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  1. NorwayRP

    S1: Invalid Execution/Stream Sniping in Kabanino - 2019-05-15 04:45

    Norway POV: Logged on after work in the midst of the boys being in a fight with Kamenici, I sprinted up north to Severograd but got there right as it ended. I regrouped with Panda and Lumen I think? We waited in the treeline to the south to re-initiate on them and fight a guerrilla war on them but, we ended up seeing Mac Tire leaving from the same place where our lads just got shot up as confirmed by @ZorullRP who survived the fight. We stalked them for around 15 minutes until we found @Kasealone in the woods. I take him hostage and after a brief run/chat I get enough information to confirm in my eyes that solidified Mac Tire as being Kamenici's pawns. Kase then decides to pull out his stashed MP7 and try to kill me but that failed and I killed him. We then find another Mac Tire guy running out towards Polana, we knew that they supported a settlement out towards that way so we followed suit and regrouped with the rest of the lads. We found @SquirtleKittyalong the way and we talked for a little before splitting off and continuing to Polana. Once arriving, we waited for around 30 minutes but nobody showed up. Since we knew of a few camps around that area we decided to go check those out. @Eagleand his guys split off and ran ahead and the House lads checked the Staroye camp. As we arrive at that camp I received a IC radio message from SquirtleKitty that she had ran into Mac Tire and she was running from them since they were hunting her. He all the immediately sprinted up North to the Triangle where we had last seen her. @Eagle's guys run into the OP and crew at Kab crossroads and since they knew those people were in Mac Tire (At this time we didn't know they had left the group) and called us in. Me and the lads sprinted up and spoke to them, my IC informant @Cracka_teewas with them at the time so we initiated on the entire group and afterwards let Roy go since he's got a free pass for helping out the lads. We then took the OP into a secure building on the Airfield, and begun interrogating him. We got him to admit to us that Kamenici and Mac Tire were close and that they had been fighting us actively with Kamenici (Giving us Execution Rights, since now we know 100% that he personally had shot us in support of Kamenici) knowing this we decided to walk him down to the UN camp and convince him to tell the UN everything he just told us. To solidify that he will keep the story the same I warn him if he changes his story, or lies or anything like that he will die, I implied that he shouldn't tell the UN he's a hostage but I didn't state it in plain bold text so fair enough I get how the OP wouldn't understand, but it was heavily implied. We talk to the UN for around 15 minutes until I leave for a piss and to talk to @JkpFrog and @Zillyabout the whereabouts of Katie since I had been looking for her. @MrPandacalls out on the radio that the OP had just said to the UN he was a hostage so I walked up and called him out, RP'd for around 5 minutes then marched him outside to talk to Fydor @G19RP I asked him what the plan was and he said it was up to me so I did the thumbs down emote and Panda gassed him using the execution rights from his previous engagements with him while he was in Mac Tire. As far as the stream sniping allegations, pretty much all I have to say is, lack of evidence. The OP was on the most trafficked road in the sever, in a large group of people, using a screen cap of me in the stream THE DAY PRIOR to the incident. The incident took place at 2am 5/15/19 and the screencap has no timestamp only a date for 5/14/19. On top of that this isn't the first time the OP throws out this accusation with no substance.
  2. NorwayRP

    Flaming and hypersensitivity

    Exactly right. If you can't beat them in game beat them in the forums, if throwing out 3 reports in one week is a 3 hit combo, then a Rule'4 is your special attack . I just don't understand why people take out of context screenshots of private conversation in PMs or Discords to get those people removed. Is it really because they hurt you in game? Because they hurt your feelings OOC? Or because they represent an obstacle either OOC or IC that the person feels like they need to deal with permanently, silence their voice, and make sure they can never enjoy DayZRP again. Seems real petty IMO, as long as people aren't doxxing and trying to fuck with your real life there shouldn't be the option for you to get them permanently banned.
  3. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: I personally do not believe it is fair for staff members to warn individuals on radio threads in which they have clear and implicit bias. In this scenario, Lumen responds to a radio call in a more lewd manner than anticipated, and a member of an enemy group Funeral Parlor which Xehara is a part of starts shit talking the House and 24th street. So, I respond in order to continue the RP story line the House has going with Funeral Parlor right now. However, Xehara decided that I was at fault for responding to an attack against our group, but not her own group for instigating the post. Of everyone on the thread, she decided to get involved in a scenario which he group was a part of and point me in a clear sense to protect her group members. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: 3 Warning points removed and message reposted. What could you have done better?: I do not believe I was at fault at all. I responded to a hostile group calling us out on a radio thread, referring to multiple events of RP importance to send a clear message to Funeral Parlor to watch their tones if they wanted to continue our ceasefire agreement. If anything, the only person at fault was JoeyOG however, since Xehara was involved I doubt there would be fairness in that matter.
  4. NorwayRP


  5. NorwayRP

    S1 Green Mountain Possible -invalid kills

    Of course, go for it man @Onyx
  6. NorwayRP

    S1 Green Mountain Possible -invalid kills

  7. NorwayRP

    S1 Green Mountain Possible -invalid kills

    Seeing as video evidence has been posted I would like to point out that it proves all of my claims in my POV. During the actual initiation there are only 2 hostiles present, David and Batok. Batok already being on low health as stated in his POV. The other two men present were non combatants as shown by the video and by the POV of the OP. Along with this the video shows that Lego clearly understands that someone logged into the tower, and in fact someone asks him "Is he dead" to which he responds "100%" immediately afterwards lego is killed. Even after Lego is dead he procceds to meta-game that information that he gained right before he died. Saying "One's in the tower x4" however he was being overshadowed by two other instances of Meta-gaming. Luna is asking since I had been killed if it is safe to pick her up along with previously stating that she had been knocked uncouncious. Along with this Lukas/Hunter informing was in the process everyone of the effect of his push even though his character is dead/uncon that he had traded with me on top of that he calls me out by Name, clearly attempting to give his teammates an unfair advantage seeing as they knew who I am and exactly where I was. Because he specified which person was dead, it shows a clear thought process that he knew that the information he was giving out would allow his friends to focus on G19 in the tower . At the very end of the video is yet another instance of meta-gaming in which David is about to give everyone else in the group information that G19RP is still an active combatant on top of the tower however, and at that time most likely believed that @BorisRPwas going to attempt to help him which in the end he chose not to. I am curious as to why @BorisRPeven filled this report, not once were you shot at, in fact you had your weapon away and fled the compound with the other civilian. You say that "We" initiated on me, you were in the discord with funeral parlor assisting them, but you yourself never initiated, you never drew a gun and you weren't ever actually involved in the fight you even said that "we got shot at from the tower", this seems like an unfair argument YOU never actually got shot at, the people you were with who decided to involve themselves in hostile action were shot. Keep in mind in this scenario as proven by the video, the only time people are shot is after they shot at me, or showed clear and unambiguous threats/intent to kill people with rights against them. Luna sprinted around my corner and opened fire first and was killed, Lukas shot in my direction pushed me and we traded. David mag dumped at me twice and was shifting to a position to engage G19 in the tower. Your entire POV is based around an idea that you were an active combatant, and we were attempting to kill you. In fact you even pointed that out in the video, you say "Yea well if he shoots at me he doesn't have rights." that seems like rule-armor and ruleplay to me. You yourself say that WE initiated, and that WE took fire, don't you think that it's a little unfair to even in your own words state that you had the intent to help and attempted to bait me into an invalid kill, and even when I don't take that bait find another thing to report for? In fact you can be scene in the video in camo building at 1:29 being "bait" standing downstairs waiting to give information then report me for invalid kill should you be shot. However, with all that being said. I do firmly believe that had you thought that there were more of your teammates alive at the end you would've used that Meta-gamed information and became a combatant. In conclusion I would like to file a litany of counter reports covered in the previous statements of myself and G19 along with supported by their video evidence and statements. First @BorisRPfor false report/lying in a report/attempted Ruleplay Second @lunathecatfor attempted invalid kill and metagaming Third @Hunterfor Meta-gaming Fourth @LegoOGfor Meta-gaming Fifth @PuffDaddyDevinfor Meta-gaming
  8. NorwayRP

    If You Could RDM One Member Who Would It Be?

    @ThrashRPSkrunky Lives Again
  9. NorwayRP

    S1 Green Mountain Possible -invalid kills

    Awesome thanks man.
  10. NorwayRP

    S1 Green Mountain Possible -invalid kills

    @BorisRP Fursure, hopefully the logs will be updated. Do you know if hunter has his video footage uploaded yet? When I spoke to you guys in discord a few hours after the incident multiple people said they had video and had already watched it i'm just curious if that video evidence is going to be posted.
  11. NorwayRP

    S1 Green Mountain Possible -invalid kills

    But she isn't on your roster?
  12. NorwayRP

    S1 Green Mountain Possible -invalid kills

    Actually hold up, can we have a GM or Admin please check if she was in the CP and roster before or after this fight. Since they occurred on the same day.
  13. NorwayRP

    S1 Green Mountain Possible -invalid kills

    Oh shit no u right I mis read thought it was May 1st This report was open without logs for a really long time so I forgot what day exactly
  14. NorwayRP

    S1 Green Mountain Possible -invalid kills

    @BorisRPWere you shot or killed?
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