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  1. Chase Duflynn is from Denmark, but raised in Chernarus. Before the outbreak he was a spetsnaz sniper in the special unit in the army. Although he was a though man, he did have a soft spot when it came to family, so he did when it came to his beloved, Maria. Maria was italian and Chase's lifes love. Things were looking good for them, but along the line when the outbreak occured, something inside Chase, broke. He started creating distance from his loved ones, which drove Maria mad- so she left him one day, and came back 2 days later. Only to Chase's big suffering having to shot his own lifes love for her not to become a zombie, or as he called them, an undead. Now he strafes chernarus searching for a path of redemption to fight his demons and save others along the way. He isn't the hero chernarus deserve, but the hero chernarus gets.
  2. Comes from chernarus, was diagnosed with a schizophrenic cronic illness which drove Luke mad- When people think they know him, they dont at all. Luke is caotic, an outlaw so to speak. Known all around chernarus as a ghoststory, but noone has ever seen him, or atleast recognized him when spotted, due to his schizophrenic illness- he is and will forever stay a wildcard. Trying to live up to his different personalities expectations causes him to change clothes and hairstyles throughout his life, making survival a difficult enviorenment for him as an individual. As many people can recognize him it can split from one second to another. More of his background story remains unknown and will be exploited through out his different personas.
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