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  1. @Funiculus wrong monty but I see what you mean my dude
  2. *After around half an hour of some fidgeting with the radio, the Young Man manages to get the Radio Transmitter to broadcast his Message* Alright fellas, listen up. This is an invitation to every single living and non-infected individual to jump into the cage and show that you’re the top dog! That’s right fellas, we’re havin a Fight Night! The tournament starts off with 16 people, with this being the first of two fight nights. There will be 8 matches this night! The fighters will be picked 5 days before, and told who they will fight 3 days before the big night! Well, if I have your attention still then that means you probably want in. Fighting is nearly free of charge, with the buy in being seeds if you're accepted. Donations are accepted as well. We’re gonna provide vegetables, an arena to fight in, and some elevated positions to watch it from as good charity for the Fat Horse Bar and Grill. The Bar will also sell you some alcohol and Cooked Meat if you'd like to trade for that as well. Alright we need to lay out some rules so we don’t have any dirty fights, we’re not animals after all! Rules are simple. Both fighters will decide on doing the 3 or 4 hit rule, or street rules before the fight. Character Name: Weight: Gender: Known Group affiliation: Will all this being said, the fight will be held in Rogovo. We’re also going to celebrate the Grand opening of The Fat Horse Bar and Grill, located in Rogovo as well if you’re looking to eat and have some drinks. Sign up today! (Thank you @Xehara for the graphics in this post! I would also like to thank @Xehara, @Horse, @Funiculus, @Mr Smoking Dog, @Sythara, and @Daemon for the construction of the Bar and Octagon!)
  3. montym

    Base map

    yea you showed me lmao
  4. montym

    Halo on pc

    The entire MCC collection and Reach on PC? Were it so easy...
  5. *The Young man Wakes up, finding himself alone in a lodge, with no sign of his people around, he Pulls his Journal out of the bag, sits up in bed, and begins to write in the Journal* I saw the people from the Mountain in the woods, so this has me thinking if maybe god himself wants to see me burn. I ain't a man of religion, but that sure seems like it. They ran away before I could talk to them and ask for forgiveness. Is this just me being punished by god by seeing these people over and over again? Or maybe he's testing me for the worst sin I've done. *He begins to tear up, before gulping and wiping his eyes, continuing to write.* What if this is my punishment for leaving Lynn alone in that godforsaken place of Green Mountain? I left her there to die, but I couldn't do anything except get the attention of those infected things, leaving me running with them in the dark with nothing to guide me. Part of me wishes I did do that, to die in those woods. Maybe at least she could've had the courage to save those poor people. There may yet be hope, though, as I returned a week later to not find any sort of body. To me, she's all I have left of the old life, although we've only known each other for only a few weeks, but I can't just assume she's dead, right? It's been nearly two years, and I have yet to find anything of her. I still hold on to that chance of trying to get some sort of radio contact back to the States, or at least find out what happened over there, so I must keep holding out hope to finding Lynn. Maybe if I find her we can work together to get back home, though the likes of which are very slim. If god is real, maybe this is the crucible he's put me in to see if I'll pass this test, and win back some of my old life. I don't know anymore, maybe i'm just overthinking it, but only time will tell now. *He sits up, wiping his eyes and leaving the lodge with his belongings.* (//OOC If anyone would be interested in playing Lynn, please send me a Message through Dayzrp or discord!)
  6. Two slavs kidnap a fellow gopnik in a small golf car-Colorized 2019
  7. The young man writes this in a leather book, scrounged from a nearby body of a downed corpse. I can't begin to explain the shitty situation i'm in, but I wonder what I did to deserve it. I went to GM because I thought a fight was gonna break out and i assumed people would need a medic, but the shit I saw makes me think twice about my life. Hostages were taken, and I had to sit there while they were tortured and maimed so I can make sure they don't die. I wanted to set them free, but I couldn't get the bravery to help them escape. They were let go, but I can't ever help them for what happened. After a while of waiting in case the dudes in the tower come down and hopefully not die, the people called for backup and they slaughtered and scared off almost everyone who was attacking. I ran into a smaller building, trying to get a woman into the building who was quite neutral. We we're surrounded, and I contemplated just shooting myself, but then they ordered us out or we'd be shot. The second I opened the door, the foul smell hit me. The air smelled rotten, and my eyes stared upon a sight that I can't ever forget. Bodies littered the compound, and the walls we're painted with blood. The men surprisingly took my gun, and ordered both the Lady and I to run off. We ran to a nearby town, and She left with a Doctor named "Hans" or something, while I'm sittin here, writing this journal since I can't even sleep. I still don't know if I'm a good person or not, but maybe whoever finds this can decide.
  8. Got some screenshots of being the ref/medic for the Fight Arena we held. I've also got Screenshots of the End of each fight, where each fighter shakes hands, though only Two screenshots, unfortunately :(. Overall a pretty fun day, thanks for lettin me Ref.
  9. I don't know who all was in Novaya today, but I'd like to thank everyone who attended the Fight Arena matches and letting me be their ref! I'll be uploading the group picture I took today on my Media Forum Page
  10. My god I love this thread already.
  11. Born in the BLUFFS of Atlanta, Monty found himself born in a poverty riddled area, and despite the assumptions of those that live in poverty, he uses it as a reason to study harder and be healthier to escape poverty and be a successful scientist. He excelled in school, and found himself fascinated with radiation and wanted to go into the field of Actinobiology. He was given the opportunity to go along with UGA students on a trip to Ukraine into the Exclusion zone, to see first hand how Radiation behaves and how it affects cells. His trip went well, and so they flew to Novigrad as a connection flight to the US. The small plane was then ordered to make an emergency landing by the Chernorussian government into the NWAF, and was told that they carried some virus and needed all passengers to be screened, and quarantined if needed. All but 2 Passengers, Monty and another student, Lynn, were then let go back on their route, assuring that the two passengers would be flown to the US once they are discharged from the facility. A week passes by in Quarantine, with both Lynn and Monty socializing as one doesn't get to do much in quarantine. Lynn was 3 years older than him, graduating just last year. She was studying to be a Chemist, and saw that she was given an opportunity to go along on the trip as well. The alarms suddenly began to blare for two minutes, until it is cut off along with all the lights, disengaging the electric lock on the door, allowing the two to leave. The two noticed a group of soldiers enraged and beating on another soldier with blood around their eyes and mouth towards the left, and so the two ran the other way which led out of the facility. The Airfield was in chaos, as soldiers fought large masses of what appeared to be extremely angry rioters. Lynn then notices an abandoned Jeep, still intact, and the two escape the airfield, fleeing South, to find themselves at the intimidatingly tall Green Mountain Radio Tower, finding it abandoned, and setting up camp there for the night.
  12. Alright, Mak and I have talked this out and I've agreed to drop the report in exchange to continue the RP as if I was still running in the woods. I'm formally asking for this report to be closed now, thank you.
  13. montym

    Bring Back Night Time!

    Grain is only added to counter people turning up their gamma.
  14. Alright, My name is Monty in discord. Just shoot me a message and we'll get in a voice call and see if we can talk this out.
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