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    Looking forward to interacting with you folks. Already heared a bunch of good things around and Alkis seems like he needs some new scarring.
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    "A Place to call home."

    It's early, the morning just opening it's eyelids with a few singular, blurry rays of light. The fields being drenched in the nights glitter, casting a shallow fog that wraps itself around every tree and stone, hiding each wandering path that was used so often. Birds chirping quietly, their melody echoing throughout the forest. Among the fog would step a silhouette, crawling over sticks and thick wood work, merely it's breath visible in the cold morning. Cracking of twigs, crunching of fallen leafs, rolling stones. Each step would lead the silhouette closer to it's destination. A cabin deep hidden within the mountains and woods of Chernarus. By now the sun would have risen just enough to cast a looming shine around the figure approaching the cabin. Hooded, covered entirely by cloth and rags, wrapped in a visible, heavy, worn out carrier. It's weapons rattle and snap against each other whilst dangling off it. On its back, a bulking collection of boxes, bags and slings. Merely a few more meters, the looming architecture reaching into the trees crowns, yet being bathed in the warm morning sun which casts a wide shadow of the figure approaching. It's steps scream loudly on the cabins wooden boards, a stepping stool to it's porch. Little cobwebs struck themselves across the wooden logs and railings, keeping its proud roof held up highly. A longing sigh escaped the still shadowy figure. It was silent, they were alone. The door began screeching at every inch it was opened, the little windows decorating its frame quivering loosely in their sockets. Stepping inside with just as loud floor boards the shadow drifted into the building followed by a shallow guardian made of fog and vapor. A long cloak waving and dancing in the breeze it had brought along only to stand still, frozen in place as the door clicked shut. The faceless hood began drifting in waves, left and right, inspecting its surroundings. As finger less gloves gripped the hood it fell, dropping onto the strangers shoulders. A craved, worn mask glimpsed across the room. Soon it made way as well, a soft click releasing it from it's user. Alkis sighed heavily, a mixture of relief and disappointed in his breath. The gnarly look of his own face reflected in the dusty hallway mirror. He was alone among the few rats and bugs calling this place now their home. He dropped his belongings at the door, everything hit the floor, every bit of protection and safety was released. Each scar the man wore would become visible. A canvas of hardship, wars lost, victories achieved, men gained and families lost. His now way lighter steps shifted throughout the hallway, countless thoughts turning his mind into a war-zone. Each step, a brief reminder, like lighting, mercilessly striking his mind with each memory that remained. Each step like a nail driven into its sole. He arrived silently in the main hall, no light but the few now white rays of light breaking through dust and web. "Like a wolf in it's den...seems like even the alpha does leave it's pack behind eventually..." He spoke within his own radius, almost silently. Reaching to his back would be sitting a crate, once setting it onto the wide table within the center it would rest, beautifully engraved and decorated, while a chess field waited on top. He calmly sets down the hand crafted chess board. "They surely knew how to make an entrance...but so did we, right?" Reaching into his pouch he pulled out two sets. One white, setting it up neatly on one side of the playing field. Now, onto the black pieces. Not traditional ones, each piece carefully hand crafted, engraved and signed with a name. Yet he refused to put any on the board but one, a black rook, his name carved into its neck. Each other piece now calmly rests on the side of the board, each one carrying another name of their family. A metal plate in front of the board, pointing towards the entrance, reads. "So many lost pieces. Once you return to the place your heart calls home. May choose to reunite, or leave as a lost soul." Every so slowly he would distance himself from the table. One less weight to carry around on his back was set down, a gift left behind by a broken man that despite everyone's opinion remains on his feet. His eyes draw silently around the hall, into the different hallways leading towards rooms once occupied, up into the indoor balcony resting high above the hall. Even when the room was empty, even without a single soul present he felt like a mountain was resting above this place, or at least his head was him telling that. Wandering loosely around the hall, along the shelfes and drawers, by the windows and lamps until finding his place of rest, an armchair sitting tugged away between to nightstands. He fell into it, dust being thrown up into the already foggy air. Watching, almost staring at the dust, seeing it dance, twirl and soon fall back to the floor, almost mocking the pity he found himself in. His head sunk. "I remain grateful. So far away from good and evil. Eyes cold as Ice, wanting to see the sun. The cold wind blows to stop me in my path. But hot blood flows through my veins. We live between heaven and hell. Hanging over the abyss on a silks thread. Don't show weakness was our only rule... but the pouring rain hides every tear we fail to hold back. Even when everything shatters like glass, broken pieces will still reflect the light." He looked down upon his arm, his palm pointing towards the ceiling, the mark left on his wrist almost glowing in the vague, dust drenched sunlight. His thumb calmly running over the scarred skin. "Can you do me this one favor ?" He asked into the room, his voice barely echoing. "Can I for once not be disappointed ? Can I for once hold onto something and not let it go ?" His fist clenched, his wrists pressing to the chairs arms, throwing him out of it as if charging an intruder only to slowly stumble to a hold with an empty gaze, his entire figure lightly trembling "Can I for once not be alone inhere ?" He asked into the room as if it was filled with them, his family. Open arms he asked into the empty, dusty and creaking void. Not a single soul to be seen. "...and I always thought the darkness would scream back at me..." He stumbled towards the entrance, heavy breaths, slow steps, he wasn't exhausted, he was tired, of what ever plagued him. Dragging himself along the walls and drawers littering the hallways he came from, falling past his belongings to push himself into the door, pushing it open only to fall to his knees. He began screaming, screaming on top of his lungs, across the roof tops, into the trees crowns all the way up into the sky, he yelled, he screamed, he howled he hurled until his throat wouldn't take it any longer. His head was pulsing, his throat burning, his heart pounding. He listened to his voice ringing through the hills and trees, hoping some ears would catch it and know what it meant. Kneeling there for a moment that seemed like another lifetime, looking aimlessly into the forest ahead. His screams banishing every thought from his mind. Once again allowing everything to be truly silent. He rose to his feet and found his way back inside. Collecting his belongings the way he left them. His mask remained off, his hood down. Once more his head turned back towards the door, slowly pulling it shut and taking steps ahead. He didn't want to leave, neither wanted he to stay. Once his boots began hitting the wood work he once threw a look back, his eyes brightening up a little and a tiny smile carving its way across his lips. For a moment he imagined how things would be, if everyone was there. His mouth opened and so he spoke. "Save travels." "Keep your head on your shoulders." "Find your way home." "Stay safe." "See you soon." "Until Then." "I miss you. Family....." _______________________________________________________________________ Thank you to every member of "The Playhouse" before me, while we lasted and who still remains. Thank you to every outsider interacting with us and making us who we were. Thank you to the readers, I hope you enjoyed a little insight into Alkis Rouber. "What ever happens, happens." - Keiko Nobumoto
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    Groups for grabs!

    This is a thought that has been buzzing around in my head for a while now. Even while playing mostly one character on the server I am still writing my own fair bit. Characters, Groups, Factions and events. Things that I would like to do in the future but on the other hand probably won't ever have time for in the next year. I wondered if anyone else is similar positions with the same thoughts on things? Would people like to see full made group concepts that they can simply pick up with the permission of the writers ? Maybe people want to find someone like minded to write on groups together ? Maybe it could be an outlet for lore-masters as well to try out new things that would fit with the lore so people can be part of it if interested? I'd like to hear your thoughts on this "Groups for Grabs" Concept!
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    Nox An Victorum

    Interesting... Pure blood hm...? Time to pack my bags and go looking again.
  7. This Character Page is only to be used for test purposes!
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    Happy birthday Nozzy

    Happy Birthday Nozzle, long live the Twink King Diplomat and Propagana Minister!
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    Where are the groups at ?

    @AndreyQ talking about personality
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    Where are the groups at ?

    As of late I seem to struggle to find a bigger cluster of organized people in the apocalypse. I don't lack any role-play on my way around the map but usually it's maybe a group of 1-3 people. Surely I meet groups on the daily bases but it's usually the same ones that already seemed to have heavily established their presence. While looking at the Official groups i would say i maybe see 10-20% regularly. Where are to small groupies at !?
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    3 GPUs Dead....1 to go. May Lord have mercy.

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      If you are killing that many GPUs, you might want to reconsider the approach since the computer may be killing them, not they are failing you o.O

    2. Alkis


      First one was my old one, saw that coming. The Second one was from my old pc, so it was already pretty beat, the third was second hand so prolly just bad luck. I bough a new one straight from retail with warranty


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      Oof. That is a hell of a string of bad luck. Lets hope fourth time is the charm.

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    I guess it's time to celebrate 1000 Hours aye ?


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    "We all have our moments..." - Alkis Rouber

    Into the morning hours some light began warmly shining through the broken windows of the cabin he was resting in, the broken glass giving a nice colorful glow across the wooden floor. You can hear a quite voice singing along with a gentle screeching and tapping rhythm. Alkis would be sitting on a table just near the door. His toolbox resting on the end of it while weird objects are placed across the table. He sung quietly, a mixed tone of sadness but content rung through his throat. Starting up left was a small figure resembling a necklace with a star at the end of it, claimed from a Christmas tree. @GreenySmiley [The Electro Commune] "‘Cause this world ain’t that bad with a thankful heart. Oh I tried to keep track of each every scar. But they all lead me back to the place we are. And it’s perfect for you. So let’s go spend some time and we’ll have some fun. Forget all the judgment be young and dumb. We’ll take off our masks and move to the drums. The one and the two. Just me and you. ♫~" He would be tapping a long his singing, a pen handle in his hand, similar to the ones he had given out to the people he trusted, maybe in the middle of making ? Looking on be the next object. A knuckleduster, rusty yet the engravings on it clear to read "United". @Lemons @zsmith1111 [The United Front] "I’ve spent so many years, Trying to figure out. The reason I’m here, The reason I doubt, But it’s moments like these, That are most profound, I’m just free. So I raise up my glass and I make some noise. For the things of the past that have been destroyed. And I’m not looking back oh .I’ve made my choice, I’m just me it’s true, And you’re perfectly you. ♫~" Adding to the tapping pen he had a metal string bend over each side of his toolbox, using the edge of his tweezers to stroke along it, giving it a bright humming sound. Continuing to another object sitting on the table. An Iron cast plate in the shape of a horse and a human sitting on top, pointing out over the horses head. @groovy kase @groovy grimm [Dead Horse] "Oh, here I am. Not ever looking back. Forever free at last. Let’s dance all night, dance all night.Hands held high, I found myself tonight. Getting lost in your eyes. Let’s dance all night, dance all night. ♫~" His voice rose more brightly, the man who seemed to humble, so self centered and reserved, starting to give his voice a touch of relief, head leaned up towards the ceiling, allowing a view of the tears that began covering his face. The next object would be a badge, made to resemble a wolfs head, the bottom part reading "Cloi les an alfa mac tire". @groovy grimm @groovy kase @RiZ [Mac Tire] "Well after it all. I’ve just learned one thing. That love is the answer. Whatever life brings. I could gain the whole world. But what would it be. If I didn’t have you to share moments like these. So I’m saying it now. Today is the day that marks a beginning of freedom this way. When life sends a worry we’ll bring back the bass. The one and the two. Just me and you. ♫~" The Dance of pain and hope in his expression, in his voice, in the intensity of his tapping and playing of tunes grew, he wasn't there, at least not with his mind. The next object would be a little flask, within it would be a little doll, calmly resting within, the flask corked and tied to a chain, forming a necklace. @PandaOG @OpticVC @Xehara @ScarletRose @Derek Crow @zsmith1111 [The Playhouse] "It’s the youngest we’ll ever be tonight so let’s go. Have a toast for another time, we can come. Be together under the light’s and we’ll move. We’ll forget all the problems of yesterday. All the stupid decisions the growing pains. And we’ll take just a moment to celebrate with the groove. ♫~" In between his arms laid a deep green armband, a wolf carefully sewn onto one side of it, he gave it a quick glimpse and nodded with a content smile. @zsmith1111 @lunathecat @PhoenyxxRP @RiZ @CocoMii @BrianM [The Wolfpack] "This is what we’ve been waiting for. A time to go. Leave it on the floor. Dance all night. We’re so alive, so alive. Hand in hand with your heart in mine. Take a stand. Leave it all behind. Dance all night. We’re so alive, so alive, oh ♫~" The higher his voice rose the brighter the smile of the mutilated man grew, a twisted sense of freedom of a canvas that only pictured pain, heartbreak, death and torture. The last object on the table would be a shell clamp, within it would be a little red rose, seemingly plastic as it showed no sign of dying out. His voice lowered of the last parts of his singing, gaining a touch of sense, coming back to the world he was in. @coolman23 @CocaineLane @NightMar3rGamer [The Messengers] "This is what we’ve been waiting for. A time to go. Leave it on the floor. Dance all night. We’re so alive, so alive. Hand in hand with your heart in mine. Take a stand. Leave it all behind. Dance all night. We’re so alive, so alive ♫~" As he finished he wiped his eyes, stopping the tune, lowering his voice. His fingers softly almost protectively running along the collection of objects. His shoulders hung low, relaxed. His eyes drew towards the window right next to the door, right where his pistol still rested while admiring the morning sun.
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    Well this is where my playstreak comes to an end. Unfortunately my graphics card died earlier last night and I wasn't able to recover quick enough. o7 To the lost progress#143DaysPlayStreak




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      My playstreak ended a month ago.... because my graphics card died...

      Golden Girls Rose GIF by TV Land

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      o7 @Hofer

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    NVFL - Novaya Petrovka 17:25

    POV: After having talked to shock for a solid 3 minutes we hear @Willow telling us she got shot as we made our way down to novaya as fast as possible. Scoping out the area from the open field I spotted a guy with a pile of infected dropped dead around him. We quickly approached the man to find our friend lying dead next to the infected. After a short conversation, admitting he might have shot her as well as taking some of her clothes and her gun we decided to hold him in place, confronting him about what had happened. Trying to settle the situation calmly wasn't fruitful so we decided to use force. At first, even slowly he was compliant before putting his hands down and pulling his pistol, the rest happened in the Video provided.
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    Sea, Lakes and River [Open Frequency]

    *Alkis rose his head from the couch he was resting on after tracking through the country side, hearing his radio quitely buzzing before pressing down the PTT* "I don't believe you can regrow a fully missing cheek, not that anyone in this little dystopia." *He shakes his head with a low sigh which would be loud enough to be heared* "But I recieved a surgey not to long ago..." "...One...Two months maybe..?" "They had to fix my broken hand...let's say it was stuck between a rock and a hard place, shattered through out. *He looked down at his hand, not really sure what to make its current look* "They pulled wires or something through the bone, I am not a person with a lot of medical knowledge so...." "I was supposed to get checked the week after...never happend. So if you'd like a challenge, here I am." *With that he released the PTT, resting his head back down, listening to the biters walking outside*
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    Alkis' POV Journal

  18. Alkis

    "Not even the comfort of light stays for long"

    From the album: Alkis' POV Journal

  19. Alkis

    "I wished you would be sitting next to me"

    From the album: Alkis' POV Journal

  20. Alkis

    "In darker time come so much brighter moments"

    From the album: Alkis' POV Journal

  21. Alkis

    "Being pushed beyond your comfort zone"

    From the album: Alkis' POV Journal

  22. Alkis

    "Yet there is no man hanging on this tree"

    From the album: Alkis' POV Journal

  23. Alkis

    "A loving family, with questionable values"

    From the album: Alkis' POV Journal

  24. Alkis

    "What ever deity you believe in, it has long left us"

    From the album: Alkis' POV Journal

  25. Alkis

    "It's starting to become normal, being alone"

    From the album: Alkis' POV Journal

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