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  1. UFTaco

    Group settlements

    maybe we can have smaller groups have bases but they will have a smaller base depending on how many people there are like sell objects and stuff. so the smaller the group the fewer props there can be for different evolutions. 5 people a group Level 1: 10 objects. No walls or housing. Decorations, wrecks and ambient objects are allowed Level 2: 15 objects. Level 3: 25 objects. Level 4: 40 objects. walls allowed 10 people a group Level 1: 15 objects. No walls or housing. Decorations, wrecks and ambient objects are allowed Level 2: 25 objects. Level 3: 50 objects. Walls allowed Level 4: 60 objects. One house 10 people a group Level 1: 15 objects. No walls or housing. Decorations, wrecks and ambient objects are allowed Level 2: 25 objects. Walls allowed Level 3: 50 objects. One house Level 4: 100 objects. Two houses 20 people a group Level 1: 25 objects. No walls or housing. Decorations, wrecks and ambient objects are allowed Level 2: 50 objects. Walls allowed Level 3: 75 objects. 2 house Level 4: 100 objects. 3 houses PS. it doesn't have to be like this just an example
  2. Background of my character Born in Wyoming USA of 2003, my name is Sean Dane. I'm an only child. my dad died when I was 7 of lung cancer. Mo took 5 years in plane lessons and we traveled a lot. I was in boy scouts a have a lot of knowledge in survival skills and l love nature. I'm a little shy because of my dad's death The story of the outbreak when I was 13, Mom and I went on a 2-week vacation camping trip in Chernarus in the woods because we wanted to do something wild in a different county. when the outbreak came we didn't know that there was an outbreak at first. We were driving to the airstrip where mom was her plane, to go home. As we were driving we saw a man walking on the side of the road with a limp. He had a sickly look on his face and a few missing fingers. Mom rolled down the window and ask the man “Hey you ok, do you need help”. The man quickly turned to us and started to run towards us with a deathly scream. Mom got scared and started rolling up the window. As the man was getting closer one of his few fingers got cut off in the window. Mom was freaking out of the finger on her lap, and the man was banging on the window not even caring that his finger is gone. So mom flicks the finger onto the floor of the car and put it in gear and drove away. Driving down the road we saw more sickly people walking on the side road. We didn't dare to stop, later down the road we saw a man that finally looked normal he had his arm out and his thumb up. We pulled over and the man had a fur hat and an ax sticking out of his backpack. “You give me ride?” the man said in a thick Russian accent “Yeah sure, but you know what's happening around here.” mom asked. “You no hear, zombie everywhere” the Russian man answered. “How,” mom said The man shrugged. “Well get in, where you heading,” mom told him The man hopped in and said “Kamyshove” As we got there we dropped him off we wanted to get home, so and headed to the airstrip. While driving there we saw more and more zombies when we got there we saw the whole airstrip filled with zombies. We needed to get to the plane. Mom pulled over on the side of the road and opened the trunk I grabbed the bear spray and my pocket knife, mom grabbed the wood ax we use for firewood. We got as close as we can to the plane without any zombies seeing us we were hugging the hanger wall. To get to the plane we needed to go in the site of the zombies so we made a sprint for it. But as soon as we did all the zombies saw us a chased us. We turned back, one of them go close and scraped moms leg. She swung her ax behind he a hit the zombie it the head. We ran to the car and locked the doors I quickly grabbed the first aid fit a started rapping he leg. As it was getting dark we need a safe place to sleep. Mom told me to drive since her leg was hurt. We drove into the wood where no zombies would be and slept in the car. I woke up to a grunting noise, I looked over and Mom was twitching and grunting and looked very pale I got scared, grabbed the ax and crawled out of the car and slammed the door. After a few minutes, mom saw me and she started banging on the window and screaming at me. I couldn't do anything but one thing I started tearing up, I didn't want to do this. I quickly opened the door a swung the ax into her head. She fell out of the car, I dropped the ax, and fell to the ground and started crying. I couldn't take it anymore, seeing my mom. I got up and ran into the woods crying. A year and a half later Im 15 and just trying to survive, I never go to the place where mom died.
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