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  1. I think a test should be taken place. If anything I know Aeryes said the he would be working on weapon redux's so that's fine as well. Don't think the thread has gotten too hostile, its a sensitive topic for people who have played the game for so long and notice the lack in content. And plus zucchini is pretty good
  2. This makes no sense... the weapons have textures. And what do you mean logs?
  3. Slowly dying wanting to RP but the server isn't up 😞

  4. That's why I stated you can contact the mod creator prior to implementing it. Making sure it's okay in writing.
  5. Yes, I'm glad you read the mod's workshop page. However, placeholder animations and missing magazines wouldn't be that much of a problem for players who want to use the weapons. The weapons themselves have textures, and like I said it would be nice to test and have the community make an opinion after testing. .
  6. Weapons that could be added with mods: Colt 1911 (And engraved variant), AK101, AK74, AKS74U, Amphibian, Aug, Blaze 95, Desert Eagle, FAL, Glock19, Longhorn, M249, P1, Saiga12k, Scout, Sporter 22, Trumpet, VSS, and Winchester 70. An RPG isn't even in the Redux pack... so how would that be a problem. Also nobody here has taken you out of context. You clearly said "just to have a few more guns would be silly in an RP server." I'm happy you are speaking as a player rather then a staff member. However nobody has taken you out of context and sorry if it came off that way. I think testing would be a great idea, public or not. But I do think it should be tested publicly to ensure it works and there is no fishy business going on if it does work.
  7. How does having a few more guns silly in an RP server I really want to figure that out? Having more weapons in a game almost based around survivors with weapons is a necessity atleast in my mind. RP would obviously be greater the more weapons, for example you've been looking for an AUG for days and stumble upon someone with one. It just adds more variety. I hate the "oh this guys and that guy have an M4, AKM, or UMP." It gets so lackluster ESPECIALLY for RP. Considering the server being already "massively modded" this mod has absolutely no problems stated at the given moment. And adding it will only benefit the gameplay of the players. It doesn't hurt to implement it and if it doesn't work, remove it.
  8. The mod runs flawlessly. And doesn't make the game anymore unstable. If you wanted you can join a server with it and test out a bit!
  9. Bohemia has no road map for when these weapons will be re-implemented. It's been quite some time since then. I'm sure most people wouldn't mind some weapons not having animations. It's the fact that the weapons currently are all the same. I've played servers with the mods implemented and they work flawlessly. And like I said, it could only be temporary until they do/if release the weapons.
  10. Honestly with 1.0 being EXTREMELY lackluster there are still the base 11 weapons with 39+ weapons missing. Yes I understand using another modder's mod while the server makes an income is iffy for our owners. Yet it doesn't hurt to ask a mod dev who has made these mods in the past if we can use it. And if there is a problem, it can easily be removed and we don't need to. Or we can have the DayZRP dev's work on them or learn how to. I appreciate our dev's a ton, but I personally think focusing on weapons which are a huge part of the game atm would be great. This would be TEMPORARY until Bohemia re implements the weapons in future patches. With almost the same content after full release. The game gets stale and the variety isn't there. ============================ Current implemented weapons: Makarov, CR75, FNX45, M4A1, IZH 18, AKM, Mosin, SVD, UMP45, MP5K, MP 133 Shotgun (such a small list ree) Missing Weapons: Crossbow, recurve bow, Amphibia S, P1, Red9, Glock 19, Derringer, M1911, .357 Magnum, Longhorn, Repeater, Sporter, Flaregun, Trumpet, AK74, AKS-74U, AK101, AUG, CR527, SKS, Blaze95, FN FAL, Winchester M70, VSS, PM73 RAK, IZH43, RPG-7, M72 LAW, M249 SAW, PKM, Dark Gun, Taser pistol, Groza, Steyr Scout, CR 550, M12 Shotgun, Saiga12k, Uzi, Bizon ============================= Weapons that could be added with mods: Colt 1911 (And engraved variant), AK101, AK74, AKS74U, Amphibian, Aug, Blaze 95, Desert Eagle, FAL, Glock19, Longhorn, M249, P1, Saiga12k, Scout, Sporter 22, Trumpet, VSS, and Winchester 70. Weapons redux pack: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1559317235 ============================= I think as a TEMP fix for the lackluster content DayZ devs have brought. This should be brought up within the community. As always Stoney.
  11. Stoney

    Suggestion to edit Rule 4.7.

    Negotiations need to be in place when someone is holding a hostage. However lets say Group A has the hostage and Group B (Hostage buddies) just start shooting I would +1 this and say the hostage should be able to be killed.
  12. Stoney


    No memeing intended. I do think another game with this community would work well. Dayz has gotten more and more stale with every update and obviously this one hasn't done it justice. There are a lot of options whether or not Rolle or Jim wanted to start up another rp server on a different game is their decision. But I do think something fresh and not an absolute trash heap will suffice.
  13. They've gone forward and backwards in development so much I don't even know how such a thing is possible. Hopefully 1.0 brings something decent to the table.
  14. I just made this for people to talk about their feelings and how the DayZ devs will leave the game in the dumpster after today. Rip
  15. I'm sure we all know and love the illusive M4A1 that almost every person ingame is carrying around on their backs however DayZ Standalone as a base game has almost no variety in firearms. While some aren't in the game currently due to Bohemia "fixing animations for the new engine" they are still extremely lackluster. Here's a list of the current firearms that aren't removed. SVD, M4A1, Mosin 9130, UMP45, MP5-K, MP-133, AKM, B95 Currently, majority of players run around with either an svd, m4, or ak. While using a mod makers weapon pack would add a massive update to the gameplay and finally add some variety to the point you are afraid to lose the weapon. Yes, using mods from the workshop while this server does make an income is a touchy subject. I just wanted to see everyone's responses on if there should be more variety in weapons. Stoney