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  1. Zone is fine, this happens with any massive RP hub. Wolf Pack Cherno camp, Soup Kitchen, The Pub. All caused massive frame drops for people when 10+ people ended up in the area. It's just how DayZ is.
  2. Gonna -1 this Personally I don’t mind the duct tape change, it gives value to an item most people just glanced over when they saw it in a loot spawn point. Maybe it’s just me but I’ve seen a small increase in how much duct tape I find on infected or even just around towns. This is because they aren’t found in normal civilian housing, they’re plentiful in areas that spawn hunting equipment and military equipment.

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  5. Berezino about to become Kavala, change my mind +1 I'm all for additional less lethal options especially with the Police group making their comeback in the server.
  6. Had my first interaction with a few of you last night, off the bat I had no idea who you guys were. You came up to me as I entered Berezino and asked me a few simple questions and were notably suspicious of me. Me being me I kinda brushed off most of the questions since I'm not usually questioned by anyone in Berezino as I'm a familiar face from when the bar first opened this lore, nevertheless I could see the comradery in the few of you that were in the town last night and it was an enjoyable interaction. I'm actually looking forward to seeing more locals around the region so I'm hoping we can have some more roleplay together in the future. Great minds think alike in this world.

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  8. This isn't Wolf Pack wtf? Looks good Phoenyxx good luck!
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