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  1. Shxy

    Hit by car? - 2018-12-03, 22:22

    I DIdnt choose to log because of what i did i had to go it wasnt an option to stay online. My POV is i was driving down the road and it was dark and i didnt see anything ahead of me until i had hit the person on the road. As you know the headlights in cars arent that efficient so i know i should of been driving slower but this was purely an accident and i apologised. I Wouldve stayed online to resolve the issue but i had to go offline. Sorry. And i didnt respond until now because i hadnt checked the website until just. I dont have any video evidence.
  2. 19 British soldier. He was due to be sent out to iraq but due to complications with his medical status he was withdrawn from operation and forced to stay in Britain. When he was in britain certain people knew he was military but someone higher up had been tracking his progress. He was approached by two men in suits who managed to take him down and knock him out as they were passing him. He woke up in a warehouse and was told he was required for a certain mission. As they briefed him that he was needed to retrieve a tissue sample along with a blood sample. He didnt know what from until they showed drone footage of the infected. As the brave man he is Rhys accepted the job. They flew him to the russian land in a AH-64 Apache as they were flying over the land their rotor malfunctioned causing them to crash into a field. Rhys woke up as the lone survivor.
  3. 18 Years old. Grew up in england but came to Chernarus to start fresh after being kicked out of the military for physically assaulting a general and disobedience. He came to chernarus for a fresh start. He saw it as a chance to escape from his past and attempt to start a good life. His lack of family and money let his anger and hate for the military overwhelm him. He started mugging people night after night as he swirled into a pattern of violence and hate. As he slept in a shoddy apartment he was awoken by the screams of infected as the started to overwhelm the city. Tom ran out the apartment grabbing his bag and small CR75 With 1 mag and few extra rounds. As he relentlessly shot any infected too close to him he stole an old sedan as he drove as far north as he could.This is where he survived until the present. He hops from military compounds to cities in look of people and supplies.His personality is very lonely and doesnt bare well with large groups. He will tend to be alone but will never back down from people until the very last moment.
  4. Jasper came to cherno with his father to fish after seeing the land on the internet when looking for budget holidays. They had a small cottage near the docks in elektro. One morning as they were rigging the boat they didnt know about the outbreak as they didnt look at any news or tv. As it was very early in the morning it dark and misty. As jasper removed the rope docking the boat a bone chilling howl set him into panic. as him and his father turned to see a horde of rabid bodies stampeding towards them. The two of them grabbed their rods and bags and ran inland. after losing the horde they set up camp in a castle. they had little food but plentiful water as they had secured a well nearby. one night as they started to put their fire out 4 men came from the woods and held them at gunpoint. as they demanded our supplies an infected launched from the bushes and teared through one of the men. The mans gun fell to the floor. his father reached for the gun. and pointed it at the biggest member of the group. as they ridiculed him saying he wouldnt pull the trigger. As he pulled the trigger it jammed. Jasper watched his father get riddled with bullets. the shots attracted a horde which distracted the group enough so Jasper could hide.The next morning Jasper grabbed what he could and fled to the coast. Ever since he has been living of the land and never letting his fathers rod out of his sight as it was the closest he could get to his father now.
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