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  1. Before the outbreak, Charles always dedicated his life to protect the people in need. To fit his purpose, he learnt the basics of medical science and became a paramedic. His school grade never suited his need to protect and serve; he graduated as a Political scientist in his nation of birth: Mexico. After seeing the corrumption from politicians and bussinessmen, he left his carreer and started a new dream, saving lives and joining one of the world's biggest humanitarian organizations: People Protecting People, called that way becase it was fully organizaed without relationship with governments of commercial enterprises it was from the people and to the people. Charles traveled around the world, fulfilling his new quest, but during his visit in Chernarus, the outbreak quickly turned his world intho chaos. Now, he keeps helping the people in need on his own.
  2. Congrats! I'm glad you are whitelisted now. I still have to wait for mine, I suppose. Hope to meet you in Chernarus. Cheers.
  3. Welcome Thomas! Hope to see you soon in Chernarus
  4. I'm Chuck and I'm very excited joining this community. I hope I can give you an awesome experience. I play DayZ since 2014, in order to be a more active player, I tried to find a well organized community, with rules and focused on RP. I'm grateful with the people who started the DayZRP project, really, you bring me back to play DayZ and put a lot of effort on it. I hope we meet soon in-game.
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