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  1. Drinking Update: We all sober and safe but holy **** it was lit @Maybelele @TearsFallSilent@CutieKermie @GreenySmiley@Nyx @N1RU @Sammi

    1. Eagle


      Weird if you weren't safe at your own homes.411111.gif.6007f19db9b82724d90c90d875ed778d.gif

    2. Alkis


      Youd be suprised what liqour does to people


    3. GreenySmiley


      I think I was there for like 5min. made a noise and was dying to sleep deprivation XD My memory is fuzzy, did this happen?


    4. Sammi


      @Eagle you'd be so surprised. xD 

      Also @Maybelele fix your sleep schedule, 4head. 

  2. Drunk Gaming getting out of hand

    1. Maybelele


      yessiiir we down baaaad ❤️❤️❤️ 2nd day on a row gaming

  3. The story's were true..... WELCOME BACK HOMIE glad to see our child pilot again
  4. it finally happened.... Lil Darkie x Scarlxrd, less gooo



    1. ImKrullix



  5. Somwhere isolated in the woods Jesper would listen to the chatter and static on the radio, the bear that appears to be idly snoozing next to him, slightly disturbed by the radio. "Right, Sooooo.... about that...." Sitting up to properly stretch his arms, the bear next to him would roar a little in disturbance. "Most people arent 'eager' to stick their noses into your playground deals. You blutter how shady and dangerous you are on the radio, which respectfully, many people could out do you on that one. The Scrappers, the fighting ring, the Northmen, heck I'd probably think even
  6. and the counter resets...


    1. ImKrullix


      Happy Feeling Good GIF its a bop with meaning behind it

    2. Niller


      Dance Party Reaction GIF Let's get it fam

  7. Happy Birthday 4head 

    Snoop Happy Birthday GIF

  8. Happy birthday ❤️ 

    dinner party drinking GIF <--- Zed after a few drinks at your party.

    1. Alkis


      Many thanks ❤️

  9. Yes I agree with this: It makes sense within the roleplay for PLIKT to enforce their authorities in a proper manner and thus keep the streets clean of trouble makers and lawless travelers. HOWEVER: Whilst I agree with the implementation of this, I disagree with the reason why it came about. Hear me out: As we heard time and time again people should deal with their actions and consequences ICly. It sounds dumb I know but stay with me. PLIKT as a Lore/Staff Faction with gear-support that willingly takes their time to provide organic roleplay within the town of nyheim. As A mi
  10. Some of our shieldmaidens, pog.
  11. Being born in this unforgiving world of the walking sick and the pillaging flames of the survivors of these wild lands wasn't the brightest future one would have expected. However the time he had spend as a child were spend in the comforting arms of the clan his family had been part of. The Unity, the strenghtened bond between eachother and the devout following of its members would teach Jesper many valuable traits and abilities. Along side the night time raids for their own, personal stability and survival, he would train his combat skills whilst back at home he would be reduced to a proud bu
  12. Fae-PFP-V2.gif.fd100263e74d8e533680dfe051afdc80.gifFae-Banner-V2.gif.24b92e87e60dc5a9c36347e47c431d17.gifFae-PFP.gif.c97aa783c194f3aeeec8e697d8b6d8c6.gifFae-Beenner.gif.174c94d1ae6abba0d931d74d9c280e55.gif

    @FaeLRLiterally, stop asking me for stuff, I'll beat you.

    1. Bumblebee


      Gimme a hug u beautiful man i love u 

      The Office Hug GIF

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