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  1. Eagles_4L1fe

    The De Valera Pub

    *John holds his PTT as he sits by the still water fountain* Great to hear you boys officially opened up for business! I'll probably head your ways in due time to hang around for a bit. My offer still stands if you boys ever need some fresh steaks brought to your pub feel free to give me a call on the radio. A pubs not a pub without good food to go around! Hope to see you boys soon! *He releases his PTT as he goes back to relaxing by the fountain*
  2. Eagles_4L1fe

    Kira Kovar (open frequency)

    *A calm voice appears over the radio* "Kira, It's John. While I may not approve of what I've heard about your father. I'm not willing to let you make the trip alone. If you're dead set on going to meet him come find me or radio me and I will travel with you." *John goes back to sorting through the tents*
  3. Eagles_4L1fe

    S1: Invalid Kill in Polana - 07/17/2019 02:43

    POV: We're all standing around Polana shooting the shit, everything seemed good. Irish boys had come down after handling a situation and the Brit boys are with them. Everything was going good until a massive amount of shots start ringing out, people starting running back into camp claiming the Brit boys killed our member who we call Butter in game. Upon hearing this @Phoenyxx, Me, @Cracka_tee, a man that is an arms dealer around our area and 2 people who I assumed were District start heading up towards the barn as that was the last known area they were seen running. Upon getting to the barn one of the District boys calls out theres someone behind the hay bales, he runs up yelling "Friendly, Friendly, Friendly" and then kills the man. Upon the death of the man behind the hay bales we start calming down for a bit and start getting ready to go back down to town. I get up on top of the hay stack to look around and almost instantly take a shot to my legs. After getting down from the hay stack I run behind some hay bales for basic cover and see a man to the left of the barn shooting in our general direction, upon seeing that, I raise my weapon and start shooting at him. After the dust has settled once again we see 2 of our people incapacitated (Phoenyxx and Bread) and the arms dealer is out cold as well. After we secure the barn area we start taking sniper fire from an unknown location and start trying to break LOS on whoever it is that is shooting at us (Me and the 2 District boys). After breaking LOS on the sniper we run back into town to see what the situation is with everyone else. Once it's deemed that everyone in the camp is safe we start running back up to the barn area to try and secure any useful equipment from those that were downed. After a minute or so of grabbing what we can the District boys start heading back into town when we hear more shots coming from in the town, I see multiple muzzle blasts coming from a double story green and call it out to whoever is still up at the barn with me. When I get into town due to the sheer number of Irish lads in the city I trust them to handle the situation so I take @RiZStream with me back to the barns to continue securing our members equipment and to attempt to get them back into camp. Me and Hutch are taking the equipment back down to camp when I take another shot in my right arm. I look back and all I saw was either someone in pants that were either red or orange. So I call it out and run into camp in order to bandage while Hutch and some others go to find the person that shot me. Once I get back into camp I don't leave it until I've gotten the all clear from Hutch, the shooting went on for at least another 10 minutes after the initial situation in town/ at the barn.
  4. Well, forgive me for my ignorance as I have never looked into the coding side of DayZ. With the tags in mind is it possible to designate multiple tags to certain groups of buildings or is it hard coded to only allow one tag per?
  5. Would it be possible to mix spawns within an area like these airfields? Maybe have a small portion of the spawns at both areas be military loot while the rest is civilian based stuff? That way it's not ONLY military loot that could be found there?
  6. Glock > everything else Would literally be the only sidearm I would ever want to carry if/when it got added back.
  7. Eagles_4L1fe

    If You Could RDM One Member Who Would It Be?

  8. Eagles_4L1fe

    Repairable Wellies

    How else will Ryan walk through the blood of his enemies without getting his feet wet? Give us repairable wellies.
  9. Love all of this, looking forward to seeing the weekly updates on the group.
  10. This, if given to trusted members of the community I see no reason why the RP couldn't work properly. It opens up tons of RP avenues for everyone.
  11. Eagles_4L1fe

    Tackling the Shoes Problem

    40k+ steps would be better, but I'd be down for anything other then what it is now.
  12. Eagles_4L1fe

    Mafia Media Thread

    My clip got used? It's a great day for hay. For real though, I enjoyed watching all of this unfold. Props to Jaysah Allah for everything leading up to and after the firefight. Def had me invested.
  13. Eagles_4L1fe

    Feeding Chernarus - Food for All! [Open Freq]

    *John would take a moment to collect himself from his sleep and hold his PTT down* Names John Swanson, some of you may have heard of me some of you may not, irregardless I'm one of the Hunters for this group, those that I have ran with in the past know I don't work well with cannibals and would never feed human flesh to anyone or myself for that matter, I've made a couple meat shipments for Wolf Pack in the past few days and will continue to do so as long as I can. *He sits downs for a moment and cringes at the thought of eating human flesh* I hunt only the animals that South Zagoria has to offer to me, I make sure they are clean and humane kills so that no animal has to suffer, for those of you that are still apprehensive I'm more then willing to bring you out on a hunt for you or your own groups personal meat shipment, I will also do my best to make sure the religious groups personal beliefs are met so as not to offend anyone and cause issues. But for now I bid you all adieu, I must start prepping for my next excursion. *He lets go of his PTT and starts to collect his supplies.*
  14. Eagles_4L1fe

    DayZ Update Thread

    That'd be a good feature for the DayZ devs to add, they implement a mechanic that if you don't shoot your dead friends body in the head or bury the body it reanimates after some time with whatever gear is left on them, would def add a little more immersion to the server.
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