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  1. @Hofer don't @ me

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      *insert internal screeching*


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  2. When you don't have a computer at the moment and just read the forums and realise how wild people get on here sometimes. It's crazy

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      yup XD and dam I want to be that girl in your profile picture... that's totally me having fun, what a dance skill.

  3. @Neo o7


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      imma cry

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      Where be them toes?


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      May he have all the toes in heaven o7


  4. @Peril our duo that was never allowed to be MuchCry I for one, much to many people mocking me otherwise, will not be playing alkis again. He was the first character I made when I started on DayZRP, who is now the most played character on the server. He was an amazing ride and rebrithing him wouldn't do it justice, he would never be the same. So I will settle for something new, an Idea I was playing with last year, I will fledge it out more and we'll see where it leads me aye ?
  5. Damn, seems like Alkis will never see the 2000Hrs play time, time to bust open the character creation once again.
  6. It was merely adviced as stated by @Para. Meanwhile I don't remember seeing any heads up warning in neither the Announcment channel on Discord nor on the forums that was supposedly 2 Months ahead of time. I would've been fine if it was advertised for what it exactly is instead of having the lore team having to write up a reason for people to stay in place. People don't like to play on lovonia, as it has been seen on many multiple threads before, so people won't continue to play there if forced to. While making new characters resets them to square one, which may help some, but not everyone. It can be a vibe killer for many who just picked up proper speed to things.
  7. My POV: I was keeping myself relatively far in the background as I myself had already previous encounters with their Faction. After bringing him into the location to be further questioned by Fae I've resulted to valueing the information we recieved, (armbands, any notes that were carried and so forth). Fae continued to question him until he began sneezing. From there we did a full check up of meds, asking if he needed any food, water or needed to be wrapped up more warmly. A few more minutes pass until he collapses. Evidence has been uploaded. The hostage was asked if they needed anything around 1:40 and died later around 2:30
  8. That's how you should feel at all times meeting complete strangers with guns!
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  9. Welcome back o7

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      Somehow.... some way... DayZRP always drags me back.

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    I look dashing in yellow
  11. V4.png.afd779f8b90169afae1378d1b70f687c.pngV8.png.f7f35ed608db083e483bdbc350001575.pngV5.png.63bdba7727b2a750eb52c1a55ca95c67.pngV6.png.1518449603755df2a71dea33c8a17de6.pngV7.png.79492ac3b5540c76272d5ff994fa65f1.png
    You've just been upgraded @MaybeleleLR

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  12. We are part of so many groups backstory now, It's oddly suprising But nonetheless I love the interaction with your group and the thread is a great read! More Power to you!
  13. First I though I was trippin'....then I came back to my senses...and then it stared singing in my head... Dobre Dobre Bratre. Glory to the motherland. The Apes are back, we might need a groovy dance off at some point @groovy grimm Love to see this group back!
  14. Only thing that seems off is the [Victory] part of your Story. From my perspective the only effective threat that we had faced was The Joyces and The Bountyhunters. I wouldn't call that civilians but more effective fighters. I haven't personally encountered many of you lot while being very actively out and about with the 5.0.3 yet never saw any of you a threat or even actively around. So the story section is questionable, but still a very nice read on how our factions have brushed against eachother. "Maintain Peace for Civilians Through Diplomatic Action" - "Enforce Peace Through Violent Means If Absolutely Necessary" "Help to Peacefully Resolve Conflicts Between Existing Factions" - "Enforce Peace Through Violent Means If Absolutely Necessary" "Enforce Peace Through Violent Means If Absolutely Necessary": -End justifies the means- Questionable. Wouldn't then everyone be a bandit for the greater good ? Everything together still a very nice thread and best of luck to ya'll
  15. 1385759077_tenor(4).gif.01d1cd7403669f49216cfe802618b07e.gif

    The Landscape is ours again boys.

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    *Slava the Thieflings!~*

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      *Sniff* do i smell beanzfarm 👀


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      Yaboi 😉 

  16. The Juice is loose. 

  17. I rushed it slightly, my Graphic Companions such as @Commander would be disappointed x) Graphics will be overworked in the near future.
  18. @Alkis: "It was full moon like two days ago"
    @RiZ: "Oh really ? Let me check if we have full moon tonight"
    @FaeRP: "We have the same Moon"

    You are lovely people 🙂

  19. Right, it seems like it's the time again... I've been around Nadbour for a couple of days now and I believe my name is well established by now as I have history with almost all parties that currently live within the Region such as Kings Ridge, Green Mountain Charity back in the day and even some of their members of present day. as inculding in my POV: Ever since I've logged on I've been spending my time around the Clinic and the Forgotten Mountain Compound, roleplaying with various people from both and other groups. An hour or so passes until @RiZ @FaeRP and their party rolls into town. Shortly, maybe half an hour later I hear that most members of the Charity have locked themselves inside their compound to Avoid @RiZ and potentially the Wolfpack, which is widely known to have collapsed at this point and not many members of those remain. After roleplaying along with them and the rest of the Residence of Nadbour, @RiZ comes up with the idea to walk up to their compound for a little scare regarding the information of them suspecting something. I didn't see it as an attack or show-of-force or any of the like and more a way of talking things out in the silly behaviour that @RiZ's Character is known for. I haven't caught wind of any raiding accusations or insults being thrown, its was actually more peaceful besides people yelling over eachother to keep conversation. As the bigger group thins out I request, along side many others, to send our kindest regards to Kat and the people inside. Afterwards, most returned to the Clinic.
  20. Time to get some artistic input: As I work with both photoshop and after effects it tends to differ what options are open for you. Gifs can have different values which they go off of, at what rate to play each image yada yada yada. They are as we know tiny videos. As you can see in the bottom right corner there are options to loop it infinitively or just once. I rarely use this option unless its needed for advertisements that have to end up with a certain static image. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Another issue that might happens from time to time that the website tends to have isses uploading files, sometimes they stop loading entirely or in your matter, upload corrupted. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________ As I never ran into the issue of it not playing entirely myself this is just things that *could* potentially cause this. I hope this helped shedding some light on this.
  21. While he's taking a look he can resolve the issue that new playstreaks overwrite old ones? Used to have Devoted Player and stopped playing at some point, now I started again and got the old 30 Day Streak Title again
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      Take care and get yourself settled once more! 

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      hes always had mvp 😛 cya soon furry

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      Was great having you around, thanks for your time spent in staff 

      saluting james corden GIF by The Late Late Show with James Corden

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