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    1. ChewyLR


      the SMALL, enemy spider!

  2. Thrasher dashing up those stairs on 0.5HP #Honorable Mentions


    @Roland The Server be acting Strange man. 3 POVs of  different people 

    1. Inferno



    2. ZedLR



    3. Roland


      I don't get it

    4. Inferno


      Every person sees a different video but it’s the same link

  4. My POV: From the chain of information from the Pub people to @YAKMOUTH from him to @Phoenyxx and from her to me I logged on in Berezino ontop of the roofs, on which I logged out earlier in the day. I remained in the safety of heights and hiding behind the peaked roofs I looked around to give updates on the situation. While watching the group from that point known as PJs guys. This went on for a good bit while the troops were rallied until the Russians eventually rolled up Into town, starting their rp of frisking civilians for weapons and doing their usual thing. I do crash about to times during this but come back into the game. This continues until the Russians eventually leave town. From which I loose line of sight. Throughout the entire situation I have not been spotted by either party and remained hidden, atleast I think so.
  5. Ah yes, much appriciated. Also stop putting milk in before your cereal, honestly. first
  6. 1. Dead Batteries 2. 503 3. Toymakers 4. Mac Tire 5. United Front
  7. I'm back ladies and girls! I've made enough clothes TIME TO PILLAGE
  8. Ah yes, fantastic day. Glad to meet Tristans "future wife" new acquaintance. Much fun! @Ilikelettuce
  9. Amen. Again, giving the wheel to a third party is very difficult to maintain and keep people happy, because someone will feel mistreated, maybe many. The system would work with everyone on the same terms. In reality people are here for different reasons, making the system easily abuseable if fabricated right.
  10. As stated above this would need alot of staff work, which in times of full servers is sometimes just not there. Secondly giving a quote on quote "Third Party" which you could say is the staff team the right to decide over your characters future is something alot of people, me included would never support. I do understand the frustration of Agressive forces running the region back and forth. Thinking about the over arching "pvp issue" sure you could try to pk them, but would it really change anything besides them writing up a new char and going at it again? There is a reason DayZRP is not using a Strike System or Perma death, it's a very touch, resource intensive and perspective dominated topic. I understand were you're coming from, this is not the first thread I've read about this. But there are reasons me and others don't agree with it, along side it not being implemented already. - Sincerely the Twink King of DayZRP ~Alkis
  11. The Logo looks pretty hot to ngl PepeTip
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