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  1. Eagles

    New Haven

    /archived at request of OP Sorry things didn't work out lads o7
  2. Eagles

    VITYAZ-SN ammo?

    So the ammo you're looking for is pretty common, it can be found pretty much anywhere as it is deemed a military and civilian ammunition. This is what the cartridge itself looks like And this is what the boxed version of the ammo looks like Look mainly in civilian homes and police stations as that is where the ammunition will be most common, make sure you check any magazines you find in the police stations as well as you will usually find weapons like the one you have or the MP5 which is also chambered in 9x19.
  3. Eagles

    Group Idea Thoughts

    /closed at request of OP
  4. Eagles

    An Pobal [The Community][Livonia]

    Congrats on approval guys! Really enjoyed the counters we've had so far and I look forward to many more!
  5. Eagles


    Archiving at request of OP If you ever want to bring the group back please contact a Mod+
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  7. Eagles



  8. Eagles

    Discord Personnel Problem

    If you feel this is an incident of OOC Hate occurring please submit a support ticket detailing everything that has taken place along with any evidence you have and the admin team will take a look at it. https://www.dayzrp.com/support/
  9. Eagles



  10. Eagles

    Lore Wipe Discussion

    I'm voting no on a lore wipe. Regardless of when the lore would take place people would play the same and create the same general group they had in the previous lore just under a different name with different goals, the only difference in how the RP would be is people would have slightly altered backstories to match the lore but overall everything in game would feel the exact same as it does now. With the addition of Livonia the RP has felt fresher as of late, as stated in another thread in regards to merging the servers you have the people in both servers that want to be there and thus I feel the RP has seen an improvement overall since the Livonia server launched, someone can correct me if I'm wrong but the RP in the servers was why people were wanting a lore wipe correct?
  11. Eagles

    Round 2 Merge?

    I'm going to say the same thing I said last time. I'd rather play on a half full server of people that want to be on that map then forcing people to choose between a paid DLC or a map they don't enjoy playing on anymore just to play with their friends. Edit: Either way you're alienating a portion of the community if we go back to one server.
  12. Eagles

    Soup Kitchen

    Tis a sad time lad, the once busy lone house in the field now contains nothing but the memories of those that used to wander to and from the area. We did our best and had to move on
  13. Eagles

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    It was an extremely fun night for sure! Thank you @Popet and @Robonull Scott for all the laughs and the amazing moment at the end that will never be forgotten! @Morytania - As per our daily adventures thank you for running around with me all day, there's never a bad day goofing around with you @BrycePottre - You always manage to crack everyone up, thank you for being at the Kitchen day in and day out, you manage to keep even the most intense moments a little calmer with how you portray your character! @EvieFoxGirl - I enjoyed being around for your medical RP for the first time today Evie, hopefully you won't have to use it too often in the coming days and weeks around the region! @HDragon - We appreciated the little talk outside of Sitnik, we'll let you know what we're doing soon! @YAKMOUTH - Thank you for stopping by again, we look forward to meeting the rest of the Cartel family soon! I've never personally thanked you for accepting me into CTF way back when I first started playing again. You're one of the biggest reasons I'm still here in this community today and I appreciate you for the role you've played in the close friendships I've formed here. @DerrickStorm @andysuter @Burak - Finally thank you guys for all you have done for us these past few days, you really helped us get back on our feet quickly after the persistence wipe and I look forward to everything else we have in store for us, you will always be welcome where ever we go!
  14. Eagles

    Crafting a Wood Crate

    The recipe for the wooden crate takes more nails and planks then the vanilla recipe. Keep adding more nails and planks and you will eventually get the recipe for it.
  15. Eagles

    An Pobal [The Community][Livonia]

    Contrary to what everyone else has said so far about this group myself and @Morytania have thoroughly enjoyed the interactions we have had with you all. ICly we were a bit wary of you at first but as we interacted with you more and more we grew more comfortable with having you around along with visiting you from time to time. Upon first arriving in Sitnik when you were first starting to build we had high hopes for the town as it was mostly just a loot stop for us along our journeys, you gave us the run down for what you wanted to achieve within the community and a few days later we arrive and see the walls fully built up and you even gave us a tour of the camp you had made which we quite enjoyed. I'm glad to see a group that can balance PvP with Camp Fire RP like you all have and I honestly look forward to more interaction with you all. There's not much I can say you need to improve on because we've never seen the Hostile side of you all (And I hope we never have to tbh). Keep up the great work so far guys. If there's ever anything that is a cause for concern from you all I'll make you all aware.
  16. Eagles

    Mory's Media

    We never find dull spots together~
  17. Eagles

    Eagles Media Perch

  18. Eagles

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    That would be the one and only @Morytania, who is far superior to me in accents Edit: Campfire RP has and always will be my bread and butter lad, I left PvP far behind me before coming to DayZRP
  19. Eagles

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    @Georgia Banks @Maverick Cobalt - Thank you guys for giving us a tour of your new home! We hope to see you more often! @Popet - Never encountered one of your characters before but tonight was def an enjoyable one after meeting her @ImMason - Glad to see you embracing the camp fire side of things lad! Hope to run into you soon! @FireDude @BrycePottre - Always a pleasure running with you gentlemen! We have many more adventures ahead of us! @Morytania - Ran around with you all day long and I wouldn't want to have it any other way, it's always a fun day exploring with you!~
  20. Eagles

    S2 - Livonia Gieraltow - 2:30am 07/01/2020 - NVFL, BadRP, Attempted Kill On Sight

    /locking till a GM comes in with logs so we can stop the back and forth.
  21. Eagles

    Eagles Media Perch

    All the photos I take are taken in first person, I do enjoy finding decent shots to take though so I appreciate the compliment!
  22. Eagles

    Eagles Media Perch

    Taking in the view
  23. Eagles


    "Gentlemen, we can rebuild him. We have the technology."

    The Soup Kitchen will rise again lads, nothing will keep us down.

  24. Eagles


    200 day play streak with no end in sight, I'll always be watching you all 



    1. Inferno


      It be a shame if you were to get caught in a report and banned for 2 days 😏

    2. Eagles


      Don't you put that evil on me Ricky Bobby

  25. Born to a middle class family Aleksy was a standout student in school, usually always at the top of his class. He managed to get a full ride scholarship and was studying to become a web designer at the time of the outbreak. Upon hearing the news of the sickness that was spreading throughout the area he made his way back home and for a short period of time traveled with his parents as the world they had come to know was falling apart around them, while they were scavenging for supplies one day a horde began to make it's way through the town he and his parents were in, he and his parents would try to quietly dispatch as many as they could but they would start to become quickly over run, his parents would tell him to run as they tried to fight off as many as they could and as he took one final look back at them he would see them start to be torn apart by the infected. He kept running for what felt like hours before he finally collapsed by a small shed next to a lake and collapsed from exhaustion. Now on his own Aleksy must adapt to this new world he has found himself in, surviving all that the world has to throw at him whether it be bears, wolves or more of the infected. W.I.P
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