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  1. Preplin


    Hello Community, Old ass player here looking to come back. Wondering who all from the old-old days is active and if anyone I remembered is still here, could give me the lowdown on whats all been happening over the last few years. Glad to see the place is still alive. Cheers
  2. Preplin

    Petition for the Meme thread

    Full Support
  3. Preplin

    Blackwood Uprising [Recruitment Open]

    I go jump out of airplanes for 3 weeks and then I come back to this? Great job with the numbers Ark buddy! Be seeing you lads real soon when I get back home and to the server!
  4. *Sees Jun 2016* ... *Sees Nov 2013* ... Yeah I think we'll survive bud, thanks for the input though!
  5. Yo people relax, OP isn't asking opinions on if we should switch back to mod or not, he/she's just asking which one you preferred during your time in the community. To answer you question though, I definitely had the best time and memories from the mod. While it was a more clunky and not as pretty of a game, mod provided some of the best RP I've seen for some weird reason. In terms of pretty thought, Standalone is nice and the customization is pretty cool as well.
  6. Preplin

    Blackwood Uprising [Recruitment Open]

    Great story, props to whoever wrote it
  7. Preplin

    [GAME] 400 posts before an Admin posts

    14... This is how you play right!?
  8. It's always sad seeing an '12 or '13 OG leave. Take care
  9. Preplin

    [GAME] 400 posts before an Admin posts

    ... 114?
  10. Preplin

    Tanoan Crisis concept

    I'll be honest, I'm not a fan. I'll take it if this is the only option, however I still think a DayZRP mod for ARMA3 is the way to go to make a thriving and worthwhile play like this. My fear is this will be implemented and will be fun for a while until everyone is a "level 10" character where they join a faction and then the game devolves into a PvP mess that results in no actual RP on this server, which in the end, isn't RP what those Arma 3 suggestion threads we're asking for? I feel like that once it turns PvP and people get tired of the no RP element, this will be another "example" of how anything other than a broken standalone doesn't work in this community, when this ends up being nothing like what people were asking for in the suggestion threads.
  11. *As a heavy rain pours down on the makeshift shelter he has made for himself, a tired and desperate Mikhail clanks on a old ham radio* "God, please let this work" *Mikhail flips on the switches, bringing the radio to life. Static and the low hum fill the channel as Mikhail presses on the transceiver* "Break. Break. Break. Any receivers, prepare for traffic..." *Mikhail takes a deep breath* "This message is for any surviving members of the Blackwood Militia. Brothers, if you are hearing this, this is Mikhail Pastukhov, and I urge you to respond. I repeat, this is Mikhail Pastukhov, calling on any remaining Blackwood Militia still using this channel. Please respond! This is an urgent request for help."
  12. Happens every time there is a boom in the population. Please help to cull the herd by reporting these clowns
  13. As much as it pains me to say it, the A2 mod is dead, let it rest in peace please. Being one of the members that loved my memories and experiences with it, the mod had its days and sadly they are over. To bring it back would sour the memories we older members of the community made. That being said, a Desolation or even making our own patented "DayZRP" mod for A3 is a viable solution. In order for it to work however, it is going to need its own dedicated group of staffers in order to keep it running smoothly and to keep it from devolving into the report/pvp fuckfest it was in its last iteration here on the community. On top of this, this hypothetical A3 mod would need a group of loremasters and GM's to keep it going in a productive and successful manner. My question to you Psi, or anyone in the community, do you think you could find, tempt, or bring in anyone from the outside that meets these qualifications Rolle stated? Or is there anyone in the community with these skills already? If we go this route, we the community shouldn't do it halfheartedly, it should be a full out effort for a successful venture.
  14. Preplin

    Bring Back Desolation

    All my yes's go to this. Given the proper attention from a small fraction of the staff team, this has the potential (in my hope at least) to be great.
  15. Preplin

    Forced Perma-Death from Execution Rights

    ^This It would be more of a hassle for the staff team to deal with the waves of butthurt that would come along with a rule like this, than to just let people RP it out in their own way. Personally, I've always held myself to the standard of "If I can't reasonably and realistically come up with a way my character survived or if someone witnessed my characters death" I perma-death my character. If everyone had this mindset than stuff like this suggestion would work, unfortunately not everyone has the mindset.
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