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  1. Stand and Deliver is a good movie to reference if you're lookin to do a LA vato accent, wong.
  2. Artyomich Morozov was a Recently Graduated Student out of a school in Novigrad, in which he ran on the track team and wished to be an olympic runner. 2 Months before his 21st Birthday, his Mother, Misha, fell sick to Staph Infection, causing Artyomich to move with his mother to focus his attention on getting his mother the proper care she needed before her death 6 months after her infection. Artyomich fell into a depression and soon after quit his job in the Lumber industry as a Union Worker and decided to live up in the mountains, hoping that isolation would heal his emotions. During a Hunting session, Artyomich was bringing back his game to his truck, only to then see an object slam into the field next to him with smoke emitting out of it, turning out to be a helicopter. He then heads over to see if anyone were to survive, only to find one person attack him in a violent, uncontrollable manner, causing him to grab a nearby rifle unknown to him and shoot the man. He stood there, confused and shaken up by what he just saw. He then see's a huge group of people running at him, screaming at the top of their lungs, and so he drops the rifle and heads back to his truck, driving away in panic... Four Weeks after His encounter, Artyomich Manages to return to his truck with the gasoline needed for a trip to escape Chernaurus into a neighboring country, particularly Georgia. After arriving at Kamishovo Docks, he lowers his supplies onto the boat, and embarks to the General Direction of Georgia, Only to capsize to large waves & wake up on a beach, with only the clothes on his back and a need for fresh water. He would head to the Black Mountains before disappearing once again. Around 500 days into the Apocalypse, he would be seen around the Chernogorsk area, leaving some sort of flowers he seems to have picked onto his mother's grave. Some men would use this opportunity to kidnap him, taking his items and leaving him up North around the Novodimitrovsk area. He would find himself once again with all his belongings gone, heading south until he came across some friendly faces on the Northeastern Airfield, these faces being the South Zargorian Free Rangers. He would join them, agreeing with their philosophy and finding a family with them. Them being missing caused him to head west, to a weapons factory. He would hope to find a settlement around there, but never made the trip. He would return to South Zargoria once again, hoping he would find the missing Rangers, the ones he see's as family.
  3. montym

    The Gods Have Shafted Me Again.

    boats confirmed?
  4. montym

    Galápagos | Medical Roleplay | Open Recruitment

    I've gotta say, this group was amazing to rp with, especially with @FireDude and some of the serious confrontations we ran into. It's sad to see it go away, but i'm sure these folks will think of something. Yeah we had our small issues with people but other than that i've got a pretty good experience from this. Thank you folks so much for this experience, I hope to return on my other character to continue the conflict we had! Let us be glad it happened, instead of upset it's over.
  5. @CamoRP yeah I kinda see what you mean. Wouldn't hurt to add more of the AK variety, like the RPK, AK101 (5.56 caliber AK). I just think that if it's just a attachment change like the stock, barrel, etc then it doesn't really need to be added. @CamoRPbeanz to you for that idea
  6. @Misho It's more so about getting more AKs into the Assault rifle economy, without increasing the amount of assault rifles there are. Also, don't assume I don't go out looting, you do not know how I play and I sure haven't met you in game.
  7. @CrescentGent It's not for everyone to have a military grade weapon to RP, after all I've only used pistols and SMGs mainly. It's more so for it being more common in the Automatic rifle category, I just added the option in the poll to increase the amount that exist in case people would like to see that happen.
  8. @JimRP This is a map of what each country's weapon of choice is, so I sincerely doubt distance from a factory would be a problem. Also take into account that just maybe Chernarus also has weapons factories either in or out of South Zagoria. It's also given that we're 600 days into the apocalypse but that would also apply to other weapons as well.
  9. I think that for the most popular firearm in the world, it sure isn't seen more often than other rifles. It's recoil is through the roof, making it much less accurate than a M4, but the upside should be it's availability. The reality is I haven't seen much AKs around in firefights or just on the backs of passerby's. Western rifles are usually superior to the Eastern ones in some way, either by accuracy or power, but they do not match the amount that exist in the world. So I listed some possible solutions if you'd like to see this change. If you have another Idea for introducing this change then feel free to say it. If you don't then please state why.
  10. Jose was born in the town of San Juan del Rio, but lived on the countryside. His father was in a Mariachi band, and would often be gone for some of the week. His mother was a farmer, and so he'd farm with his mother and sell their fruits at the farmers market. At the age of 24, his mother would die to heart complications, and his father would soon follow, dying of old age. He would see his farming skills as a sort of tool, and saw how much more money his farming peers would make selling weed. He would move his way to the state of Sinaloa, where he would begin to go under a wing of farmers in the Marijuana drug trade. After a couple of years, and a thinning of his farming peers, he would begin to foresee his own farm, so long as he grew for a notorious cartel, and would do so for about 6 years, where he would be asked to pioneer the drug growing in the South Zagoria region of Chernarus. He would do so, as saying no would mean death, and flew out to Chernaurus to start a new life. 2 months into his new job, and now an official citizen of Chernarus, would begin to flee to Northern South Zagoria due to a incoming battle between the Chedaki and Chernarussian government. On his way to his new job-site, he would pull up to a mob of people tearing into 7 armed men, beating them mercilessly to death. He would take the car onto a offroad trail, arriving at his location and turning on his radio. Upon hearing that the mass amounts of rioters were actually infected individuals, he would realize that he'd be stuck there for a unseen amount of time, and decided his new job would be to just survive.
  11. "Oh look a car! It looks intact! OH SHI-" *death*
  12. montym

    Mademoiselle's Archives of Shenanigans

    Well i'm still wondering how they managed to screw the other car.
  13. montym

    Mademoiselle's Archives of Shenanigans

    Is that how I got left in a broken car by myself?
  14. montym

    We are all so much together, but we are all dying of loneliness.

    Before all the division.
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