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  1. Never interacted with this group as it was before my time when I first started playing regularly so I'm looking forward to meeting you all!
  2. Eagles_4L1fe

    New mods suggestions (September 2019)

    I don't really care what gets added as long as Fishing is added, holy shit how I've missed fishing in this game. Little fishing camps would pop up all over and would be an amazing additional food source for everyone, I'd spend 8+ hours a day on the server just sitting by a lake fishing if that mod got added.
  3. Eagles_4L1fe

    DayZRP Adventures

    A collection of screenshots I've taken over my time playing DayZRP
  4. Eagles_4L1fe

    Red Horde Migration

    I see you @FalkRP
  5. In all my time of playing on DayZRP last night was my very first interaction of any kind with this group, some Hostile RP developed that although my character didn't care for it I loved being a witness to it. This group has helped further develop my character and will have helped a couple others that were witness to what happened last night all in one interaction Great job last night, all of you! I look forward to coming around your group from time to time to check on everyone
  6. @Zanaan @Derek Steel @Morytania It's always a pleasure running with you guys, the next few days for our group will be interesting to say the least @Aisling @Mugin @APositivePara It was great running into you guys last night, the entire situation will def lead to some great internal RP, RIP Para though. He took one for the team @Pepper @Ostara and the rest of the Redwood crew that was there. Amazing job with the hostile RP guys, it really struck a cord in my character and I'll def come back around later on to check on Krasimira! Sorry if I didn't tag anyone else I just don't know any other names that were there
  7. I can def get behind the makeshift shelter, all too often I get caught out in the woods while it's raining and theres no shelter nearby. Damn near freeze to death every time, plus it's perfect for the people that want to be actual survivalists in the server.
  8. I'm cool with whatever, up the loot/ lower the zombie counts it makes no difference to me. I just play how I used to now and sneak around the large towns and airfields and fight infected when I have to.
  9. @Morytania @Derek Steel @Zanaan It's always an enjoyable time when I'm with all of you, never a dull moment @Mugin @Aisling and everyone else who's names I don't know <-< It was a pleasure to meet you all on my new character, I'll work on my accent I promise
  10. Eagles_4L1fe

    The Wolf Pack [Open - Strict IC Recruitment]

    It's been an amazing last couple of months with everyone. From being rescued by Wolfpack the first day I met them to working my way up to a trusted position in the group, I love each and every one of you and have enjoyed every moment I've been with you all, I hope to see Wolfpack return in the future! Edit: From the bottom of my heart thank you for reviving my love for RP, I've met some amazing people because of Wolfpack! Awoooooooo!
  11. Born in Zelenogorsk to parents Miloš and Adriana Král, Marek was never super outgoing growing up. He often kept to himself and never had many friends. This aspect of his life was multiplied when he lost his parents in a car crash at the age of 15. After the death of his parents he moved from place to place looking for work so he could eat, the job he managed to keep the longest was helping to care for the local elderly, even after being dealt a shitty hand in his childhood he still cared deeply for his fellow people. After the outbreak Marek did whatever he could to stay alive, he did odd jobs for settlements in exchange for a full stomach and a warm bed to sleep in, he'd hunt for the occasional loner he would find out in the woods. Nothing except murder was off limits to Marek, he knew he had to do whatever it took to survive, but even he had to keep his humanity should mankind ever recover from this outbreak. His basic medical knowledge made him useful for settlements in times of peace, he could handle pretty much anything that didn't require surgery and he gladly did it, even in a world that wanted him dead he did what he could to help others as he had so long ago before the outbreak. (WIP bio.)
  12. Eagles_4L1fe

    The Russo Syndicate [Selective Recruitment]

    I've been outside of Cherno 90% of the time for the past week or so GUESS I NEED TO FIND NOAH
  13. Eagles_4L1fe

    The Russo Syndicate [Selective Recruitment]

    When is John going to meet Noah again? Good luck with the group brother!
  14. Eagles_4L1fe

    Decrease the spawn of NVGs?

    I wouldn't mind it, NVGs should be a difficult item to find, I would like to see head torch spawn rates upped a little bit though
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