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  1. NorwayRP

    To Odezva

    *Arri would laugh louldy while pressing his PTT* Yo McLovin, the guy that was talking right before you, get this. He has my named literally carved into his back and he's talkin big. Imagine that shit mate, this guy put his hands up and watched his lads get slaughtered in front of him and now he's talking shit. It really doesn't get any better than that. If for whatever reason you aren't a shitter like the rest of the people on this frequency come on down to the Boardwalk just North of Krutoy cap and rent an apartment, set up a shop or get a license. If you are just here to talk shit and act big, please stop. Because chances are you've already been slimed enough. Cheers mates have a good one. *Arri releases his PTT and goes back to Kenneth's weed emporium*
  2. NorwayRP

    Potius Cras

    Thank god you guys are back, now we can use you as the boogeymen again and pretend to go back to being a Hero group. Love you @GaryCash
  3. It all depends on what kind of character/person you are. Here are a few examples A. If your goal is to be the protagonist of the server, rather than just another person in a server of over 500+ active people you are gonna find very quickly that you will get yourself in trouble. Because just like in real life, if you treat everyone you meet as lesser than you, and not up to some artificial standard you hold others to and not yourself. You won't find many friendly faces, or live long. B. If you plan on playing a generally nice guy, in almost all circumstances when you run into a group. If they are aware of who you are and the fact you are generally an outstanding lad. Even if you are in a group that actively has confrontations with them, they will treat you fairly with respect and with curiosity. Like @Magpiefor example, or @Camo. C. If your character ends up being known as someone who is overly cocky without any reason, obviously you are gonna get held up, beaten shot etc etc. If you plan on being someone who talks a lot of shit, expect to get robbed. Now section D is very similar but this character has no care at all for the people around him. He doesn't care who his action's hurt he's just a dick for no reason. D. If you are generally just snarky, or a smart ass there will of course be the Category B. guys who will still spend time with you and get to know you but you will find very quickly that your actions get them in more trouble than they deserve, so either change your ways quick. Or accept you are dooming that super chill dude to a life of pain. E. This is a special one, its a mix of A, C, and D. this one is called the Radio Warrior. The radio warrior is someone, who while in the beginning may have just been a normal cookie cutter guy. He probably got to Chernarus for a honeymoon, or a plane crash and is in all ways very similar to everyone else in the beginning but over time gained the Protagonist Syndrome where he feels that no matter what the odds, what happens or anything else. His way is God's defined verdict, and will shit talk the "Bad Guy's" (read section G) relentlessly. Often these people are members of groups, which in most cases don't want anything to do with Server Wide conflict. They don't want to be dragged into a war, but do to the actions of the Radio Warrior that's exactly what they've been pulled into. The really unfortunate thing about this mentality of play is, is that at a base level this stereotypical character could be an amazing development. If the player chooses to over time build the character into an egotistical ass-hat who get's his friends into shit due to his folly it can lead to amazing RP. Unfortunately what I've seen happen in a lot of cases is that the mindset of toxicity of the character bleeds into the mindset of the player. Which ends up with the player needlessly shaming other community members and saying their RP is "a cancer that destroys the server" or "absolutely fucking awful, everyone in the group should be perm'd". G. This section is made up of the Bad Guys, players who specifically desire to be the antagonists to the server. They don't care about being the main antagonist, as long as they can provide realistic conflict, fear, and a sense of community to those who fall in all the other catagories. Because when there is a big bad, everyone bands together to destroy it. Which, if done properly leads to some of the most intense RP, and a healthy dose of friendly rivalry between other groups in this category. As an aside to G. there are so many people that absolutely hate all people who are in section G. and if any of you who do actually take the time to read all the way down here. I implore you to message me on discord, and tell me why you feel that way. Because based off of all the hate these groups receive and all the personal attacks made against these player with no backlash i'm curious why you'd think it's warranted, and your reasoning to dislike these players. F. And finally F, I was gonna make a meme section here and say child RPers cause ya know F. Cause so many people wanna ban child RP, which I get to some extent and I've definitely seen some good child RP and I've seen child ERP. Yes ERP, so I can definitely see why people don't want that. So instead of bashing on you child RPers here are some cool lads/lass's who dabble in the child RP before we move on. @HayleighJ @Malthis and @GreenySmiley they are overall pretty chill oh and @Braycesbut she's like 17 or something idk. Anyone on to the actually section, F section F doesn't see themselves as the main "Protagonist" but the certainly don't want to be an "Antagonist" either. They aren't exceptionally nice, but they aren't asshats, they are a little cocky, and often won't submit after being beaten down a few times. This is the majority of people, they are a healthy mix of all the groupings, but in the end everyone want's to be the main character even if just a very small amount, and I mean everyone. These people are your core player base, those who make up the majority of your time. People with small goals for their characters, and goals as players that try to make it fit in with those around them. Which will always lead to conflict, whether on the small scale or large scale, which often results in fighting, or an all out war. Which, is as history has shown us the natural order of things. War is inevitable there is no reason to deny it. In every facet of Human life conflict is inevitable, but some people have a hard time to either accept it, or move past it an succeed. Group F, of all the different groups has the biggest part to play in this, the determine the health of the server, if they can't accept conflict is inevitable they will push to ban conflict which in the end kills the server. Because without conflict there cannot be a story. Conflict defines a story, and the better the Antagonist (view group G) the more compelling the story. This is the biggest hurdle when getting into DayZRP, you have to realize it's the apocalypse and you are in a militarized former Soviet-State reeling after a devastating civil war, and a global zombie epidemic. There are many factions lore wise and game wise that want control of South Zagoria. Mexican-Armenian Thugs, American Mercs, Anarchist Groups, Russian Drug Dealers, Corrupt CDF units, Terrorist Cells from Takistan, Caliphates, angry Somalians, even angrier Irish dudes, Ex-NAPA personnel, ChDkZ or Chedaki, Russian Ultranationalists, Russian Military, Spetsnaz, COBR and the list goes on and on and on. All these groups act differently in their goals, their ideologies and their methods. Some pillage everything in sight, some enforce Shariah Law, some wish to restore order to the country, and some sell comfort for memes I guess. @Kordruga. But in the end all of these groups were made by people of group G, people who are highly dedicated to the lore and essence of the server in ways that people on the outside couldn't understand. These players like @GaryCash @G19RP @Major @JimRP @FalkRP @Kordruga @StagsviewRB @Diamond @Craig @Eagle and the big Irish lad himself @Ryan Shepherd all put literal countless hours into the lore of their groups, how they should function and the ultimate goals behind their presence in South Zagoria. And in all honesty, these guys combined, probably plus @Stannisand the Aussie lads have put more work into their groups and server lore than the rest of the sever combined. Yet most of them get absolutely shit on OOC for being the bad guys IG which isn't fair. So in conclusion, the server RP is healthy right now, and as long as we hold true to the idea that conflict breeds story it will maintain to be that way. Server pop is back up with a 15 man queue literally all day, and the game itself feels fresh with the addition of new 3rd party mods. The crucial thing to remember is that everyone on here is a person, and just because their playstyle is very different from yours, or they robbed you and smashed your great grandfather's mosin doesn't mean they are bad people. If you honestly feel upset by something that happened message the person on discord and sort things out. Also @OiramRPis a cutie
  4. NorwayRP

    A better tomorrow - DayZRP Movie

    Ahhhh I miss the time so much, so much good roleplay
  5. NorwayRP

    Old Timers

  6. Couldn't decided between the two so here is number 1 And here is the second version, Let me know which one your like more and don't forget to drop a bean
  7. NorwayRP

    Vote Now! - DayZRP Loading Screen Contest

    @NozzyRPfor 1st. @Camofor 2nd.
  8. @RoverYes i've got my shadowplay set for 1 minute, so it's really 59.32 seconds but youtube compresses it. Making the final youtube lisiting at something like 58.80 seconds and this is my final POV statement for how we had rights: We had a firefight with him a few hours prior to that where he killed/participated in the killing of two allies (JimRP & FalkRP), he also was here and helped for the firefight we had a few days ago where we first attacked the island, there might have also been more and other occurrences but those are the ones that mostly stand out. All of our people remember him and even remember him always using the phrase "skiddadle off my island" etc, his voice is very distinct and so is his accent, thus how we were so sure it was him. A few more things I'd like to add. My video is only one minute of the around 9 minute interaction, the entire time we were telling the guy he needed drop the attitude and stop lying or he would be harmed. In multiple instances he was told he'd die, twice alone by me. Along with this he was told multiple times if he kept lying he'd die. THE OP MADE A CLEAR AND CONCISE CHOICE TO CONTINUE WITH A HOSTILE AND BELLIGERENT ATTITUDE HE KNEW WOULD GET HIMSELF KILLED. HE ALSO REFUSED TO TELL THE TRUTH EVEN THOUGH WE KNEW HE WAS LYING. HE SHOWED 0 VALUE FOR THE RP, AND 0 VALUE FOR HIS OWN LIFE. BASED OFF HIS POV's VS. THE VIDEO EVIDENCE IT IS CLEAR HE IS DOWNPLAYING THE EVENTS THAT UNFOLDED IN ORDER TO ISSUE A REPORT THAT HE KNOWS HAS NO MERIT IN ORDER TO GET PEOPLE BANNED WITHOUT CAUSE. And since I know the thing that staff is gonna try and hit me with is "Invalid Kill Ruleplay" Here's my response to that, as a group the 8 of us each interacted with the man for around 9 minutes post us realizing who he was. He originally ran into us 5 minutes prior to that. Once the OP realized he was not free to go and was our prisoner he attempted to convince us to let him log. He was told multiple times to stop lying to us and tell the truth, we already had execution rights on him and we all knew who he was. He repeatedly attempted to lie, and repeatedly gave back attitude after being told not to. as he said himself "Never the less i was never once's initiated on or turned into a hostage. so I did not have to comply at all with what you asked, but i did to keep up the rp. " if that is the case, then we can look at my demand as a separate initiation in which he Non-Complies via continuing to talk shit. So not only would that be considered killing a non-compliant hostage, but we would also have Execution rights already. Meaning in both cases it was a completely valid shooting. AND EVEN AFTER I AIM THE GUN WHILE HE CONTINUES TO SHIT TALK HE MAKES A POINT TO FINISH HIS SENTENCE KNOWING 1000% IT WOULD LEAD TO HIS DEATH Also one more thing, I didn't kill him.
  9. As you can see in my video evidence, not only did I threaten you with death multiple times. But on two seperate occasions I told you if you kept giving attitude you would die. You cared so little for the RP and your own life that you cut me telling you that you were going to die if you kept doing what you were doing. It's pretty obvious through your POV and subsequent response you are clearly lying in your POV's and filing a false report. On top of this you clearly showed no value for your own life. I also want to make clear that we already had execution rights on the OP due to him shooting our men in a previous situation, and him being identified via voice by the people who survived the situation. In the video/report of a previous situation you can clearly see the OP killed our men. The video clearly shows that I initiate on him multiple times and on multiple occasions show what kind of situation he's in. He clearly just didn't care and had already tried to avoid RP by trying to convince us to let him log. Thank you to all the staff for taking the time to read my POV.
  10. In fact, not only did I tell you, that you would die if you kept up the attitude you cut me off telling you a second time to continue shit talking. @isaac lineheart
  11. I will post more later since I'm still in game, but my exact words were "Any more fucking attitude from you and I'm wasting you" immediately after this he replied with laughing and saying "You know its funny when people need to curse, it shows their lower intelligence." As a result he was shot in the head by @TurkRP . I'm just curious why you need to lie in your POV to try to get people banned? Along with this, the OP has been involved in many firefights with us and has been seen and heard shooting members of our group giving us yet another line of Execution rights on top of him failing to follow by my simple commands. I'm also curious why you claim it was 1am for you and for us to let you log out if you are from the US? Where it was 9pm EST at the latest. Finally @Roveryour connect logs for me are false I am still IG.
  12. I agree I enjoyed it, however G19 did have rights since you initiated on us. It's a shame you guys had to initiate and threaten our lives, and I died at the very end too so regardless of win or die it's the enjoyment that matters.
  13. Also if you had said "I dont wanna see your pants and I dont wanna see your weiner" why did your friend immediately say "NO NO NO NO NO, you dont have to drop your pants."
  14. Also i'm curious why you guys are speaking over discord and not in game then purposefully cutting the video? Can you please upload a full an unedited video?
  15. @Rajjip "drop your pants I wanna see your weiner" at 0:44 seconds This was said by Andrew William @Andrew William I'm just curious why all of you except for Yak are attempting to lie your way through this report?
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