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  1. Marco Girone was born in Rome in 1981. When he was 12, his father died in an anti-terrorism mission in Iran: that event marked his life forever. His father became a an inspiration symbol: help those in needs and fighting the injustice, even if meaning dying for them. As a teenager, Marco wanted to became a member of N.O.C.S., the police tactical unit of the Italian Polizia di Stato. Like his father, he joined the Police at the age of 18 years, and after 5 years in service, he started the long and hard road for entering the N.O.C.S.'s armed forces. After 1 year of training, he successfully joined the N.O.C.S. Marco completed all of the N.O.C.S missions always flawlessly, showings a great skills in negotiating with terrorism and the rebel force in Afghanistan. There was only one time, when Marco get wounded: some children near a well were trying to drink, but they were terrorist's sons. Marco come down from the Humvee, for helping them, but they recognized him as a NATO soldier, and started to throwing stones at him, causing his forehead scar. After years of honorable career, he was sent in Chernarus in 2016 December, in Balota's NATO camp. During a guard tour of the base with his comrade, Marco noticed a crowded group of people running towards Balota. He took a pair of binoculars and noticed a peculiar horror: their eyes were white and blurred, their faces were empty of emotions and full of wounds and blood. A soldier ordered trough the megaphone to the crowd to stop, and that if they continued to run, they would open fire. But no one stopped, in fact, the crowd grew faster. The soldier gave the last warning, but no one stepped back. He fired a shot into the air, and out of nowhere the crowd stopped. He shouted again to back away, but the group of people started running again. There were whole minutes of shots and screams. Despite the machine-gun blows, the crowd kept growing and getting closer and closer to the base. The commander ordered the retreat. Marco and his companions retreated, while the defenses and the soldiers defending the border were overwhelmed. It was a massacre: the few soldiers took refuge in a basement warehouse, surrounded by the crowd. The commander switched on the military radio, and noted that all frequencies were occupied by the central radio, which spoke of a strange virus that made people "angry" and led them to attack others. After a few days locked up in the warehouse, Marco and other soldiers opened the door. The base was crowded with monsters, and the structures were damaged. They tried to contact the other bases, but they had no answer, except from a military camp in the far north of the country. The soldier on the radio explained that this situation had broken out on an entire planet, and that probably the human race was on the brink of extinction. From being sent on an anti-terrorism and peace mission, Marco found himself in hell and the end of the world.
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