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  1. Welcome to the team! Wear the orange hat with pride @Alkis 🥳

  2. Welcome to my Feed Back Page! The Twink King of DayZRP sends his regards and is looking forward to the Feedback being provided! The matching format is provided below, have fun with the paperwork!
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  4. I, Alkis hereby agree to follow the DayZRP Staff Agreement Version 4 in its current form.
  5. Welcome to staff brother

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  6. Gz my fellow Support ❤️

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  8. *Quietly humming to himself he chuckled below his breath. Taking a deep breath he leaned back into his chair, looking out into the night sky through the hole in his roof* "Once again he traps his tail, shook by the steps of the growling beast, by the one that he himself released, he's aware justice will prevail" *The Soft clicking of his pen carries into the transmission* "A story made of make belief, wishes sown with blackened seed, make them wish they'd never leave, their save walls of hate and grief." *His radio would bump onto his desk* "There are things you may not see, out of reach of your UAV." "The Spreading word of a broken heart, a fire lit with a little spark." "Once you drop your mask and come to be, be yourself and speak with honesty." "Finally you will see, of all the great things you could've been." *The Transmission ends.*
  9. *With a low sigh Alkis finishes writing yet another medical report, his feet kicked up on the desk and the folder in his lap while his pen tapped over the paper.* *He slowly pulls down his bandana and tugs his radio from his belt, pressing the PTT* "Potius Cras..." "The Corporation..." "The Boogeyman of Chernarus..." "I so deeply hope you finally found the leaks and rats you had within your ranks. You know, the ones I told you about ? Oh, right, the false information I told you just to spark a bit of 'ruckus' within your ranks, you seemed bored." *The creaking of his chair echoes through the transmission as he sat up straight* "I would wish you well, if you'd stay loyal to your motives. Yet the only thing that catches my eye is a collective with no goal, no thrive. You wished upon finding a cure, I offered myself while I was holding valuable information, written down as well as physically. Nothing came from it, you didn't move a finger. Yet you chose to abduct defenseless lonely people, just to entertain yourself. Now we sit here, watching you begging for forgiveness. "As much as I'd grant you the wish of a clean start, the wasteland doesn't forget, nor do the people you harmed. None forgives me, or Vlad, or Ryker, or Derek. I am not here to judge you. I am here to tell you to get your story straight, and finally pick a path." *He stops for a moment, sending one last message before releasing the PTT* "I am a doctor now and a surgeon. How about you taste your own medicine once in a while ?" "When the Joker has met his final goal, fooling everyone he knew. Did he fool himself, or was the only one he fooled... You?" *The Broadcast ends.*
  10. Leaving you in the dust my guy, what's the matter ? 😛 @StarScream911




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  12. The 5.0.3 has left you that grill there
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