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  1. Joe was born to a medium class family in New York city. His parents had a small restaurant close to Harlem neighborhood where some local thugs used to hang out and cause troubles. The thugs told his parents that they need to pay "protection money" if they want their restaurant to stay in one piece, but that never stop them from sending Joe to the best schools and get the best education they could afford. In the age of 16 Joe had to quit school to help his parents in the restaurant, and he used to work at any available work he could find to help them. One day on the way back home he saw many emergency vehicle next to his apartment building and he felt that something is wrong, he asked a police officer what happened and he told him that 2 elders couple got shot and killed in one of the apartment. When Joe heard what happened he ran as fast as he could to his apartment pushing anyone who stood in his way and than he saw them... his parents lie down on the floor dead covered with their own blood. From now on he knew he need to get justice for his parents and he knew exactly who killed them, those are the same thugs who used to threat his parents every single day. He told the police who the killers are but they said that they found no evidences that those thugs are the killers and the case got closed. Joe understand that he won't get justice from the law so he decided that he need to do something to get his revenge, but he knew he could not do this alone. Joe heard about another crime organization who are enemy's with the thugs that killed his parents. He went to a local boxing gym where one of the organization heads used to train at, Joe told him his story and that he want to get revenge for his parents and that he is going do anything to get it. The man listen to him and he told Joe he will help him but in one condition, he told Joe that he is looking for new recruits for his organization and if Joe want his help he need to show his loyalty to him and Joe accepted and pledged his loyalty to him. Joe trained for a few years with the organization how to become an experience soldier and he was finally ready. The attack on the thugs hideout got the thugs unprepared because they never thought anyone would be brave enough to attack them and it didn't take to long until every last one of them was dead, Joe finally got his revenge. For his accomplishments in that young age Joe raised in the ranks of the organization and become one of the most respected members. The organization had many businesses around the world including coal mines in Chernarus. On 7th of July strange thing started to happened in Chernarus and no one knew what really is going on in there, so the head of the organization decided to send a small group of armed men on a boat to Chernarus before the borders get close in order to protect their business over their. From that day no one heard from the armed men ever again. On the 23th people started to understand that there is some kind of plague going on in Chernarus. The son of the organization leader the same one who recruited Joe decided to go with more armed men in to Chernarus to try to find out what happened to the first group and to try and protect their business from the chaos that happens there. Joe joined him and that's how Joe's journey begins.
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