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  1. Charlie, a veteran of the United States Army, successfully ETS'ing after two tours in Afghanistan and Iraq. Charlie met a Chernarus native who would end up being his long time girlfriend once he was fully separated from the Army. His girlfriend, Maggie, convinced him to return to her home country in 2012, just a few years after the end of the civil war. She taught him the language as he provided for the two by working in the coal mines just outside of their small hamlet. It was almost the change Charlie needed to finally let go of all of his demons from his tours overseas. For years they had lived on their small patch of land, working day in and day out, just getting by. Until the day of the mass spread of the infection across the entire country, it started off as any other, Charlie returning home from the mine, washing up preparing for dinner. Maggie's eyes were baggy. her skin was pale and she looked as though she was going to vomit. Charlie noticed and had asked her if she was feeling alright. She began to explain how a homeless individual attacked her and a few other people as they were exiting the super market, telling him how it had taken four people to wrestle the maniac to the floor until the police arrived, almost mid story her eyes rolled to the back of her head and she had hit the floor with a loud thud. In a panic Charlie rushed to her aide, he rested her head on its side into a recovery position before leaving the room to call for assistance, some sort of accident had knocked out the telephone lines. He turned back toward, Maggie who was now standing straight up, staring directly at him with a snarl over her face. In one motion she knocked over the table leaping onto Charlie. Attacking him in an attempt to take a bite. He wrestled her off grabbing the nearest object he could which just so happen to be a spare tire iron, making solid contact with her head. As he stood up, tears streaming down his face as he looked at her lifeless body he was aware what he had just done out of pure reflex.
  2. is 121 a record?

  3. ImTommy POV: A few days ago maybe even yesterday I do not recall exactly when we were had an incident in Gierltow involving the Moretti organization. It turned violent as most things do when two groups who refuse to back down to each other meet. When the smoke cleared Myself @ImS8tn and @ImBlisna were left standing. We ran along through forests and what not in a blind attempt to make it more north toward our own base location when we stopped off in a small unmarked town. Those two logged off at said down and after the timer had expired after a hostile situation takes place. I returned to the prison. The next day Blisna made it home. Then while we are all at the house licking our wounds and building our base as well as roleplaying with various KOG members. @ImS8tn proceeds to tell us over the radio he found a location whilst he was filling up on water before HE made the same walk Blisna and I made. only he spotted a barn with fortifications sticking out. Off the beaten path, small barn with fortified walls. Obviously a stash. We have members who needed supplies as well as continuing our roleplay of reclaiming NATO weapons we decided to raid said stash. As for evidence of Blisna being in Zanaan's stream. We were hearing troubling reports of PLENTY of ooc flaming going on within Zanaan's stream and the clip if you listen to the audio is the cut for the audio evidence of continuous flaming toward our members and group as a whole. It is purely coincidental they were discussing this while inside their stash house. Which as seen in the clip. The clip doesn't show a location of the stash. It was clipped purely for audio value in case the ooc discussion of their strong opinions of our group and roleplay continues to be a habit on a public platform such as twitch.
  4. Reading through a few reports and seeing the vast differences in punishments/rulings for the same offense. It comes off as an extreme bias with certain staff, which one can expect. They play the game too they're going to meet people and become friends with them and ultimately get influenced one way or another. So I'm not a fan of staff forcing reports open if the two parties agree it was a colossal fuck up on both ends and agree to their faults, talk over what could've and should've gone better. But on the other hand. I don't like the reports that get closed by the OP because they realized their own evidence damns his or her self in some way. But ya can't have it both ways. So I'd say personally I'm a fan of talking things out with an individual or group you have wronged or has wronged you. If it seems to be done with malicious intent you can even use a recording of that conversation as evidence in the report if it eventually comes to that.
  5. Tommy's POV. We heard a public radio broadcast asking for random prisoners which we found fairly odd. None the less we decided to lay a trap for the individuals. None of them showed so we proceeded to head to the prison compound as we were fairly interested in why Hector's group was just randomly putting a global broadcast asking for any and all prisoners. Upon arriving words were obviously exchanged. An initiation was dropped and those who did not comply were promptly gassed. As for the Hesco kit scenario. I was the individual who was hugging the wall and screwed the placement ultimately. A Cartel member was peaking us while we approached the large rock formation on the rear wall (which is the best way to assess the threat inside without actually being inside) The second the hesco was placed you can actually see in the video no one stepping on it and all of us saying we don't have a hatchet to remove it. Once the folks inside provided us a hatchet to remove the obvious mistake there was a conversation that took place explaining that was a mistake. To which we all understood and wasn't brought up again. And when we proceeded to "win" tempers flared including a wide range of colorful things said to one of our members in OOC. I know @ImNovaaa has already time stamped every instance where it has happened however I'd like to reinforce the admins handling should take a serious look at the Metagame displayed in the VOD. This is the most clear example of a 2.4 report if I've ever seen one.
  6. Tommy's voice breaks through the static. Well that's unfortunate, but shooting a seventeen year old tends to leave you feeling like a piece of shit. No more need to talk ill of the dead. Rest easy big fella. Clips the radio back onto his bag
  7. I play Livonia and do love the environment and everything a lot more. You're definitely right on us needing to roll with the times but having the second server as Chernarus doesn't hurt. Besides not everyone can buy it for whatever reason.
  8. Big shout out to Lev Astro and the other boy (sorry forgot your name) for some solid ass negotiations tonight. Was sick as fuck.
  9. @RoverBeast Was able to get some hostile RP in without shooting anyone, or gearrp being involved in anyway. nice banter all around
  10. pretty sure it only lasts until January thats how it was last year anyway
  11. This is some extremely quality roleplay
  12. obviously people want some form of justice when they feel they've been wronged on the server however I have noticed an increase in reports that could be solved with a simple conversation. I do agree that sometimes it can be hashed out since we'd all like to consider ourselves adults. Especially in the increasingly common "salt" reports. No one likes losing but it doesn't warrant a report.
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