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  1. Everything is fine until I get a headache and kill us all

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      Thought you didnt like this kind of music.

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      I can always get down with some Joyner my friend.

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  3. Summary: @Yeetera has his characters brother betrayed by @Vandire and in an attempt to try and draw him out to do harm to him, raided a camp and left a note saying it was @Vandire and his friends. Rulebreaks: You are guilty of Impersonation in this case. While we do understand you wanting to get revenge for your characters brothers betrayal there is a way to go about it properly, impersonating @Vandire and his friends in order to cause a rift between his group and @Johnny Navid is not the way to do it. You have admitted your wrongdoing here after having read the rules and we appreciate your honesty. Suggestions: If you truly do wish to get revenge against @Vandire go about it in a way that would build up a story line between your two characters. Find a way to contact him IC, possibly setup a meeting under the guise of a potential trade for supplies and proceed to take him hostage for his past transgressions against others. Something that would involve a face to face meeting is more likely to be successful for what you want to do instead of leaving a note like you did in this scenario. Verdict: @Yeetera - BadRP - 5 day ban, 10 warning points & Character Reset Signed @Eagles @Hofer @Inferno
  4. Yes, the ability to store guns in barrels has been disabled for quite some time now. It was done in order to help prevent the hoarding of firearms.
  5. After reviewing this appeal with a separate team of staff we have come to the decision to DENY your appeal. @Mason26 While we do applaud your ability to keep your record clean it doesn't absolve you from your first rule break within the server. You yourself said it in your POV on the report "I logged on to find our base being looted by several people". You were one man attempting to fight off at least 4+ people all with high caliber weapons and body armor. You killed Fae and upon missing your spray onto Speirs you turn the corner of the hall and would have seen 2 more people, even if you had managed to kill Speirs in this situation the odds were heavily stacked against you. You say you wanted to create "misdirection" and cause people to start firing upon one another. This wasn't going to happen, no one is going to start shooting at someone that MIGHT be the shooter if they can't properly identify who the person is. Quite simply put you weren't making it out of this situation alive. In the future if you log into a situation like this and know that you are pretty much unknown to everyone in the camp, bide your time. Look at everyone around you, take descriptions of people, their armbands, identifying features in their clothing. Anything that can be useful to your group and further role play by giving you a reason to go out and question those that fit the description of the people you had seen within the camp. Logging into your base and gunning unknown entities down just because you think you can will never be a good idea. Appeal denied, NVFL punishment and points remain. Signed @Eagles @Hofer
  6. Connection Logs: Construction Logs: Calling the following for their full and detailed POVs and any video evidence they may have @Francois LeB - Francois LeBeaux - OP Posted @human142 - Evelyn Brown -
  7. I voted yes for the same reason Banshee did, the sickness mechanic in this game is super broken at the moment. I remember walking into Soup Kitchen about a week ago BY MYSELF and as soon as I got past the gates I got hit with that sickness symbol. Until they can implement the sickness properly into the game I'd prefer to see it removed, most camps have turned into a kindergarten classroom with as much snot and spit flying through the air. DayZRP is by no means a safe space, there will be times where you might find role play from some people distasteful. There are ways to help mitigate that problem but nothing is restricted within this community as long as it is within reason and fits the role play situation at hand.
  8. Summary: @Ryan Shepherd and the rest of the Joyces that are online stop by the prison as they are heading out to explore, as they are on their way out of the area, Ryans character begins to glitch out and fall through the map, as he is waiting for the glitch to fix itself with his weapon on his back he is subsequently shot and killed by @Thinisede. The rest of the Joyces respond to Ryan getting killed and @Cuchulainn is then killed before @Lucas kills @Thinisede. Rulebreaks: @Thinisede you are guilty of 2 Invalid Kills On Sight. All logs provided of the situation show that there was at least a 20 minute period without any shots having been fired at the Prison or it’s inhabitants, it was reasonable for anyone to assume that there was nothing taking place at the prison that would constitute a firefight with a time frame of peace like that. Coupled with how DayZ works Ryan and co. wouldn’t have heard the bulk of the shots that had taken place beforehand as it is during the Nameless vs. 503 firefight. Suggestions: In the future @Thinisede, if there are periods of time where no shots are being fired and you are responding to a firefight at your home it is always best to re engage anyone that you might deem as hostile, it will help avoid potential situations like this where people who are unaffiliated with what was taking place are getting shot and or killed. Verdict: @Thinisede - Invalid Kill On Sight x2 - 7 Day Ban, 10 Warning Points & Character Reset Signed: @Eagles @Inferno @Job
  9. @Thinisede Has been temporarily banned until he has answered Infernos question seeing as he has been on the forums since the question was asked.
  10. Position logs have been updated to show the last recorded position of all the Joyces called into the report after the final kill recorded at the Prison before Donovans death. Please bear in mind these updated position logs are taken TWO MINUTES after the last recorded kill at the prison so their location would more then likely be further then that position log shows, the kill at the prison has also been added to the kill logs for clarity sake. There are also no registered hit logs or kill logs for ANY of the Joyces onto a 503 member until after Donovan is killed. One final thing to consider as of DayZ update 1.04 gunshots are heard at a maximum of 3.5km.
  11. Marek Kral POV: Pretty much what @Morytania has said is my POV, we were on a nice evening drive in our newly acquired soup mobile to go out and find supplies for the survivors of Livonia, as we arrive in Siwa we jump a wolf in an alleyway, much to our surprise his homeboys show up and we begin gunning them down like the dogs they truly are, the gunfire must have attracted others thinking there must be gang shit going down and 2 groups are encountered within the factory. One to the north towards Gieraltow and one to the west towards Nadbor. Nothing ever comes of these meetings with these groups but we get paranoid being Soup Kitchen and all and start heading back towards our cars, suddenly a shot so quiet that a pin could be heard hitting the ground hits @Morytania in the arm and we all sort of scramble, not knowing what the weapon was, or whether or not @Morytania was about to become the next JFK. After a while of scanning the tree line we notice someone up the hill to the south in the distance and as Mory states she runs back to the cars and waits while we (Everyone mentioned as allies besides Mory) head off in search of the shooter on the grassy knoll but to no avail. We get back in the cars approximately 5-10 minutes later and head back to Soup Kitchen, leaving @Elmo and @Kordruga to go bandit hunting like the angels they are.

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  13. CJ is killed 20 minutes before you are. I'll be updating position logs to show the location of all Joyces called into the report at the time CJ is killed.
  14. Please provide your full and detailed POV. If we feel other logs are required, we will pull them.
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