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  1. Eric is a doctor who had been sent to investigate a lunge illness, on his trip he found himself stuck in the wake of an apocalypse. Along him was a team of 4 others, they were all sitting in their apartment getting ready to return back to their families. They packed their bags and loaded their rental van sitting in the small alleyway next to their apartment. On the way to the airport they were stopped at a military checkpoint and forced to return back to their homes where they later discovered a martial law had just been in effect. There in the apartment they had waited for the martial law to end, soon after the team had gone out to purchase supplies to stake out in their apartment until the issue was solved. Months later a storm erupted and they were forced to stay inside a lot longer than anticipated. With their windows boarded up and the door locked they waited. Soon after the storm they finally for the first time in months opened their door and ventured out into the new world where they discovered had been plagued by a new epidemic.
  2. Still doesnt work Wait nvm I didnt see the checkmark on playtime being private lolz :PPP
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