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  1. Commissioned work > whatever the mod has End of the day it’s the same weapon and I doubt Rolle would let something in the mod supersede something made in house specifically for the community.
  2. Pretty sure certain aspects of the mod can be disabled and prevented from spawning so that the commissioned weapons aren’t redundant.
  3. I want to see this mod added back specifically for the clothing and backpacks it added, if it can run without crashing the server constantly now I'll give it a +1
  4. who the hell are you

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      I found Ales tho

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      I'm a figment of your imagination, you should take your meds soon.

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      jokes on you i take my meds at 1pm so i already did

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      They aren't working.

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      i didn’t die so i think they are

  5. The problem is Rover is that during firefights people make it their secondary objective to save said 308 weaponry if they manage to find an opening in a firefight to loot bodies, I’m unsure as to exactly how many are even currently in circulation within the map personally whether they’re being stored away or used by players. Can’t exactly break into bases to steal 308 weaponry just to despawn it. The RPGs I understand, the ammo itself will be gone soon due to the fact that it’s harder to store in large quantities, but .308 is fairly plentiful.
  6. The map has been confirmed yes, but at minimum it's going to be September or October until it's released. MINIMUM. Server 2 is sitting empty and unused so why not make use of what's already there instead of allowing a server that remains empty 90% of the time to sit there? The fact that people are trying to use Namalsk as a "gotcha bitch" card baffles me. The same people saying that the community doesn't want change are now on the other side of that and are the ones refusing to allow change. The only difference being is that at least the majority of people that went back to Chernarus gave Namalsk a try whereas now it's just a flat out refusal because Namalsk failed. Clearly there has been vocal support from a vast number of community members whether it be publicly or privately otherwise there wouldn't have been a recent sprout up of posts asking for a map change on Server 2. The same concept I had for Namalsk is going to apply to this as well. If you want to play Livonia play it, if you don't, don't. Simple as that. No need to try and hold the community hostage because the change YOU wanted isn't what stuck. Livonia already has a strong track record of retaining players for at least a considerable amount of time considering that Livonia lasted well over 3 months before another switch back to Chernarus came shortly before lore wipe.
  7. I can make a suggestion when I please. The idea of wiping .308s and RPGs for a refresh and to actually allow the economy changes to take effect has been on my mind since they day @Whitename announced the changes being made to their spawn rate, he himself can even confirm I asked him days ago (5 to be exact) about the possibility of having both of these wiped. Me finally deciding to put up said suggestion was due to the massive firefight that took place yesterday which I personally didn’t participate in. I dont know why this massive base statement is being directed at me because I have no stake in what goes on where the base is because I keep anything I need on me. But I digress. The fact of the matter is .308s and RPGs have been in a large abundance since before this “war” even began, but with no actual changes having been made to .308s and RPGs until recently is the reason why this suggestion is being brought up now. As I said in my original post and others have stated a hard wipe forces these weapons back into a rare state and brings forth immediate changes with firefights, base raiding as well as how certain individuals might RP depending on if they are carrying a rare weapon on them.
  8. Giving me old school Altis Life vibes with this suggestion Bravo. You remember those days. I like the idea, even though I personally won't find any use in it with my character. I know others would appreciate more short sleeved clothing with the hotter days of DayZ quickly approaching.
  9. Hello lovely community members, today I am bringing forth a suggestion that would help level the playing field in all firefights and help reclaim some rarity of certain weapons within the server. As of this thread Whitename has stated that as of February 19th the spawn rates of automatic .308s and Rocket Launchers has been lowered to as low as they can possibly go, coupled with a removal of them from all traders. What I would like to propose is a hard wipe of all existing automatic .308s and Rocket Launchers. As it stands there is a massive stockpile of both of them within the server that makes the current changes made to their spawn rates pretty much useless right now. With a hard wipe of them it reintroduces their rarity to the server as well as make it so that the firefights taking place currently won't be riddled with high caliber automatics and rocket launchers.
  10. GGs all around lads, CLF saved the server 👌



    1. groovy dingo

      groovy dingo


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      One thing is for sure, Zergs are healthy for player numbers xD

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      must’ve been a firefight... 👀

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      How to get a 100/100 server: Threaten an ally of 2 zergs.

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      moe chicken save server

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      following to see drama unfold

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      Actually I have you know, server was full because everyone got killed by @Elmo and needed my medicalRP.

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      was playing d&d tyvm


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  13. Hey @Panda

    Isn’t this a nice island?


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      What a beautiful island...

      move there and sip mojitos

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