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  1. POV: I spawned in at Rogovo headed to green mountain got picked up and died. My POV cant be furthered then what's shown in my VOD as it is quite literally my Point of View of the events.
  2. Here is also my complete vod/pov video from twitch. At around like 1:49:40 is when the clip/incident happened and my death was at 1:50:50. Feel free to take a scrub around the whole vod of where we were and at before this whole ruckus. Also, like what False said anything said after the event that took place are the statements/commentary of my stream. Most of my stream was me sitting next to a fire
  3. Arthur Williams, born and raised in the best country on the planet the United States of America. Once 17 years old, Arthur and his best friend Roan dropped out of high school to join the United States Navy Seals. Spending years of training together they were sent to Chernarus during the middle of the civil war to apply assistance. Roan and Arthur trained the Chernarussian armies on how to fight and used their expansive knowledge in combat to aid their victory. While not being the brightest characters, they knew many tactics when it came to the combatant front. Once the civil war came to an end. Arthur decided to spend a little more time in Chernarus. Enjoying the different change of landscape and lifestyle. Roan was still around and they typically went to bars and told the folk about their stories of war. Always catching an eye. However once the 2017 outbreak began, Arthur had a flight booked out, courtesy of the United States. While driving to the airport with Roan in the passenger seat. They forgot their left from right and made a wrong turn. Only to get lost and end up stuck in Chernarus for the outbreak. Sometime later, the two met a doctor named Casey Rogers. Down in his luck after many members of his prior affiliation perished. Adding some brains into the twos adventures. And speaking of adventures, they keep on going. The two units (along with their trusty sidekick Casey) won't stop playing plinko with cars rolling down mountains or losing their way in the land of Chernarus. The duo iq that reached a maximum of 80 still strives while surviving in this god forsaken world. And they won't finish.
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