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  1. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: Like i said on my coment. i did not have the idea of the blood. Kennedy told me when we meet that he wanted to do that but i advised against it. i just Wrote OOC for him to add me on Steam because its the only way we have to do it. and it was just me and him, there was no one else in the area. And he went OOC and did some major rule breaking and gets 3 days. And i Get 2 days because i wrote in chat? i Think its not fair. i just wanted everyone to join discord so we could get together in the next days. only when he join discord he told us about the food and blood situation. I honnestly belive 2 days its too much and i dont deserve that becuase o write 4 or 5 sentences in chat. the Points i accept them because i broke the rules. But the ban i think its too much and i wish you could lift it. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: Nothing to add. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Please lift the ban, becuase i already serve 1 day ban for my crimes What could you have done better?: I wont write in chat ever again. it was my mistake and im sorry.
  2. Hello. Well, i meet Kennedy in Cherno. and as he said before it was his ideia. i advised against it because its not fun. i do not play with Him anymore. Im sorry if this is happened to you. i didnt know that yu could not cure deseases anymore. Im sorry about that. But i did not give you blood. and food. please repor the ones that did that not me. and also the meat part and the blood part we just knew about that after he did that to you. So again im sorry.
  3. At Gun Point Lopes pick the Radio and reads a message that the District wants to be Spread... My name is Lopes da silva. The Distric has me at gun point and want you to know John that if we do buisness with the House we are going to die. Everyone that deals buiseness with the House is going to be hunted down. He Says this while everything is taked away from him.
  4. Lopes comes from Portugal Hes a medic who was raised in a militar family, but military was not a life for Lopes. As a child and a teenager his father teached him how to work with all kinds of weapons because he wanted his son to follow his footsteps. When Lopes told his dad he was not persuing the military life and wanted to travel the world and help the ppl in the 3rd world countrys his dad was not happy and they dont speak since that day. Lopes then focus on helping those ppl in need. When Lopes eared about the outbreak he rushed here and its now looking for survivors.
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