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  1. Since I'm back and its officially been one year and 4 days since my first shitty watermark. I figured it was time to post all the old shit I'd forgotten to post here before. Hope y'all enjoy this trash watermarks and may the wombats bless u. It's a two for one kinda day. More to come soon. Featuring @ZorullRP @ThrashRP @SpicyRP @TurkRP @Hex @SeversonRP
  2. @NozzyRPGood Vid lad, glad you got the Bravo Six Going Dark video in there
  3. @JewRPThere Hero we need, but don't deserve. Good luck lad, I'd join you but I'm not allowed to be in groups May this wombat gif guide your journey brother
  4. NorwayRP

    Hi Guys

    Howdy lads, I was sitting in prison then some adorable wombats and a great guy named Rolle rolled up with some digging equipment and dug me out of jail. Here’s some colorized footage of the event.thanks for having me back lads. Happy Wombat Year
  5. @Pips @Joah and myself talked out the report and would wish to drop it from all sides, @Eagles was present for this conversation to moderate it. I would like to ask staff to please wait on posting a verdict on this report to wait for @DuquesneLR's opinion on dropping the report. Thanks NorwayRP
  6. Well in the case that you don't allow me to close this report I'm going to make a few additions here and this will be my last response unless asked. I would like to point out @Pipsattempted invalid kill on me. I would also like to point out that in not a single report on this server, has NVFL ever counted when those individuals did not have rights, the reason for this would be because that would set a completely unfair ability for players and skewer the rules. Effectively, you have people attempting RDM on me and then pushing NVFL as if I had complied they would've seized fire, Duqesnese opened fire immediately after the initiation and didn't stop until I died in his own POV and video its extensively clear he had no care whether or not I complied. Every single one of them opened fire extremely fast, and other that Joah none of them had the right to do so. How is it fair to punish someone who is being blatantly KOS'd then punishing that person by changing up your interpretation of the rules in order to push bans through when they don't apply. Everyone in this community knows how NVFL has always worked and should continue to work. It isn't NVFL if you live And NVFL only counts for valid kills and initiations. If the initiation and kill isn't valid it isn't NVFL. If anything looks like bait to push for NVFL as you can see in 4.3 "Kill rights gained from any rule breaks (including but not limited to baiting, invalid initiation) are considered invalid and their use will be punished in the same way as if they were not obtained at all." 4 of them could have initiated on me but only joah did, 2 of them instantly started to spray without initiating therefore blatant KOS. Metagaming/not double micing is going on as well by duquesne & in their POV clips you can clearly hear all of them be happy and laughing the second I die meaning they were ready to kill me without ever having rights. If all 4 of them inititated I would've known I was outnumbered and therefore of course I would've complied but not knowing there was/is a chance you can get outnumbered and being mag dumped as soon as the initiation dropped I never got the chance. I am shot first before joah even says "fucking" during his initiation
  7. It doesn't matter if you want it open, I the OP would like the request to close it as @Saunders said here
  8. NorwayRP


    Thanks for having me lads
  9. Link to the situation: (Use "N/A" if not appropriate.) N?A Any supporting evidence or notes: (Here you can post a screenshot, chat logs or anything else to help demonstrate your point, Use "N/A" if not appropriate".) N/A Feedback: (Here you post the main section of your feedback. Keep it respectful.) Dude you jumped in help desk super quick and helped me with a kinda personal issue in a super respectful and helpful manner I cannot praise you enough for your tact and professional manner. Suggestions for improvement: (Use N/A if not appropriate. If bad feedback suggestions of improvement are required.) Keep doing what you are doing man and things are gonna go great, that whole interaction was what I imagine a picture perfect moderator handles things.
  10. I only saw two, along with this only one person initiated. Since you aren't official none of those people can shoot just cause Joah initiated. Meaning that as far as the situation is concerned it was a 1v1 initiation with an additional attempting to KOS me.
  11. this is a lie, not once did I state I opened fire. As can be seen in my initial statement. You're grasping at straws here, I said I tried to fight back, didn't say I shot you, even in my initial POV I said I aimed at the person who initiated on me, never opened fire. Also my body facing you does not mean that I had shot at you at any point, regardless the people that were there gave me 0 time to comply. You are included in that group and in situations like this it should be all the people that were present there be punished, especially you and the duqesnse since you didn't hesitate to pull the trigger and effectively gave me .5 milliseconds to comply. The effect of this action is that your friend shoots me without rights, and with zero time to comply. Not even halfway through the initiation. When you initiate if you give 0 time to comply it makes the initiation invalid, and invalid initiation makes all attempted kills and kills invalid. Meaning that both yourself and everyone else who opened fire at fault for you and your group mates actions.
  12. First of: Since the initiatior gave me 0 time to comply and shot at me and you are in an unofficial group, the kills after that are invalid, people attempting to kill me should also count as attempted invalid kills. Second of all, go ahead and talk to Roland, nobody gave me logs. You can take your unrelated report about logs to PMs with Roland.
  13. @JoahYou were involved in the initiation which led to an invalid kill due to being given no time to comply, you also shot at me after I was given no time to comply, this is my last reply to this report. I'd like for the GMs to investigate this the metagaming as well, thanks.
  14. I aimed because I was shot at before being given the chance to put my hands up, in the video you can quite clearly hear someone say 'initiate' or even multiple people which you can't hear in-game. Don't know if it was you or someone else. Also I don't know what you want included in this report or what kind of rulebreak you're even talking about concerning the logs I was given no time to comply and was shot at so when people broke the rules I decided to try and defend myself since by the looks of things I was going to die anyway. When you're in a group, your group's actions also carry consequences on you.
  15. i) You didn't wait over 3-4 seconds for me to comply. ii) Logs are irrelevant, don't know why you're even bringing that up? I simply reported after watching the PVP montage and seeing there's evidence so that I could report the situation. iii) You didn't give me enough time to comply and I also got shot at before being given any time to comply hence why I pulled my gun out AFTER BEING SHOT AT without being given any time to comply, since by the looks of things you were set on killing me and breaking the rules. Also as you can see more clearly from this clip: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n884mrqxATI I can hear metagaming to drop an initiation happening between Joah and Duquesne since no hotmicing is done. Also there's clearly more evidence since there's more to this video that is not included in the montage by Ronnie, hopefully you upload that soon. I'd now officially like to add metagaming to the report.
  16. Server and location: Chernarus S1 Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 11/08/2019 maybe around 01:00 or the day previous not entirely sure North of Kabanino Your in game name: Arri Graham Names of allies involved: The Shepherds, Jackals Name of suspect/s: @Joah @DuquesneLR and The Mob not sure who all was there Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Detailed description of the events: After finishing a firefight with some guys near Gary Cash house north of Kab I got ran up on from what I saw two guys wearing red armbands that Stella had just called out to me. Having no clue who they were decided to start shifting back until I was initiated on by Joah, I was going to comply up until I was shot at which point I pulled my FAL and tried to fight back seeing as it was pretty clear they had no intention of taking me alive. I went to aim for the one guy who initiated on me but the other man who didn't initiate dumped me. I wasn't going to report since I didn't have any video but I was sent this comp their group made that clearly shows that Duqesnes starts shooting before the initiation was even halfway done. Not to mention the fact that he never even initiated. Joah who actually initiated also shot. For clarity's sake, this report is primarly directed towards those who did not initiate and who did not have rights. Meaning, Deqesnes and whoever else was there and attempted to invalidly kill me. In the case this report does not get closed I would also like to add @Pipsinto the main report for attempted invalid kill seeing as she shot me without rights.
  17. First off, you claimed previously you had no video evidence or audio at all. Secondly, you can clearly hear that I'm just having a joshing good time with my mate. Thirdly, yes that I simply how I say Anarchy. Because the long drawn Ah (Aah-Nar-Key is pretty hard to flow with in a kiwi accent and have it still sound natural) sound is replaced with a Maori style xaah sound seeing as my character is from Northern New Zealand. Regardless though, you are really just grasping at straws here. As heard in the video when Nik says "I've never taken a Xan in my life" I immediately respond with nah, "Xanarchy with Dimitri Tarasov." clearly showing that's just how my character pronounces the name. Again, this is just more conjecture and completely unfair accusations made and intentionally set to get people banned not to work out issues. If the goal was to work out issues your group would've reached out to us as we have clearly stated we would be willing. So far the only actually rulebreaks that have been shown anywhere in this report is your blatant metagaming and vioaltion of rule 3.6 shown here https://drive.google.com/file/d/1TMDxms4TJ7bJjOaw0DN-H5enFuzJgtKA/view And your attempt at AvoidingRP by simply not responding to any conversation what so ever and pretending that you don't exist. Anyway this is going to be my last post on this thread, Staff feel free to @ me if you need me to answer any questions and hopefully this report can be solved soon and we can do away with all the back and forth.
  18. Again baseless claims without any evidence, doesn't really seem fair for you to be able to throw out accusations like this with no proof. We outnumbered you by 2, also the only person from our side who died, died from glitched barbed wire so again, ICly Arri doesn't really feel you guys to be much of a threat as long as he stays aware. And again, you guys never showed any initiative in trying to figure out who we were IC and gave little to no roleplay in the face of a possible threat. If you felt that instead of that your only choices were ignoring us or initiating, why would you not just say something along the lines of "Hey we know you are here to attack, let's work out a deal." considering we gave you many opportunities after the initial initiation to work things out I don't believe that you were forced to do anything. What is Xanarchy? It's just me saying Anarchy in a Kiwi accent, i'm literally referring to Anarchy, the group Arri was with. If you are gonna make up claims in order to get people banned yes.
  19. I didn't sing at all during the firefight, and why would my character joke around while in a fight. It's pretty simply, during combat your adrenaline pumps up you get amped, my character and many other former service members adopt the mentality that their enemy is inferior. It's a way to psych yourself up, if you truly believe in yourself that your enemy is weaker, and nowhere near as efficient as yourself during a firefight it's beneficial as long as you aren't derelict of your duty and keep watch on your post and your allies. We won both fights, and after seeing combat IC in Afghanistan, and Takistan. And being trained to do so IRL I'm pretty understanding of the warrior mentality needed to be adopted in order to survive combat. When you have an enemy pinned, you know you are winning why would you not demoralize your enemy? You hardly had any worthwhile footage for this report? Because I was the scouting party, why would all the guys run an extra 1.5km if we didn't know anyone was there. You may have been friendly to me once, doesn't mean you aren't the enemy. Actually I do care about stories and memories, and yes I do just want to RP. I am RPing attempting to breach your compound and take you prisoner, which is why I attempted to demoralize you all in the hope that you would comply and we could sort out our business with us in a position of power. Perhaps some torturing could of happened however, the last man standing was much more interested in 1v5ing. On edge, I was, worried obviously that's why I didn't risk jumping into your compound into a kill zone. Aggressive again yes, me calling you an idiot is aggressive I just can't yell at 11pm on a weeknight I have a roommate. Again in conclusion, sitting around with my mates waiting for the rest of the lads and singing Africa by Toto isn't BadRP, who wouldn't want to have a bit of a sing along to build comradery and just to relax. And it certainly isn't Baiting.
  20. Unfortunately since the first incident wasn't reported and there was no need for me to keep the original footage I cut it down to make that video then deleted the original videos. I can screen shot my video file if you'd like. I haven't lied a single time throughout this entire report, I haven't deflected either seeing as there is nothing to lie or deflect. Sweeping accusations against the rug??? These accusations are completely baseless FailRP isn't even a rule. You are referring to BadRP which none of what you are reporting for is accurate whatsoever, my character has a speaker in RP with certain tracks he can play this is used to do music roleplay in cars, and for my radio broadcast. This is listed on my characters equipment on my character page. Along with this you claim baiting, I did not put you in position where you had no other choice to initiate to gain unfair kill rights against you. I initiated on you, making the baiting claim completely false. I don't need a reason to initiate on you as long as I provide you with RP once the initiation has dropped and you, or at least one of your allies complied. However, all of you non-complied and not a single one of you attempted to make any interactions with us post-initiation. Edit 1: My bad, you made a brief attempt to roleplay via text. After we gave you guys another chance to comply
  21. I still have yet to see any video evidence to support these claims you have made. If you would please post any video evidence you have.
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