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  1. Server & Location: S1 Turovo Factory. Approximate Time: After 8:00 and before 14:50 when I came on the server In Character Name: Joe Mo Allies involved: No/Offline Suspects: Unknown Vehicles involved: No Evidence: https://imgur.com/a/Jrelj2n So coming onto the server at 14:50, I was going to a base that I and six other people have been working on. I had previously logged in the day before at 8:00 to check on the base and found that all three medium tents, a barrel, and a military tent were all inside. I logged out next to base and logged back in after a good nights sleep. I found that the two front doors of Turovo Factory were deconstructed at the bottom allowing a player to shimmy through. I also found that the tertiary door was also compromised. These three doors were compromised the say way with the bottom half deconstructed allowing a player to shimmy through. I approached the location where the tents and barrel were suppose to be to find much of our stuff tossed on the ground including food for other survivors, our radiators for cars, uniforms, ammunition, and other such supplies. Missing from the stacks were several light poles, two portable generators, all of our building supplies including hammers; saws; nails, our gardening supplies including shovels; seeds; and fertilizer, medical supplied, and lastly all of our meat. Upon cataloging our missing supplies I noticed that the side door wall was also deconstructed and I investigated further and found that all of the walls on the side door were deconstructed to allow a person to shimmy through the bottom. The loss of our building supplies means that we are unable to repair the damage done to the base and our ability to RP on the server has also been hampered by the loss of medical supplies, food storage, and any other way we can aid passing by survivors. Our base is completely open without the ability to repair it or store any supplies for survivors.
  2. That's actually a really interesting idea!
  3. Joe_Mo


    Hey guys! I'm brand new to the server and have just submitted my whitelist!
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