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  1. This is probably the better option, the damaged states of clothes in DayZ look down right atrocious honestly because Damaged = Ruined and Worn = Pristine. There’s nothing in between for the clothing textures damage state. Plus I’d prefer to see more clothing diversity within the server. So if legitimately older looking clothing textures are possible I’m all for it. While I will agree that yes, given the year the lore will now take place in clothing would look nothing like it did 50 years ago, this is still a game and we’re limited by what DayZ gives to us
  2. I wouldn't necessarily say that, basic skills such as sewing and traditional clothes making could be passed down. I'd say there'd be 0 pristine condition clothing but to say there'd be no good condition clothing is a bit of a stretch especially if you're living within the city walls. I'm all for the idea of allowing people to wear ruined clothing, especially with the group ideas popping up.
  3. Will there be lore provided for each available settlement on the list or is it just pick one and decide for yourself how your character left it?
  4. SoonTM

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      you leaving the community soontm?

  5. I was pessimistic regarding the idea of a smaller map, but after having seen the amount of effort put into this map to make it feel populated and lived in I'm looking forward to playing on it. The loss of certain guns won't affect me in anyway since I barely touched most of them to begin with aside from the occasional AK, military weapons will feel like they have some worth to them, something that they lost on Chernarus with how many .308 weapons and just the sheer amount of guns you could find to begin with. The content I'm interested in is going to be the RP that comes from this new ma
  6. *Marek slows his car to a stop, looking to Anna and Ester for a moment before holding up his radio to them and getting out of the car and walking a short distance away, as he turns it on and a short burst of static comes across he holds his PTT, his voice somber and quiet* "Where do I begin? Kurva... I guess... first, I want to thank most of you. Thank you for fighting to keep our home afloat, free, and safe. To a certain degree anyway. Safety is a privilege that most people probably won't get as time passes. I know CLF failed you all in the end, I truly want to apologize for the path th
  7. Hey what’s up cutie

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  8. Thank you lads, it was an absolute pleasure to see Kenny finally be able to rebuild his mechanic shop after what he dealt with at the start of the lore. I enjoyed being around all of you ICly, especially you @Mugin there was never a dull moment around you all! I look forward to seeing what is to come on the new map! o7
  9. It's a no for me personally. At that point I'd rather just get on V++ because I have the upside of seeing how dog shit at PvP I am instead of dying once and not having anything else to do on the server till the new map drops.
  10. God dammit Bunnie, the first time I check in a week and you call me out. Sly one you are Too bad Bunnie is next
  11. Green looks good on you I must say, looking forward to being given points by you. Congrats! 


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