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  1. Oldman

    awww yisss

    Most are banned so that won't happen. Maybe a smaller group, but I see no one online so is this mod thing really coming back?
  2. If you unban Daheb, I will turn off addblock.
  3. I can vouch for Chappers being way more mature then before. He is a proper farmer now a days.
  4. Oldman

    What's the plan for the map?

    A free patch came out and an old remake of Malden was added as some sort of 'gift' from Bohemia. The has an Altis feel with some different textures here and there. The villages look cozy and there is enough variation to go around. The size is between Altis and Stratis. Think of the east side of Altis. It would not be that hard to find people. Since you can go on a mountain and depending on the view distance you could see pretty far. I suggest everyone loads it up in the editor and flies a littlebird around to do some sight seeing. The map is not as good looking as Tanoa or Altis, but has its place.
  5. Oldman

    ArmA3 Desolation Redux

    Lingor is a pretty horrible arma2 port. There is Tanoa. Played the mod today and the fps was good, but the way the zombies spawn was retarded. Still earlyalpha. It seems that not a lot of work has been done, but maybe most work has been done on the background.
  6. Oldman

    What's the plan for the map?

    Arma 2 maps look ugly when you play arma 3. Don't be greedy and buy the Tanoa DLC. Give those poor people from Bohemia some cash.
  7. Oldman

    ArmA3 Desolation Redux

    How many players were on the server?
  8. Well in that case I might agree. I figured they had their own weapon packs suited for dayz. I am always sceptical on adding guns left and right, because you don't know anything about damage stats and how loud guns are. I remember this loud ass shotgun on dayzmod that was added. You could hear it across multiple valleys and the other guns only from like a couple of blocks away.
  9. Don't add any settlements. No extra structures. No added guns. Tweak loot drops after we played for a week to see what is needed. Lenient rules on group fights unlike this Standalone(this is arma, not dayzpicknick). Add more boat spawns if there is not enough, due to islands. If people have trouble meeting others then maybe add a cenrtal trading post with rules on the main island. Factions should claim and occupy there own places. The map is good enough and does not need added structures. Last but not least, we need good rules on roadblocking. In arma 3 you can go around the corner with 120+ kph and you don't stop so fast. You can imagine what a faulty parked car around the corner of bend would do.
  10. Oldman

    Desolation Redux direction poll

    In arma 3 the cars drive way faster. When I play wasteland on chernarus in arma 3 it really feels like a small map due to the insane travel speeds. In Chernarus it would be really easy for our group to find another group and start a fight. A bit to easy. Chernarus is also a port and comes with its flaws. Driving over trees not damaging your car, but hit a fence and you blow up. All we have to do for Tanoa is to make sure transportation is available for everybody. Also looking forward to clans claiming islands I can see good roleplay come out of this. When there are hotspots there is no such thing as a to big of a map. I would say the stand alone map is more filled with used space then Tanoa is. We do need some adjusted rules on roadblocking, because I can easily block a blind corner wait till explosion and get free stuff. In arma 3 you actually need to press the 's' key for once while driving, something a lot of players are not capable of haha. Making proper contact on a speeding car is also very hard.
  11. Oldman

    Desolation Redux direction poll

    Nothing wrong with a tradepost. *starts collecting tanktraps and sandbaggs* I am in favor of a mix between light and heavy RP. Let groups form their own stories according to a small backgroung lore. Let people rob others as long as they are not dicks about it. Stay in character and we have a fun server like back in the days. And I mean way back in the days.
  12. Oldman

    Election Day

    Hey y'all, hope you have a nice voting day. God bless The United State, the most democratic nation in the world. I would vote for Trump if I could, but sadly I live in the EUSSR so my vote does not matter.
  13. Oldman

    Same names in Reports

    I also notice it is mostly the same people reporting people. Its just dayzrp things.
  14. Is persistence actually working fine tough? I had some items dropped somewhere, because I could not carry it and wanted to test out the system. They were gone next day. I doubt someone took all. Or am I mistaken and do items not stay were they are?
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