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  1. John Konstantidis is a character that lived in Greece....2 Years ago he deal with his biggest fear...Death Penalty for killing the thieves that killed his beloved daughter Elisabeth and his wife Maria inside his house..The revenge it was taken by years now, looking for the thief's. He was searching by giving money to criminals for Intel, searching and spending all his economy only on this, and finally after all these years of searching he found them. They where enjoining their time and drinking in a bar with the money they steal obviously from other houses. Who knows if they did the same thing to other people like John. Ten minutes past and John he was believe his heart it was about to explode from fear and hate that consume him. Then he noticed something.. one of them was wearing his daughters necklace then John took his 45 move in front of them and said it’s time to repay for everything you’ve done. it was the moment he always waiting. 3 bullets on each killer’s head....he kill them....All... The court has the opposite opinion....They said he had to give the proofs and let the police do and the law do the rest and send them to jail...for him “it hasn't enough” he said to them to the court room. So they send him as a punishment to Cherno prison island to live the rest of his life there. One place unknown to John in the middle of nowhere for him and in the middle of nothingness. was hoping that one he going to die soon and find his family again ... It was summer of July and he was seating on the prison yard alone and thinking the same things all over again. Then he heard the guards talking and one of them said “we are safe here, we just don’t have to tell anything to them or else they are try to kill us we don’t know for how long this is going to last.” At that moment he was sure something bad it’s happening outside. As the week passes on he was hearing more and more about one virus that terrorize the streets of Chernarus. Everyone was afraid and going mad in the jail. Two weeks past and we saw army plains and helicopters leaving. Then we hearing bombs and everyone start asking questions and panicking yelling at the officers to give an answer! But they told us that nothing is going on and we have to stay calm or else they will shoot us. John thought that the situation was definitely out of control. Two weeks later the prison didn’t have much food and water so it was about time that one of the prisoners will collapse. One prisoner named Vladimir started yelling at the officer and asked him “What the fuck it’s going on ???!!!” In his panic he punch him in the face and the officers shot and killed him. They said “STAY DOWN!!!” then something strange happened, the prisoner stood up again, John thought “is it the virus they said ??? “ the officer that shot him told him to stay down or else he will killed him for sure. Then the prisoner attacked and kill him . He.. He ate the officer. The panic started in the yard and the officer who died raised up and start eating people the prisoners punch the officers in order to take their guns, other try to escape and others prisoners or.. officers eating each other. it was a bloody mess John climb up the wall in order to escape. He succeed to fell of the wall on a safe surface . He was hearing screams for over an hour but after a while nothing but silence. He slept under one crushed boat to stay safe. The next morning he started to swim across the island before he goes far from it he looked back and saw a lot o f people walking around the island.” I wish someone is alive back there” he thought. When he reach the beach he saw burned cars and dead corpses on the road. Then fell on his knees looked up in the sky and said very loud. "I lost everything my wife my daughter my home my self !!! I don’t have nothing! Anything! In this strange land it is been decided to live by who by you ??? ok then I will survive and believe me I will !!! I will help anyone who needs my help and I kill anyone who want to kill or steal Because now I make the law and no one else and that is my justice.!!!!"
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