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  4. Born into one of the select few rich families within the Chernagorsk Industrial Sector, his family was one of wealth and continued prosperity, with little political influence but massive industrial manpower. Vit was born into a family of five, two siblings and his parents, in order, Vit was the oldest of his family and is currently the only known member of the Prokov bloodline. Even though they had a lavish living expense, their family otherwise kept their wealth to themselves, even though they owned a quarter of the private industrial sector located in the surrounding area of and around Elektrozavodsk, having been handed through the family for generations which in time, proved quite lucrative for his Father. With Vit being the oldest of the children, he was destined and pre-determined to take the mantle of being the Industrial sector tycoon that his Dad and his Grandpa had been before him, in private conversations, he expressed his displeasure of his predestined role as a wealthy business man and instead went to forgo it all at sixteen under the recommendation and advice of his High School best friend, Radzig Kobyla, when he secretly had forged his parents signatures for enlistment into the CDF Reserves upon his 18th birthday and graduation from High School, both of which followed in close relation to one another. Once his parents had found out about the shameful deception that their son had proliferated under their noses, they exiled him to his life style and gave all of their love and wealth to the second oldest, which he had always wanted to do regardless if Vit was to become the Tycoon or not. After joining the reserves, he was assigned to the 12th Military Police Battalion, stationed in Miroslav and began receiving training for his occupational duties and completed them in late 2008 before being sent back into the civilian world after his reserve training, being directed to meet at his monthly training designation area monthly. When he returned to his civilian life, he had enough money from his pay from the army to afford a small apartment near Elektrozavodsk which, he had began to looking for job opportunities in the form of police work, deciding to apply and eventually be recruited into the city he currently lived in; Elektrozavodsk Police. After being sent to Miroslav once again for his civilian police academy training, he was in the middle of his studies when civil war broke out and he was called to serve into the 167th Military Police Detachment, attached to the 34th Engineers Company, where he ironically came to find out that his friend, Kobyla, was apart of, where they regularly spoke with one another and had grown to watch out for one another. The whole civil war only lasted a few extraordinarily long months of massive bloodshed, Vit most likely carrying some crimes out of necessity himself. His service record reports he was present, but not in active combat at the Battle of the Pit, acting as rear security. Later he was withdrawn and redeployed into the South Zagoria region, He was present and an active participant at the lesser known but infamous Vavilovo Massacre where many POW's were executed. He also saw combat and was injured at the battle of Kozlovka Pass, as their unit was directed to conduct a fighting retreat towards Balota to attempt to resecure the Airfield alongside various other units, as separatist attacks had discretely sabotaged and began to siege the airfield, likewise as mainland heavy Calvary units supported by the Russian Military began advancing onto them, luckily; Vit was able to escape with the Engineers company. Two days later they arrived and were instructed by present CDF units that the war had come to an end and that they were to relinquish themselves, which they willingly did. In the following confusing months, Vit was considered WIA and inoperable for further service, which, was a blessing, even though he was physically capable of continuing to serve; the various still loyalist CDF Medical professionals that had reviewed him had saw pity upon him and helped him in his request to be discharged from further service due to the Military being under enemy command. Now out into the field, he returned to the now heavily damaged Miroslav Police Academy, where he wanted to return to his duties, he was instructed to head to the Novigrad Police academy, which he could barely afford, let alone make. Regardless, they offered to transport him alongside other recruits, a majority of them being obviously Russian individuals, he accepted and went on his way to the Novigrad Police Academy and began to resume his studies. His graduation was delayed due to new indoctrination tactics introduced by the new administration, which he was forced to undergo, which were ineffective and had little effect on his mentality, he finally finished his police cadet training in September 2012, now assigned to a field training officer for an undisclosed amount of time for observation and review, which he passed in the beginning of February, 2013. Ironically during this period, the Terrors began and many ex-CDF, NAPA and loyalist individuals and their families were being arrested, tried and executed or imprisoned for life on false charges, this included some of the Industrial elite, which affected Vit's family as well, his Father and Brother was spared, unlike his Sister and Mother. During a brief investigation into Vit himself, it was determined due to his indoctrination and the need for Policemen, he was a low risk non-flight risk. However, in the middle of 2014, during some of the harshest persecution of the time, Vit was investigated again and was tipped off, by a mysterious individual which turned out to be Kobyla, who, at this time was working undercover as a discrete agent of insurrection, that Vit was due to be executed; in which he quickly packed and went into hiding near Khelm and Blunt Rocks. For a period of years, Vit heard sporadic news of a group called the Chernarus Liberation Front, only due to their extraordinary feats of assassinating President Lopotev and the failed Novaya Petrovka mission. In 2019, Vit is arrested and jailed by now Russian Police patrolling near Solnichniy on vehicle registration charges, it is learned of his past history and him being wanted by the Russian Interior, where he is held for a few months before he is to be transported to Novodmitrovsk before entering mainland Russia, however the transport had passed through Severograd, which was undergoing heavy riots during the 2020 violent resurgence of the Frenzied Flu, as he was in a marked Police Vehicle, protestors, demonstrators and rioters began to lobby rocks and block the path of the transportation crew, which gave Vit time to escape; which he did and was successful in doing. Now on the run from the Police, he comes into contact with Kobyla once again, who then takes him to a secretive meeting, where his entire background and history is scrutinized. It is said that from witness accounts, Vit entered the Black Forest early in the morning but never came back out; and if he did, he was a ghost of his former self, law abiding, honorable, militant; now criminal, radical and liberating. A terrorist by all definitions.
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  6. Don't call Chernarus, Chernarussia. The country is Chenarus, the region we're in is South Zagoria and the ethnic people are called Chernarussian(s). Chernarussians use a bastardized version of Czech and Russian. Just don't go "Da." or "Privyet."
  7. Streaming DayZRP.com - S2 Livonia - Ehren Hayes - 2020 Stream - www.dayzrp.com - discord.gg/TGVpcuP - https://twitch.tv/saltysully

  8. My POV: Running as a dynamic after being caught off guard by the syndicate, rolled with them to prevent my cover from getting blown and helped them by destroying a platform to get to the outside stash and also "disarmed" an inert grenade trap. I don't know what the combination was but its probably I'm a dynamic and not actually with the Syndicate. I tried to also guess one of the locks on the wooden cabin at the compound but couldn't guess it accurately, after all these events we bounced to Elektro to find some hack saws and to that end, I took my opportunity to yeet out of there and log out before 2 min restart. I'm on mobile right now, but I do have my POV on my stream and it may have been recorded at https://twitch.tv/saltysully
  9. I'm Council Member SaltySully and I approve this Council Member's base.
  10. Calling in gamemaster @Conor [email protected] for their full POV on this Also all kills must involve an initiation at some point or another, please don't randomly kos people for stealing when you haven't or they haven't, initiated
  11. Wolfpack is similar to the leaders name, they're like a Phoenix, they keep coming back. Last base was China grade plastic and belonged in the bin, I like this one. Roland specifically likes aesthetic and I do too, there's a problem with the ground clipping through the floor on a few buildings. Also lore could be made better as this is a great place to defend and someone would've most likely had settled there if it was in game previously, might wanna touch it up to be that you either wrestled control of it from someone or found it abandoned in a quick haste or even a horde of undead locked within the compound warding other, lesser survivors away Gonna hold a neutral stance for now
  12. I vote to loosen the rules for this, Redwood doesn't seem like it'll die anytime soon.
  13. ODEZVA UPDATE 12/04/19_____________________________________ Removed the GIMP made graphics by @SaltySully, replaced them with @Commander's. Added the following group page graphics; @Commander Added the following group player graphics; @Commander Added the following to the Departed; @SaltySully Added the following awards graphics; @SaltySully Added the following Notoriety Level Graphics; @SaltySully Added the following Ranks/Structure Graphics; @SaltySully Adjusted the following Ranks/Structure Graphics; @SaltySully Adjusted the Wanted list; @SaltySully Added the following to the Most Wanted; @SaltySully Promoted the Following; @SaltySully Completed ODEZVA PLOCHA Phase One; @SaltySully Initiated ODEZVA PLOCHA Phase Two; @SaltySully Added the following goals for ODZ-PLC-P2; @SaltySully Completed the following goals for ODZ-PLC-P2; @SaltySully Completed the reformation, will be addressed in a completely separate update post. @SaltySully Several individuals have accumulated Group Warning Points pending group final warning, will be posted in Reformation update. @SaltySully Several individuals are due for more awards and promotions, will be posted in Reformation update. @SaltySully
  14. Will do, I've contacted them already and will make the proper adjustments
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