinels [OPEN RECRUITMENT]

    After significant losses both OOC and IC, elections will be held shortly for the new leadership of the Sentinels. Two goals completed, 4/17/2019
  12. Breaching Training Breaching Training Breaching Training The lads are back! The Convoy! Convoy Contact Sentinel Zarkay posing for the camera!
  13. SullyDat

    The Sentinels [OPEN RECRUITMENT]

    @mudge54Grainger Bekker, @William Munny Logan Mitchel, and Hugh Ryan accepted as initiates. Jordan Moss has been accepted as a Warden. All will be added to the roster when I have all their forum names. Matt Chillas has deserted the Sentinels.
  14. SullyDat

    The Sentinels [OPEN RECRUITMENT]

    @ZanaanThanks for the reminder!
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