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"Life is a Story, you're the author. Now start writing..."

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  1. Alkis

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  2. Alkis

    The Spider's Web

    "Pain is just one of many keys to free yourself. Sometimes our darkest times allow for our brightest futures. A future without a mask to hide behind, without expectations being the railings of the paths we take, without judgment looking forward into the unknown and greeting it with our new found self. The Unknown may carry the answers or goals that we seek, having thrown of the shackles of society and be who we truly are, only then we may look into the unknown, prepared. " - Alkis
  3. Alkis

    • Alkis
    • lunathecat

    "Am I able to trust once more again... What's this feeling that I can't shake..? Regret? Fear? Sadness? At this point I don't know anymore...It feels like an angel is sitting on my shoulder..." 

  4. Alkis

    Real life picture Thread

    The Twink is on the Rise
  5. FalkRP

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    • Alkis

    Cheers mate

  6. Alkis


    Get that Custom Titel "Twink King" Riot ?

    @NozzyRP @Saunders @SleepyRP @Roland @LumenRP @RavenousRP @Firemoiselle @Zanaan @NorwayRP  The Nitro Gang




    1. Roland


      This wasn't a part of the deal 😄

    2. Alkis


      It's a Riot @Roland, a peaceful one 😄

    3. RavenousRP


      Give this man his title @Roland

    4. StagsviewRB


      Give it to him Rolle. For my years of slave labour working in this community.

    5. SleepyRP


      Pretty please @Roland?

    6. LumenRP



  7. Saunders

    • Saunders
    • Alkis

    Thank you for the Nitro Alkis, you're a legend mate! ❤️ 

  8. Azu

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    • Alkis

    Big shoutout to this boy for all the nitro


    Calling in @SleepyRP @Saunders @Zanaan @NozzyRP @LumenRP


    get fukt @groovy chernon

    1. Saunders


      @Alkis you are a beautiful human being. Thank you so much for the nitro, love you forever and always x

    2. SleepyRP


      Thank you @Alkis! You're incredibly kind! 💕

  9. Alkis

    Cannibal hunting ground (Open frequency)

    *Resting calmly on a little Bench on a wandering path he'd look down his right arm, his bandaged biceps yet with a pleased smile on his lips before pressing the PTT on his Radio* I firmly believe our little conversation was cut quite short due to unfortunate arrangements and the occasional wanderer. Nonetheless I enjoyed the little chatter even though I barely heared anything about you... Doesn't seem to bad really. *Releasing a rather exhausted sigh from the eventful day he'd slip the radio back onto his vest*
  10. Alkis

    Cannibal hunting ground (Open frequency)

    "5 People....is this my welcoming ? Quite excessive isn't it ?" *He continued yet his voice growing lower at the sight*
  11. Alkis

    Cannibal hunting ground (Open frequency)

    *The rustling of grass and cracking of wood sung through the frequency* Don't make me regret this, afterall. Shall I not return it would only shine an even worse light onto you. Since you seemingly didn't leave me a warm welcoming by the looks of it I shall keep my eyes on the town *His body would shuffle slowly to the ground, audiable through the radio*
  12. Alkis

    Cannibal hunting ground (Open frequency)

    *The Sound of a magazine clicking into place rings through the frequency* Well, I shall make my way towards Vyshnoye in an hour or so. There is not alot of activity around me, recently that is. If you're not available I will resort to being the eyes in the hills, spectating. Alkis is the name. *With that, he flung the radio off the cliff. The last sound heared being its impact on the ground below*
  13. Alkis

    Cannibal hunting ground (Open frequency)

    *Raising a wondering eyebrow, he listened to the rather fast response.* It's quite unfortunate even after I announce my arrival that I still have to hold my guard highly and expect the worst. Surely there are a selected few that I would be able to talk to without any harm coming my way. It would be a chance being missed out on from my side as well as a understanding ear listening to your side of the Story that you're writing. *A disappointed grunt left the man, rolling a bit of ductape around his radio and the PTT, keeping it on while laying it infront of himself*
  14. Alkis

    Cannibal hunting ground (Open frequency)

    *Alkis rose his head from his familiar sight-seen spot, gazing out into the distance as he pressed down the PTT, a little grin forming along his disfigured face* You know... I never had the chance to talk to anyone of "you" in person...at least not that I know of. Ofcourse It would be unfortunate to be used as a dish right after. Don't get me wrong, I am considering it yet hoping if someone lays a hand on me it's not in a harmful manner. I will be prepared but come in pure interest... *With another long drawn out sigh he would release his radio, letting it fall back into place on his Vest before returning to his calm Star gazing*
  15. Alkis

    Everyone leaves...

    "Trust is Pain, the only difference is the word used." - Alkis Rouber
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