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  1. SpicyMcWrap

    There is not one gender of AKM!

    While the OP has some good points I want to point out one thing. There is almost no difference between an AKM and an AKMS. The single factor that seperate these 2 rifles is the folding buttstock on the AKMS, Additionally the only thing that distinguishes the AKM from an AKMN is the side rail that comes with it. and the AKMNS is just a hybrid of those 2 rifles. Personally I think that the AKM's attachments in game make it available for you to have any of those rifles. I do agree that to an extent its realistic for them to came as they are but if we follow that path were gonna go back to the days of arma2 where we had 10 variants of every gun for every attachment combination.
  2. Brock Adams is a college student from Sigma Chi Fraternity at Virginia Tech. He is currently studying Mechanical Engineering and came to Chernarus on a trip to seek out work oportunities outside the US. He was unfortunately caught offguard by the apocalypse and is now stuck in South Zagoria with no survival skills. Seeing as he is stuck in this country, Brock has decided to establish a Sigma Chi Fraternity House in one of the many pubs across the country. While in America he was only a Brother, within South Zagoria he decided that he would be the Consul of the new fraternity and try and bring it up to its original glory like back in Georgia. Before coming South Zagoria, Brock Adams, or "Brocky" to his friends (Play on words from Rocky) Played baseball as an Outfielder for the Sigma Chi baseball team. Although not the brightest, with a GPA of 3.0, Brock made up with his Baseball scholarship and was invited to join Sigma Chi. He did not choose the Frat life, the Frat life chose him. He was in love with the Frat life and started to become the embodiment of the ultimate bro. Brock went on the become the boxing champion of Sigma Chi and was nicknamed Brocky by his brothers. Brocky then went on to win several state tournaments and won all of his matches. Brocky is a Republican at heart and is a massive Trump supporter. Much like Trump, Brock is very quick to say his opinion and is very outspoken and truthful. He hates Cholos, Illegals and gun grabbing communists. He aims to keep his ideals while in South Zagoria and spread them to his fellow Americans so that in 2020, when the Apocalypse hopefully clears over, they will go back home and vote for the right choice. Brock's only long term goal in South Zagoria is to establish the first Frat house in the country and expand the presence of Sigma Chi internationally... and to throw some hot parties in the Frat house
  3. SpicyMcWrap

    Tea Party

    Nothing like a party with your children
  4. *Stan presses the PTT and speaks in a calm tone of voice* "Hey Adam, thank you for the help. You know who we are and where to find us. We'll be waiting for you. See you shortly." *Stan lets go of the PTT and directs the other Watchmen to their old home*
  5. *Soft crackle comes over the radio* "Hello this is one of the leaders of The Watchmen. I've heard earlier you contacted some of my group members about a meeting. I believe the name you gave us was "Burkov" or something among those lines. unfortunately you did not give us a time. I will personally show up and discuss whatever it is you want with you as long as you provide me with a time. I assume the same location you gave my members earlier will remain the same. Thank you for getting in contact with us. Sincerely, The Watchmen" *Stan leaves the radio beside his planning table and waits for an answer to come through*
  6. SpicyMcWrap

    Myshkino Wolves

    Slightly stuck
  7. *a crackle is heard followed by a voice* "Me and my friends can help you with that but we must speak in private. would you like me to contact you on a more secure frequency?" *Stan lets go of the PTT*
  8. *Stan holds his PTT down* "They weren't wearing any armbands that I could see, from what I heard the Green Dragons "own" Stary Sobor so I would hazard a guess and say it was them. I don't feel comfortable disclosing my name over the radio as me and my associates have become quite a target recently for no apparent reason. My name has also slipped out and is in circulation, I have no idea how that happened but I guess it was inevitable. Hopefully one day we can meet and talk about these people more in the relative safety of a field or something like that. I hope to run into you too. I would like to have a chat at some point" *Stan pauses for a second and adresses the second man on the radio* "Well holy shit, if It isn't the old man himself, glad to know you made the night in that creepy barn. No unfortunately I haven't been in contact with the crumpet folk. I have been trying to round a few souls up as me and my friends are in quite the predicament, and yea I understand speaking on the radio like that makes me a target but... I feel like this stuff has to be said you know? They prey on the week and had bad luck that time so I want to let everyone know that theres some serious trouble there. *Stan lets go of the PTT and goes back to plotting*
  9. *Stan stops searching around his base, takes out his radio and pushes down the PTT button and starts speaking calmly* "I don't know who you guys are but I'm going to hope this broadcast reaches the last surviving members of your raid party. I'm one of the 3 guys you tried to murder at Stary Sobor church." *Stan pauses to recollect his memories* "I know 3 men inside of a church seem like easy prey to a group of 7 but not when they actually know what they're doing. We did not rob your friend, It was stupid of you to assume so and as a consequence of your stupidity all of your friends are dead. I hope you can live with that cause I sure as hell couldn't. Next time you try to act big and swing your dick around like you own the place, remember this encounter you had with us and learn that you're nothing but a rag tag group of people with little to no combat experience." *Stan lets go of the PTT and keeps searching for a new plate carier and clothes while slightly limping from the heavy bruising on his ribs*
  10. *Stan holding his head in his hands, worried about what he had just heard, presses the PTT* "Be careful Michael, I'm not sure of the last time you were up north but things have chaged." *He takes a small break to gather his thoughts* "Kabanino is crawling with people that are just waiting for the chance to rob someone, Novaya feels deserted and abandoned and the whole surrounding 4 kilometers of the North-West airfield is filled with bandits. Most trading outposts that are open to the public have been ravaged. Now, I don't know if you've worked a deal out with those groups but I suggest that you move south or strike some sort of deal with them. Although it's likely they'll extort you for your supplies." *Stan takes another short break before speaking in a gloomy tone* "Stay safe out there." *He lets go of the PTT and goes back to holding his head while waiting for his buddies to arrive*
  11. *passing through frequencies on his radio, Stan couldn't help but hear Moody's conversation* "Ah Mr. Moody, I have also been trying to get a hold of you recently and I must say you have been proving very difficult to find in the north. You might recognise my voice as one of the Winter Soldiers that has been working closely with you throughout recent times. I would like to arrange a meeting with you about an idea me and my associates have had which I believe is of great interest to you. Hope to keep in touch." *Stan let's go of his PTT feeling exalted to know that there is still hope*
  12. *Sturggles to press the PTT and speaks slowly, trying to mask up the pain in his left leg while speaking* "Hey this is the American, if anyone from our little Crumpet Gang can hear me im looking for your help... I'm going to make my way up to the Scotsmans' old village. If you lot can remember it's where the old man took the biggest shit of his life... I know this is a big ask and I don't expect to see many of you but I will be eagerly waiting fo someone to get there... For safety reasons please do not disclose any names over this frequency." *Lets go of the PTT, drops the radio on the floor and injects himself with a shot of morphine in the leg in an attempt to numb his excruciating pain*
  13. SpicyMcWrap

    A way out [OPEN FREQ.]

    *Picks up his radio hearing all the chatter and starts speaking in a very agitated tone* "You know Mr. Shepherd" *Takes a small pause and starts speaking again in a very calm tone* "You sure do talk a lot of shit. Pretending you care about the civilians of Novaya might trick some people but not me. All you and your pals seem to do is rob random people you find and then go and pass around false rumours about the saviours to mask up your actions. Now im not a genius but you're really shooting yourself in the leg there don't you think? Acting all high and mighty when you're all talk. You know, my dad used to tell me this when I was a kid." *Takes a short pause trying to remember the quote from so long ago* "Don't forget where you come from because you'll find yourself back there if you're not careful." *He takes a deep breath and starts speaking again* "You know Mr. Shepherd, What makes people fear my organisation so much is that we could be in the same room as you, we come out when you least expect it, do our deed and then go home. At the end of the day, you're just another human being like us. Memento mori Mr. Shpeherd." *He lets go of the PTT and signals for his party to stand up and slowly make their way out of Kabanino*
  14. SpicyMcWrap

    Much Love Part 2.PNG

    still disppointed the wedding didn't go through. It would abeen as beautiful as the one from Shrek
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