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  1. Couldn't agree more, welcome to the reality of the community
  2. Don't think you understand the fact that no one here can change anything besides the owner, you're essentially yelling into a void right now.
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  4. Look I can appreciate your optimism. Really I can, but these “nay-sayers” are the same people that were in your shoes not too long ago. Looking for suggestions to help the server, offering up ideas that a lot of people agreed with. Only for them to get ignored, shot down by upper staff, or for them to be implemented and have no real lasting effect on the server. The nay-sayers are the ones that put forth their own effort to try and revive the server and watched it fail, leaving them with the opinion they have now. Me being one of them. Do some people want to see this place burn? Absofuckinglutley. Majority of people though deep down want to see this place thrive again but they don’t want to fight tooth and nail for it anymore. if you find enjoyment in your time playing here then I applaud you for making the best of an admittedly bad situation in the grand scheme of this community compared to previous years, but as it stands the vast majority of those that played here for an extended period of time will generally agree that there’s very little hope left for this place. The negativity is warranted to some degree from players, but blind positivity and ignoring previous attempts to fix things isn’t going to change things without serious leg work from an owner that has admitted he doesn’t have the time that he used to for this place.
  5. No one that wants to see the server return to it's Pre-2019 days or even Pre-2021 days cares about being thanked for it's revival or even a half way decent pop nor should anyone expect to be "thanked" just because they play on a server. I also wouldn't expect a new player to agree with me on the state of the server currently or on the RP that is taking place but I can easily say that the RP is in the same place that it was 4 months ago before I took my leave.
  6. I have my differences with you put I'm going to piggyback off this post because it's spot on. People wanting to play here now and "revive" the server are finally in a mindset that many of the veterans had months and years ago when they saw problems on the horizon, this is a situation of too little too late. DayZ in an RP setting is on the down trend as evidenced by a lot of RP servers that aren't modded extensively being the only ones that can hold a decent sized population of any kind. The biggest issue this community will always suffer from is the massive push back on hostile RP (which eliminates a good chunk of players from an already dwindled player base), whether it's for a legitimate reason or not. There will ALWAYS be players that get disgruntled with being held up, tortured, held hostage simply because they don't like it, losing their gear, etc. This server used to have extensive hostilities between groups spanning weeks of hostage taking, firefights, using groups as a middle man to get at one another. None of that happens now simply because the player base can't fucking stand it and it's what has killed the player base here (Don't get me wrong I'm guilty of this but I understand the frustration from hostile players perspective why it's disheartening). Laying around sleeping in the streets and looting without a threat isn't what's going to revive the player base because it's going to become the same repetitive FiveM shit. Someone starts a community up here, a group takes over a compound here but at what point do people decide a threat is needed to actually keep things interesting and not make it into a "wake up, loot, sleep, repeat" server. You can only sit around and exchange so many stories of "This is how it used to be before the end of the world" before an outside force is needed to give people a reason to be scared and work beyond stocking food in a barrel. The toxicity is on another level in this community for one reason or another, people will flip and turn on each other for the slightest inconvenience and blow it into something it didn't have to be merely out of sheer boredom coupled with upper staff in the past saying there wasn't enough evidence or merely giving people that were deserving of a more extensive punishment a slap on the wrist. This in and of itself turns players away that are new, old or simply checking out the webpage or reddit searching up the community. Simply having a different opinion from someone is reason enough for people to devolve into apes and lash out at each other now a days because "why can't you be positive?". This community has had countless chances over and over to build itself back up, the same ideas being tossed around now are the same ideas that were being tossed around 6 months ago, 1 year ago, 2 years ago, 3 years ago and it's stayed the same, the player base grows smaller and smaller regardless of the actual active players in the server. Is there a chance this place gets revived? Absolutely, as long as the server is still up there's always a chance, but every day that chance grows smaller and smaller. TL;DR: You're betting against a deck of cards stacked in the houses favor.
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