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  1. Amazing picture, I really do appreciate you taking the time, also... Start doing commissions you goof.
  2. honestly this is my favorite group in the current lore. Watched this man start literally by himself, all recruiting and everything I've seen done in character not needing a clique or ooc friends to bolster his roster. The RP is well organized and kept on track in regards to their goals. The characters are all individuals who are exceptional roleplayers keeping their own personal stories in tact while also being a member of their group. If I wasn't VK I'd definitely be chomping at the bit to join up.
  3. Roster Updates Promotions: @[email protected] @TheFalx to full membership Welcoming @XoEmmaXo to the roster as a probationary member! Good to have you.
  4. sliding back into dayzrp after an extended vacation
  5. Damn that vacation was nice.

    1. Mason


      Where did you go ? I hope you enjoyed wherever u went

  6. It's been real folks. 

    Pink Omg GIF

    1. Zanaan


      You did a damned fine job leading VK Rabbit. Be proud

  7. We Appreciate the great feedback toward this group and what these guys were able to achieve in such a short amount of time on the server. However, due to recent changes to the server VK is officially taking our leave. Want to give a special shout out to @Jackfish and his Lore team for doing what they could with the tools they had available to them. My guys especially the ones coming back on the Amnesty wave for showing up and providing some solid roleplay and showing they changed to correct their past indiscretions. We tried to hang on to the community the best we could but being shown day in and day out the true opinions of certain staff members is a little too much to handle for a video game. Regardless. To those who've we spent time with in game and in discord shooting the shit, roleplaying, and fighting I want to say thank you. It's been real. If any admin could archive this thread it would be greatly appreciated.
  8. From a game perspective I'm all for having unlimited bullets. On the second hand this is a roleplay server and the rate at which gear is acquirable actually does impact the story. Less ammo means more variations in fight and defending yourselves against bandits or the zombies. Turns it into a rare and very valuable commodity. I'd be for making it more rare to be honest lol. Sorry zero but I no voted.
  9. Congrats on the approval boys been hearing good things about ya'll in game keep it up
  10. Glad to have you! We'll have your jump in ceremony on the media page soon!
  11. 100 percent. No point in nightvision or flashlights at the moment. nights would add a better environment to the city.
  12. Roster Updates Welcoming @Bela @Vlk @TheFalx ______________________________________________________ Thread Updates Updates goals completion list, Updating goals further as story progresses Added probationary members to main roster
  13. sorry i missed it my man. i miss my boy leik
  14. I actually haven't noticed the lack of animals it seems like everytime you step into the woods you hear them howling and what not. To me the spawns of hunt-able animals seems balanced.
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