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  1. This is where high quality pictures of art will be contained.
  2. montym

    Oh Jesus....

    nah was just outside of town
  3. montym

    Oh Jesus....

    yeah i saw that, was laughing so hard when i heard you shooting at it lol
  4. Not really looking to be a part of staff/dev team for DZRP, but I was wondering if I made a item of some kind, would the dev team be willing to test it for any sort of bugs and be willing to add it if it's stable enough for in game usage? For example if I were to make a helmet with a group patch on the side.
  5. montym

    Campfire Collection Version 1.

    Very Nice.
  6. montym

    Yggdrasil [Recruitment Open]

    I hope you know what happens in a Car ride with him behind you, @Zanaan.
  7. I had no recording at the time, due to my Shadowplay acting up, but I recieved no text initiation whatsoever, and my character was bugged when I jumped out the car with a weapon out since i hopped into the car with a gun out. I also haven't shot a bullet out my gun whatsoever, though I do see why they'd not appreciate us two hopping out with guns.
  8. Artyomich Morozov was a Recently Graduated Student out of Chernogorsk School, in which he ran on the track team and wished to be an olympic runner. 2 Months before his 21st Birthday, his Mother, Misha, fell sick to Staph Infection, causing Artyomich to focus his attention on getting his mother the proper care she needed before her death 6 months after her infection. Artyomich fell into a depression and soon after quit his job in the Lumber industry as a Union Worker and decided to live up in the mountains, hoping that isolation would heal his emotions. During a Hunting session, Artyomich was bringing back his game to his truck, only to then see an object slam into the field next to him with smoke emitting out of it, turning out to be a helicopter. He then heads over to see if anyone were to survive, only to find one person attack him in a violent, uncontrollable manner, causing him to grab a nearby rifle unknown to him and shoot the man. He stood there, confused and shaken up by what he just saw. He then see's a huge group of people running at him, screaming at the top of their lungs, and so he drops the rifle and heads back to his truck, driving away in panic... Four Weeks after His encounter, Artyomich Manages to return to his truck with the gasoline needed for a trip to escape Chernaurus into a neighboring country, particularly Georgia. After arriving at Kamishovo Docks, he lowers his supplies onto the boat, and embarks to the General Direction of Georgia, Only to capsize to large waves & wake up on a beach, with only the clothes on his back and a need for fresh water.