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  1. Awoooooo Congrats on the re-approval Phoenyxx! Wolf Stew is on the menu by the way
  2. Happy to see this group finally go up @DerrickStorm we looks forward to interacting with you more soon!
  3. Hello @Sapphire A separate team of staff have reviewed your appeal and come to the conclusion to DENY it. The roleplay you displayed was nothing short of abysmal in this situation, everyone involved was trying to have a serious conversation about things that have been taking place within the server and instead of providing any substance to the conversation at hand you go out of your way to try and make others sick while also typing in OOC chat numerous times saying you weren't IC. While you may not view what you did as trolling that is exactly what it is. In the future I would suggest that if you aren't going to contribute to what is going on around you to remove yourself from the area so as to avoid something like this again. The original verdict however was incorrect in the punishment you received. Therefore it will be altered. The Trolling outcome will remain while the BadRP portion will be removed. Appeal Denied, Report verdict changed. Signed @Eagles @Hofer @JobScholten
  4. Logs updated to include those that were fighting before OP and his friends arrived.
  5. Connection Logs: Hit Logs: Kill Logs: Position Logs: Calling in the following for their full POVs and any additional unedited evidence they may have @crashport - Lee Harden - OP Posted @TearsFallSilent - Brian Peterson - Posted @TegsBenedict - Ben Hansen - Posted @Dongle - Kato Rito - Posted @Eagle - Ramon Pushkin - Posted @JamesRP - James McCoy - Posted @MaybeleleLR - Martin Bjornstad - Posted @Cow - Matthew Cade - Posted @Mystery - Roy Davis - Posted
  6. Eagles


    Personal opinion. I don't mind the amount of resources it takes, Soup Kitchen was in the process of trying to make 4 of them before we realized they weren't persistent. (Before Rolles changes this morning) this addition bridges the gap between being forced to find storage and being able to build your own while making people go out to find the resources they need.
  7. Eagles


    Just planks and nails. 15 stages to build on the shed each requiring 40 nails and 20 planks.
  8. /moved to troubleshooting To help though, is there ample open space around the area in which you are trying to place the tent? @DERK
  9. I'm usually on everyday for multiple hours at a time, depending on how the RP is going and how many people are on the server.
  10. Connection Logs: Hit logs: Kill Logs: Calling in the following for their full and detailed POVs as well as any additional unedited evidence they may have @Mhuur - Symon Zyma - OP Posted @MrFloppyBottoms - Kyle Brown - Posted
  11. Soup Kitchen dynamic group of the year? @Morytania @Derek Steel @BrycePottre

    1. Zanaan


      Or you could just finally make it official like I've been saying since like October.

  12. Connection Logs: Position Logs: Calling in the following for their POVs and any additional unedited evidence they might have @steeltalen - Johnathan Maxwell - OP Posted @birdman - Ross Butler - Posted
  13. Marek takes a moment to sit down at a bench in Grabin before responding to Phoenyxx "Phoenyxx! It's Marek, there was a man that you told me you met when you first arrived in the region, his name is Franek. He is known as Radioman by some. He will be your best bet to find a working radio tower as he knows the region well and would be able to guide you to a working tower. If you so wish I can get you in contact with him, you have my frequency so feel free to get in touch with me and I can get you his frequency."
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