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  1. I wish I could donate so much to where I get treated like a fuckin god. 

    1. Sleepyhead


      No one here is treated any differently, whether you're a whitename, Tycoon, Legend, or a staff member themself.

      If you believe that the report's verdict is incorrect, you can send it to an admin and ask for it to be appealed & looked over a second time. You can also have a chat with the staff members who wrote and/or signed the verdict to understand why they came to that specific conclusion.

      If you believe a staff member is biased toward someone or a group of people, you can also ask for them not to deal with a report, however that's not guaranteed as anyone can claim "bias" falsely.

      There is no reason for status updates where you throw shade at other community members, no matter who they are. The same goes to them. If you truly do not like someone and don't even wanna see their face, we have a block feature on the website so that you won't see any of their posts.

      I believe we all have it in ourselves to be polite & mature to one another. If not, we can be civil at the very least. If I ever find myself in a tough situation where I am not getting along with someone for one reason or another, I find that the best option is to have a chat with them on Teamspeak or Discord. A vocal conversation can really clear things up sometimes. You can ask them why they do something that they do, what makes them think the way they do, so on & so forth.

      If someone really grinds your gears and you just absolutely cannot stand them, don't stoop to their level. Be the better person & kill them with kindness.

      If it's too much for you and you truly wish to leave the community, then the only thing I can do is wish you the best of luck and hope you find someplace where you enjoy yourself. I hope you don't take offense to anything I've said, as I'm just trying to find a middle ground & find what's best for both sides of a situation.

    2. Banshee


      Donating does not exempt you from punishment or grant you anything else but cosmetic options for the forums. If you are not happy with the outcome of the report or have any concerns regarding the community please PM a staff member instead of making a passive aggressive status update.

    3. Osku


      Also if you think about it logically based your assumption that the owner cares about the money he receives, you would realise that in that case keeping people who havent already paid for tycoon and being biased towards them in reports would be more beneficial since they might still buy tycoon but the ones who already have it wont drop a largish sum like that anymore (except the item store but thats quite a new addition)

  2. Be more productive mate.

    1. Eagle



  3. Tough temp bans.

    1. Sleepyhead


      pew pew pew

  4. Official group or not, you were running with this group for what sounds like quite awhile. I stand by my claim, you were running with them knowing damn well you were going to initiate and you must have been in some sort of com's (discord or ts). By the looks, there was a lot of miscommunication in those coms. Shots were taken far to early, and you associated yourself with that groups initiation as well as them doing the same. Once again, you can see Stannis wasn't run over until the first shots were taken. So he does not gain kill rights because he thought for some reason he could already have them. [2018/12/18 03:59:59]: (Roan Astel) hit by (Shibalov Georgiy) to LeftArm with Bullet_556x45 [2018/12/18 04:00:01]: (Kirov Grigorievich) killed by a(n) Ada 4x4 I'm going to have to agree with @FalseKillSwitch here and just wait considering no other sides POV's have really come out and it is just us 3 saying the same info over and over. I will stay enlightened.
  5. You gained rights with that group. You typed, one yelled. Each of you shared rights.
  6. BorisVC

    • BorisVC
    • Stoney

    You are something

    1. Stoney


      I appreciate the compliment! +1

    2. BorisVC



  7. Just to make it clear. The intentions of this report were to prove that @G19RP and his group initiated and shot to early. I still have no idea why the way someone is driving allows you to shoot within a second of initiating. The logs prove that our claim is true, and our video evidence backs it up. 03:59:58 : Global: Javier Garcia: Stop the car or die! 03:59:59: (Roan Astel) hit by (Shibalov Georgiy) to LeftArm with Bullet_556x45 1 second to stop a car? Pretty tough in my opinion. @G19RP your ign is Javier Garcia. Basically this claim right here is you admitting that your group shot WAY to fast and you are attempting to cover your own tracks. "Well I would like to point out I didn't shoot until 6 seconds." Doesn't matter. 4.3 If you are attacking other players and subjected to a hostile action you are allowed to defend yourself by gaining KILL RIGHTS on the defenders. Kill rights allow you to kill other players for 1 hour or until your character dies. Kill rights can be only be shared with your approved group members. If you are not a part of an approved group, kill rights can not be shared and only apply for your character. If your associated group did not shoot one second after initiation, this would not be a problem at all. You and the group also fail to bring any useful evidence to the table and there were around 5-6 of you in that given initiation and I only see 2-3 responding with their POV's to this thread. We like getting into hostile RP trust me. But this is the second time and sometimes third we have met your group and you ALWAYS find a way to kill someone, play gear rp, or somehow lower the experience. I am excited and enlightened by what the logs have proven, and look forward to the final verdict. God Speed.
  8. Adding this again for another perspective. Hopefully we can get logs as they show time stamps. You can see in the video that none of us notice them prior to the one screaming "Get out the car get out the car!" @Garrett Dibble is driving, and @FalseKillSwitch is in the passenger seat with a solid perspective. @Garrett Dibble turns the car hard right clearly after seeing the two men run into the middle of the dirt road, then back left to avoid @Stannis who walks right in front of the vehicle thus getting hit (not intentional by the looks. Looks like he is compensating considering Garrett turned towards his first position.) Also the time between text initiation to gun fire was 1 second. The voice initiation was 1.5. Slowing down wouldn't have been a valid option within that time-frame considering shots went off so quickly. In the case we were to slow down, shots still would have been taken and casualties would still be about. I'm also curious what the motive for the hold-up was. The group were clearly there for a long period of time before the car started driving. Why wasn't an initiation done then? Also, are you allowed to lay into a car for not stating a motive? Just because we weren't stopping? I feel like this initiation could have been handled incredibly better. We have encountered this group before and not saying "being a bandit" is a bad thing, but encountering them always ends with them finding a "valid" reason to kill someone. I ask politely so we can know the legit timestamps. Will a staff member please post the logs regarding this event? It would really clear the air. And also, I and my group will be willing to discuss this over a discord voice chat so both sides can tell their story confidently with a middle ground and not only through text. Also, @FalseKillSwitch can provide any support staff with the entire VOD leading up to and after this initiation.
  9. This is just a sad attempt at covering something that could have clearly been played better on the attackers side. (What a sad report amirite?) *cough* I really dislike the consistent ganging up on newer players to the server. Clearly solid alliances have been made considering many of the associated players have played on here for well over 400 hours. I don't think "lowkey" flaming and slandering on public status updates. Why the shit talking? I'm curious why it's happening when it's a harmless report focusing a bad initiation. Everyone cries in discord and forums about flaming, I can easily do it too. Note the stream. @FalseKillSwitch did not publicly post the stream. I personally attempted to upload the video onto youtube so nobody could find it. (past stream sniping and all that). Personally seeking out the stream to get "OOC evidence" is a valid report considering the stream was not supposed to be publicly posted to this community. I ask respectfully for that to be removed because it was not intended to be here in the first place. @Stannis posting a stream clip is indeed doxing a "public stream" because it wasn't intended to be available to this community. This will be my last response until a staff responds to this thread considering none have truly done so yet. Kill Logs will help, as well as some sort of evidence from the opposing side however seems there is none.
  10. This video has nothing to do with the report. Doxing someone's stream is kind of OOC hate in my opinion. Regarding we "sped up" we had almost 1.1 seconds to react and slam the "S" key which we still would have been shot via the time you took to shoot.
  11. We can only assume you are with them. Considering you are the one who did the text initiation, you and all others initiated. I don't know who shot, and would love to see some logs and or video evidence of you side.
  12. Once again. Viewing the vod, you can clearly see shots go off BEFORE @Stannis is run over. Also at the time, nobody was in Sosnovka. Do you guys possibly have a vod of the situation?
  13. Breaking the In game immersion with shooting after 2 seconds of a warning will typically piss some people off. It was extremely sus that there was barely any initiation before. I don't think any OOC context within my report. Nobody is "hating" you personally. It's more or less the fact that this was an extremely poor attempt at an initiation. EDIT: Also I would like to note. Via the video evidence. The shots went off before your friend was hit.
  14. Server and location: S1 Green Mountain Dirt Road Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): between 22:00 and 23:00 EST Your in game name: Roan Astel Names of allies involved: Gilbert Husk, Arthur Williams, Garrett Dibble Name of suspect/s: Javier Garcia rest are unknown. The "Garcias" or "District." Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): Friendly Vehicle Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Detailed description of the events: We all tried getting back from killing ourselves to get rid of the annoying cold. We had 2 people who were not sick in the car picking up Arthur and I at Green Mountain. We had no idea anyone else was there. As seen in the video Gilbert has no idea either. We begin to drive off worried about the zombies and hear someone screaming, "get out the car" then 2 seconds later without giving us time to stop shots start pegging us in the back. To retaliate the early shots our driver. Garrett ran into one of the people shooting at us. I personally think this is an invalid kill considering the time given to stop was no more then 2 seconds.
  15. +1. This would be great if my character didn't have the inability to hold in a cough for more then 2 seconds.
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