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"He who has never learned to obey cannot be a good commander."

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  1. SaltySully

    Redwood Radio Base Request

    I vote to loosen the rules for this, Redwood doesn't seem like it'll die anytime soon.
  2. SaltySully

    Odezva (Open Recruitment)

    ODEZVA UPDATE 12/04/19_____________________________________ Removed the GIMP made graphics by @SaltySully, replaced them with @Commander's. Added the following group page graphics; @Commander Added the following group player graphics; @Commander Added the following to the Departed; @SaltySully Added the following awards graphics; @SaltySully Added the following Notoriety Level Graphics; @SaltySully Added the following Ranks/Structure Graphics; @SaltySully Adjusted the following Ranks/Structure Graphics; @SaltySully Adjusted the Wanted list; @SaltySully Added the following to the Most Wanted; @SaltySully Promoted the Following; @SaltySully Completed ODEZVA PLOCHA Phase One; @SaltySully Initiated ODEZVA PLOCHA Phase Two; @SaltySully Added the following goals for ODZ-PLC-P2; @SaltySully Completed the following goals for ODZ-PLC-P2; @SaltySully Completed the reformation, will be addressed in a completely separate update post. @SaltySully Several individuals have accumulated Group Warning Points pending group final warning, will be posted in Reformation update. @SaltySully Several individuals are due for more awards and promotions, will be posted in Reformation update. @SaltySully
  3. SaltySully

    Odezva (Open Recruitment)

    Will do, I've contacted them already and will make the proper adjustments
  4. SaltySully

    Council Powers

    I'll wait for the POV of other council members before posting but you're correct p.s. makes more sense then my Engrish at times
  5. SaltySully

    Council Powers

    So now that Roland has bestowed upon us the ability to review settlements it got me thinking.. What other abilities/privileges should council members receive? An example I thought of was; Review/Approve other groups to a majority vote under supervision? Also I think that groups should always do a 20 day trial as a pending/dynamic group until they're approved as there's way too many groups that have a high turn over rate as soon as they're approved. Just my opinion
  6. SaltySully

    Kameníci || Closed Recruitment

    Not only is the street speaking Chernarussian, now the trees are too. Slava Chernarus.
  7. SaltySully

    Remove Barbed Wire

    Should just have barb wire only uncon you or make it purely aesthetic
  8. SaltySully

    Odezva (Open Recruitment)

    Gonna double post just to hype the update a bit, here's a preview of the many graphics I've made. All graphics are still WIP and will be finished before I update the thread with them. On top of all of that, Odezva will be entirely restructured, alongside a new set of goals as phase 1 of group goals have been nearly entirely completed. Kind of ironic that I'm doing all of these things around the same time of the december 1st update and map switch
  9. SaltySully

    Group feedback

    So as we all know that anyone can post and share their experiences with a group on said groups forum page, what about actual criticism, tips and praises from other group leaders to another? Including new council members to old? What says you peoples? @KordrugaRP Is personally my favorite supervillain of South Zagoria for the long lasting feud we've had against each other IC, honestly some of my most memorable moments of being BLAM'd was at no one elses hands but Vladimir Vissius. Would love to see some more activity and fear spread into the hearts of individuals everywhere of the impending "Raven King and his Jacksables"! @JimRP Even though he's no longer council and everyone shits on his group, he provided memorable and unique hostile rp with his group and his own self. Again I must repeat myself that he is one of my favorite Zagorian supervillains, except, his reputation was feared when mentioned +1. @PhoenyxxRP Only limited RP with Wolfpack but the times we have had together we're unique and are still fresh in all of our memories. You've chosen good people and even better role players to be apart of your group and I find it incredibly easy to just go to anyone in your group and roleplay with them, well done. @MasonnWB For his portrayal of his character Noah Russo, the most arrogant, egotistical, self absorbed character I've ever had the pleasure to meet. Pure, un nerving roleplay is what I can describe from the many interactions we've had with him and his group with the Syndicate. Quite sad you archived but also slightly relieved, maybe we can be friends ICly one day?
  10. SaltySully

    Interview With A Community Member: SaltySully

    I'm pretty boring
  11. SaltySully

    Odezva (Open Recruitment)

    Wil be updating group page within the coming week, will be making quite a few changes. Also forgive my inactivity, battleeye has been donging me in the eyes lately and not letting me play on any dayz server!
  12. SaltySully

    Wearing Armbands by Factions.

    Do what a certain other RP server does and force groups to wear identifying marks when they're rolling with their group and representing it, i.e, in initiations or in combat but if they're rolling by themselves then, as an individual, they shouldn't be forced to wear it. I'm totally up to help write that rule too, too many times have I been donged on by some guy that I thought was a rando but was in reality 100% related to the group we were engaging in the same area. edit: also why does everyone have hazbin hotel avatars now @Ducky @Fae
  13. SaltySully

    Odezva (Open Recruitment)

    I haven't, I'll be honest, I've been lazy with DayZRP lately. Some personal issues recently arose and I've been busy dealing with them. Expect me to be more active this week and I'll come to investigate them, if you could, can I request an activity sheet please? Thanks you!
  14. SaltySully

    Odezva (Open Recruitment)

    ODEZVA UPDATE 11/15/19_____________________________________ Added the following awards; Distinguished Leadership, Distinguished Conduct, Distinguished Training, Close Quarters Combat, Marksmanship, Honor Guard Detail, Color Guard Detail, Fidelity, Instructors Excellency, Excellency, Recruitment, Personal Appearance and Recruitment ribbons. Also added The Silver Cross medal. Revised and added tiers to the following awards; Order of Merit Wound Ribbon Added medals to the following awards; State Defense Gave individuals within the group corresponding tier level for wound ribbons. Policie overhaul soon TM Blacklisted @TrashTrooper
  15. SaltySully

    The Peacebreakers [OPEN RECRUITMENT]

    I just have a single header graphic for my group. Also good concept, I'm digging it
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