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  1. But What about myself? I was shot before even reacting because for me it all happened quickly. I was compliant by being frozen.
  2. If it was a VOIP bug which everyone knows about shouldn't initiation be accompanied by a text just in case which has been stated. I get that some people may not comply but, we clearly were not taking any hostile action and would have surrendered and complied for the RP based on the fact that we had already been friendly with a member of your group. I heard the initiation the problem wasn't that it happened the problem for me was I immediately saw him get gunned down as the initiation was happening.
  3. No video evidence POV: Upon entering the northern part of the NWAF at the two story camo building myself and NorWayy/Brian Taylor had just finished looting a car that we found thanks to a guy in black we had met while looting east of the C-130 crash site. As we began searching buildings that same guy showed up after we had finished dispatching some infected and we began to just shoot friendly banter with him as we had just finished trading and speaking with him. Upon clearing another building a man in a red and black striped shirt appears and ask's if we had found any pants like the one he was wearing we said "No, sorry check the tents though." to which shortly after he asked "Are you two US Marines or something?" to which I replied "No, but I am retired Navy" and he then said "ok" and we bantered for a bit an went to move on. That's when another 2 individuals approached us. That's when I said "holy shit" and then NorWayy/Brian Taylor replied "damn there are hella people here today, it's like an anime convention or something" not 2 seconds after that statement. The man leading who just approached wearing a white shirt with a black bullet proof vest carrying an M4 yells "None of that here!" aims his weapon at NorWayy/Taylor and as he is stating "Put your hands up" fires on him and kills him. I then hesitate and take approximately 2ish seconds to process what happened as I already had my weapon out aimed and killed the assailant who fired on NorWayy/Taylor and was then killed myself shortly after. Also, The hit logs as posted clearly stated that we did not fire first. I will also not reply unless questioned by a member of staff.
  4. +1 to that we literally were just asked that before you showed up, stand by for my POV
  5. I corroborate everything -CML-NorWayy stated in this report. However, I only returned fire after I realized that the random guy that showed up after speaking to the man dressed in all black, and the man in red with black stripes, had shot NorWayy/Brian Taylor. So, I was severely confused on what the initiation was as there was no chance to RP anything out just gunshots from the random guy was telling us to put our hands up. The moment I noticed he had shot and killed NorWayy/Brian Taylor I managed to kill the assailant and went down not 2 seconds after NorWayy/Brian Taylor.
  6. Thomas Knightsly (Age 25 DOB 2/6/1993) enlisted in the United States Navy as a Master At Arms at the age of 18. Due to spending his youth in NJROTC was quickly promoted to Petty Officer 1st class or MA1. He was stationed on one ship, and one base during his 5 years of service. The ship being the USS Carney DDG-64 doing counter terror and patrol operations in the Middle East. During this time the ship was homeported in NAVSTA Rota Spain. So, he spent a lot of time honing his marksmanship as well as investigative and, law enforcement knowledge as an MAA. Upon finishing that tour he was stationed at Fleet Activities Okinawa Naval Base. During that time he worked with local police on sailors that would go missing over the weekends near Japan's Infamous suicide forest. As well as working many drug interdiction operations jointly with Japanese Police. Upon leaving the service he joined the Los Angeles Police Department in Los Angeles. He was partnered with one Deputy Brian Taylor who also had prior military service in the Marines. The two quickly formed a close brotherhood. Soon Knightlsy was quickly promoted to the rank of Detective in the LAPD opening up a more dangerous chapter in his life. However, he found love with a medic he worked closely with. Her name was Emilia Carlyle. They soon were engaged. But his happiness was cut short when the cities triad whom he was investigating caught wind of his new weakness, they gunned her down right in front of him. Causing something to snap inside him creating a cold calculated form of justice. Willing to do whatever is necessary to bring justice about. Shortly after he and his partner Taylor went to a call but that call went sideways. They responded to a call at the regional medical center about a possible gang related disturbance which was a reported gang Knightsly was investigating. Upon arriving he found a group of people that were allegedly being hunted by two gangs The Crips and The Bloods. They united to kill a cop and to get back at the group of people were snitches. Knightsly signaled for backup as Taylor spotted 3 cars driving into the parking lot where he and the group of people were talking. 7 men stepped out of the vehicle and opened fire on Taylor and himself. Taylor drew his service pistol and pushed out to cover his partner and the civilians caught in the line of fire. After engaging and killing one of the men he shifted to his left where he was met with a shower of 9mm rounds, leaving him severely injured bleeding to death on the ground. Knightsly was still able to engage 2 more suspects who turned and fled with the others close behind. However, the damage had already been dealt. Taylor was critically injured as EMS arrived at the scene. The rushed him to the OR as he drifted in and out of consciousness. Knightlsy’s hate for gangs grew in that moment due to the death of his fiance and now the near death of his best friend. When the outbreak started, Knightsly was right there with his partner. Conviction never wavering and got him out of the city before the infection spread throughout the entire populace knowing it to be a death sentence if they stayed. Arriving in Chernarus some weeks later, Taylor had awoken. Whilst foraging for supplies in the town of Pogorevka Taylor and Knightsly were split off by a horde of the infected. Knightsly attempted to contact him via radio but it had been knocked off his pack during the struggle. So he began to make his way to Green Mountain as he believed his partner would most likely head to so he left, lost, alone, desperate, and praying to find his partner.
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