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  1. *PTT.* "Thank you very much for saving my wife bratan, my name is Pavel I will reward you handsomely."
  2. @MajorFor allowing me to one tap headshot him.
  3. -CML-NorWayy

    Hello, I'm patient zero

    All hail our lord and savior Mak! Slava Mak!
  4. -CML-NorWayy

    -When the going gets tough, just freeze ingame-

  5. Vitaly grew up in a small suburb outside of St. Petersberg Russia. He grew up as the son of a farmer and a teacher, he was always very Patriotic but when Putin assumed office with the promise to make Russia back into the powerhouse it deserved to be he new what had to be done. He enlisted in the Russian Military at the age of 17 and fought in Syria with the 58th Army. During the outbreak the unit was called back to the Russian homeland where it participated in the assistance of local military police forces, protecting important military sites near the Caucasus Mountains. In Spring of 2018 the unit was mobilized to the Northern Border of Chernarus to await mobilization of SVR and GRU units involved in Operation Aurorra.
  6. Pavel Ivanov POV: Me and the boys capture @RandyRPfrom Kamenici and were taking him to Tisy for some RP in our vehicle. We sped away from Pulkovo where we captured him because we knew that's where Kamenici likes to cause trouble. We were going through Pustoshka when we began driving up onto the Vybor south bridge. We were going about 90km/h. As soon as we get on the bridge I hear Vincent scream oh fuck there is someone standing afk on the bridge I can't avoid him!. Vincent slams into him he dies we keep going. Keep in mind the bridge is like 20m long and 10m wide, so with the lag and the speed there was no reasonable way we could've avoided him.
  7. -CML-NorWayy

    S1: INVALID INTITATION / Angel Barns - 2019-02-03 0120

    Pavel Ivanov POV: Sat down within Angels compound with MUAMMadamosielle to campfire RP for a little bit after rolling with the boys around Zeleno. Heard Tander and one other I believe initiate, stood up went to put my hands up as you can see on the video, i've got the tan Tac Backpack Tan Gorka Top Black Helm and was the last Pamyati to pull my weapon. Immediately after I stood up rounds hit the guy in front of my and all around my bush so I pulled my gun to fight for my comrades, I gassed Tander with help from Ilya, Ilya then shot at California I go down after California shoots me.
  8. Thanks for the support guys, as most of our allies already know I'm going to be taking over as Interm lead of the group. If you have any issues or questions feel free to PM me on discord or on the website.
  9. Pavel Ivanov POV: I was also one of the individuals taken hostage during this situation, I chose to not speak much since I knew the background of the people I was dealing with to be ruthless and quick to kill. Although they claimed to be police officers, the second I saw the pink armband and heard Yegor's name I shut my mouth and waited the situation out. Whilst I do believe the reason for the initiation which was claimed to be a drug bust by a bunch of American Police Officers from Tampa Bay Florida to be a bit bogus, that isn't my call. I will say however that even though the RP in my opinion was in bad taste and borderline trollrp in my own opinion the people doing the initiation on the OPs side were completely within the rules and acting in a fair manner to everyone involved, not ICly but as far as rules are concerned. On the other hand, the actions of the accused were consistently immersion breaking with excessive OOC, failure to roleplay pain, failure to roleplay fear whilst being beaten and threatened with death. All this with consistency for NFVL and BadRP. To the OPs party, whilst in my own opinion I found the RP of the situation to be stale and more akin to GTA RP vibe, (cops and robbers and covert drug busts) its your group in the end, and if that's the RP you enjoy more power to you I have no complaints on that.
  10. I don't believe we were recording however, there were two people that Time lapse, Thrash, Knights, and Stannis took hostage during that engagement who complied to the demands and were questioned and then let go. One of their IC names is Chip however I do not know the others, or their forum names.
  11. -CML-NorWayy

    RDM/NVFL STARY/KAB AREA 2019-01-27 00:45 S1

    I'm fine with closing the report as the OP's ally, originally I was just sus that 2 people were killed with what seemed like 1 taps within the span of 4 seconds with complete 100% accuracy from a decent distance away. Even though in the vod it shows that Lev Markov only hit each person once with all of us wearing plate carriers it registered as 3 hits, but if its a bug its a bug who cares. You lose some fights and you win some fights. They dunked on us here and we dunked on them 2 hrs later, its the nature of firefights. [2019/01/27 00:42:39]: (Benjamin Kurtz) hit by (Lev Markov) to LeftLeg with Bullet_762x39 [2019/01/27 00:42:39]: (Benjamin Kurtz) hit by (Lev Markov) to Torso with Bullet_762x39 [2019/01/27 00:42:39]: (Benjamin Kurtz) hit by (Lev Markov) to Torso with Bullet_762x39 [2019/01/27 00:42:43]: (Pavel Ivanov) hit by (Lev Markov) to Torso with Bullet_762x39 [2019/01/27 00:42:43]: (Pavel Ivanov) hit by (Lev Markov) to Torso with Bullet_762x39 [2019/01/27 00:42:43]: (Pavel Ivanov) hit by (Lev Markov) to Torso with Bullet_762x39
  12. -CML-NorWayy

    RDM/NVFL STARY/KAB AREA 2019-01-27 00:45 S1

    Pavel Ivanov POV: I hear on the radio some fresh spawn dude is driving in circles around Timelapse as if he was re-creating mad max, so me and 2 others sprint over to assist. As we get there we heard that he got domed, we see they guy who killed him so I opened fire. I moved back into concealment and hear one of our guys say, "I'm dead just got one tapped" so immediately I pick up the pace whilst full sprint and instantly get one tap head shot.
  13. -CML-NorWayy

    S1 : RDM - 2019-01-26, 02:30

    As the person who was kidnapped I completely agree with most of what is listed in the report above. The roleplay I had whilst being a hostage was phenomenal, however I will agree that defense rights and the rules on hostilities do need some amount of clarification. Whilst it is my interpretation that because we had rp'd extensively with Green Dragons for the 2 hrs before the kidnapping I would say that we would then share defensive rights based on the current nomenclature. I do not feel that rules were broken on either side due to this issue, however if possible although not present for the initial firefight between Kam and the Green Dragons I would say that if possible a secondary initiation is preferably although not necessary from the Green Dragons due to them knowing what the targets were wearing, who they were and what they had done along with sharing defense rights.
  14. -CML-NorWayy, IC: Pavel Ivanov Group: Pamyati POV: Although I was not involved in this section of the firefight noted within the report due to having died 30 minutes prior during the initial combat leading to John Christofi coming to investigate his missing friends. Situation begins as follows, approximately 9:30 or so PST I log on and move North from Kabnino to NWAF to loot and meet up with @Stannisand the rest of Free Territory during my initial looting of the far South Eats barracks compound I notice a group of three armed men 2 with Alice backpacks and another with a hunting backpack. For about 30 minutes Stannis and I stalked the individuals within 75 or so meters at all time waiting for the rest of FT to arrive so that we could interrogate them for information about possible Savior locations along with New Moon. However, we soon spotted a large compound in the middle of the airfield around the C-130 crash. After spotting this I climbed up the candy can industrial building south of tents, whilst stannis climbed on top of the grassy hangers and concealed himself whilst we awaited reinforcements. Once @KnightsTemplararrived we surveyed the area for approximately 1 hr, noting that there was at least 7 people with the compound, and that fairly frequently groups of 2 would go out and chop down wood to fuel the fire. Whilst observing I spotted a women I had met in Lopatino who assisted the CDF specifically as a nurse during the outbreak. Noting this as a high priority target we began to think of options to draw her and another into the forest to interrogate for information. So we sent in a sleeper agent @Thrashwho infiltrated the compound and began trading with the individuals to gain their trust. After another 20 minute wait their fire died out yet again, and Thrash walked them right into our trap. Our goal at this point was to capture groups of 2 at a time, taking their radios and interrogating them. Hopefully creating fear and paranoia within the camp, allowing Thrash to make use of it to see if he could gain anymore information since they believed he was a completely friendly random. Anyway, 20 mins in Thrash leads the Nurse Woman, and one other man to our location deep in the woods where both Templar, and myself initiate on the man. (Due to kill rights not transferring through dynamics we made sure to both initiate) However despite being surrounded out numbered and out gunned the man refused to surrender despite given ample time, and drew his weapon and subsequently died. Unfortunately for me, I died from lag nearly 30 seconds after so I missed out on the firefight listed in the report. Again, I was not involved in the action listed as a report I just wanted to give my side of the story leading up to this incident. I should be noted however that due to use splitting up the group and using paranoia and fear to our advantage we were able to capture a member of the demons and gain intel. Also one more thing to avoid confusion, I'm Pavel Ivanov. @Thrashis Pavel Antanov
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