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"Just like Memories, People can fade."

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  1. Oh Hush, you have your own personal orbit Spencer xD
  2. I don't know about you lads, maybe I am just a hoarder but I feel like I overdid it just a little bit (est. time - 1 Hour of looting ) and yes I didn't find a weapon to any of these xD
  3. Once with a happily growing family, a forest fire would take and harvest everything that he had worked for. Taking his wife and his two lovely children. Carrying the weight of their souls on his back he would deciede to leave everything that made him who he once was, behind. Leaving the floating Island, England behind he would take the next possible plane towards Chernarus. A deal well made brought the old man close to the woods of black forest. To start a new life, to begin once again for himself and maybe for a new family.
  4. Always remember that Zombies and bandits are not your only problem. Remember that you'll need more than food and water to survive. Remember that you need more than a gun to protect yourself. Keep the ones next to you close and strife for the same goals.
  5. JohnCrown

    Keeping the cold out

    Well we do share a passion
  6. JohnCrown


    We know the feels
  7. Growing up within the caring arms of a very grounded and supportive family which was located just 2 hours to the west near Manchester. Little Alkis was taught as young lad how to use the wonders of nature for his advantage whilst still enjoying the positive sides of the Big Cities nearby. Starting early alongside his father and living on the family tradition he was taught in the careful craft of hunting and also processing the captured game into multiple useful materials which would be sold either on the market or used for personal usage. At the age of 10 the family would make their move, heading towards the glorious country side of chernarus. With his fathers impressive hunting skills the family would be able to continue their living standards quite easily and carry on with their rather peaceful live. Just as his father Alkis grew to be very learned and gifted in his abilities to hunt even dangerous game and sell these at decent rates on the local market in Electro and Berezino. It didn't seem like anything could shake the coming future of this lad, rising in honor and soon going his own ways. Alkis moved out early, very early, at the age of 17 he already decided to take matters into his own hands, leaving his parents behind in the quiet city of Kamensk and move onwards a few hourstowards to Severograd. Living on whilst staying afloat with own Freelance Business as a Freelance hunter who would sell his game for a living. It wouldn't take him long to find a proper match on his side, a loving counterpart and even with frequent reports of military and Political uproars there seemed nothing that would shook the future of this soon to be new family. When the military rolled in, causing a thunderous uproar and starting to evacuate the population, Alkis wouldn't be not so fond of his future any more, now that something began to take over and demolish his just so bright future. They've been evacuated towards Cherno, told to be sent off land by the ships awaiting the Citizens of Chernarus and bring them to safety. Much to his dismay, the long way and completely overloaded traffic wouldn't allow him and his partner to come anywhere close to the saving bowl of the ships. They were left behind. The last 1 percent of the population gather in cherno to live under the last protection of the military. It would be soon be overrun, scattering, killing and making the last remaining sights of humanity disappear. Within those weeks his dear wife was lost, no signs of his parents would remain and himself would be left behind, forced to live by his expertise learned throughout his life. He was lost, within the murdering masses of Infected and carry on his families legacy. Returning to Severograd he would collect the remains of his once beloved home, packing tents, supplies and his trusty weaponry to hunker down into the last place he would recall save and loving to take him in. A small cave near Kamensk would be called his new home. Hidden away from the masses of death and savageries he would live, hunting and hiding whilst calmly talking into the radio stand build within his camp. He wouldn't show his face to anyone, having lost all trust to the humanity that gave him once so much just to rip it from his grasp way too early. Only speaking with survivors on the radio while the outsides would be raided time and time again, Alkis would watch on. Like Hawk eyes stalking over the pavement, listening to every sound and watching every shadow. He remained silent. "Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass... It's about learning to dance in the rain."
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