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  1. While Western Europe and the USA were undergoing an economic boom and a period of happiness, the situation was opposite in the Balkan Peninsula. Internal strifes and separatist movements were growing inside Yugoslavia, the economy was regressing and the future was highly uncertain. It shouldn't come as surprise then, that a young Croatian couple living in a small village on the border between Croatian and Bosnian Socialist Republics faced with substantial financial problems, uncertain future and a small child would want to live in a city. In early 1991 they settled on the outskirts of Bihać, in a local catholic community. Even though they were glad they escaped Croatia when the war started, the war eventually caught up to them in 1992 when fights started in Bosnia as well. In July Serbian forces surrounded the city of Bihać and began a siege, which lasted almost 3 years. Goran's father, Stjepan, didn't want to stand on the side, merely watching the fights. He joined the Croatian Defence Council and helped with the defence of the city. Unfortunately, he was killed in a Serbian raid in late 1992. Goran was left alone with his mother, Ana. They started living together with their neighbours, [] family, who also had similar-aged child, named Dragan. Ana contracted tuberculosis, and the lack of medication and doctors meant that she passed away at the beginning of 1994. Two orphans, Goran and Dragan, were taken in by another family in the community. When the war finally ended in 1995, everyone was relieved. However, this wasn't the end of the trouble, as the economy took years to rebuild. Goran's foster family wanted to leave, and in '98 they moved to their relatives in a small country near the Caucasus, Chernarus. Their living situation improved, but Goran didn't feel it. The foster family, while providing them with basic amenities, didn't care for their education and well-being. When Dragan turned 18, he left the family with Goran and started living in the nearby city, Kirovograd. Unfortunately, soon after the crisis in Chernarus began. Goran stayed neutral in the conflict and patiently waited until the end. With almost no skills and education Goran found it hard to find a job. For several years he worked various low-wage jobs such as construction, shopkeeping and cleaning. His character, however, meant that he quickly grew sick of them and tried finding better ones, to no avail. The situation changed completely in 2017 when the outbreak started. He was terrified that another war was coming, but unfortunately, it was something worse. After the destruction of the city by the army Goran started slowly moving east along with Dragan. They would usually settle for several months, Goran exploring and scavenging supplies and Dragan obtaining them through questionable means. Recently, they arrived in South Zagoria and decided to stay the winter there. Character: Goran was always a very curious child. Everything seemed interesting for him, and he was never bored. However, this meant that he often pried his nose into places he shouldn't have. He is an individualist. He hates relying on others, and his freedom and self-sufficiency is his biggest priority. Unfortunately, this means that he often puts himself above others will focus mostly on himself. He is physically fit and nimble. Goran has a deep dislike and fear of violence and all soldiers/militants. //This is the first iteration of the backstory, there's much more to come (i need to properly write it first :D )
  3. Danil was born on the outskirts of Sochi to a Russian-Chernarussian marriage. For most of his young life he idolized his father, a Lieutenant in Federal Security Service. After graduating from high-school, he was conscripted into local army batallion. Thanks to his father's influence, he was quickly recruited into the FSB and took post as a border guard at Chernarussian border. Using chaos surrounding the outbreak, FSB started an intelligence operation and sent several officers into border regions of Chernarus. Danil was selected thanks to his loyalty and good knowledge of Chernarussian language and culture, and was given fake documents and an alias "Emil Novacek". For the last 2 years everything was going well, however recently the HQ lost contact with the South Zagorian operative, and ordered Danil to investigate and re-establish communication. (WIP)
  4. Year 1991 was a biggest turning point in the history of Chernarus. Separation from the Soviet Union left the nation destabilized and in need of desperate changes. One of the first things reformed was the agriculture- most state-owned (SOVKOZ) and collective (KOLKOZ) farms were privatized, which resulted in huge lay-offs, especially in small villages, where the farm was the only source of work. Petr's family was one of the victims- his father, like many of the previously employed workers was made redundant, outclassed and outperformed by privatization. His mother tried her best, working multiple shifts at a grocery store, but despite her efforts, it was barely enough to afford food and basic amenities. This difficult situation at home and his parents' constant whining "how life was better back in the day" meant that Petr grew up filled with hatred for the new government and a desire to change his situation. Petr often hanged out with other boys from the village. He, just like them, was unable to find a job. They all shared the same goal- to restore the depressing and poverty-ridden countryside back to it's former glory. Daily-life hardships stirred them up and turned them into a boiling pot, ready to explode. And this is exactly what happened in the late summer of 2009. When Petr was walking back to his house, he met a group of militiamen. Their equipment was a jumble of civilian and surplus military clothes, but what connected them all was a symbol he learned to love and respect- a red star. When Petr heard that they were recruiting volunteers, he didn't even think about the consequences of what he was about to do. He finally had a chance to start working towards his dream, so he took it. At first, Petr wasn't even fighting. He stayed in one of the camps, tasked with basic chores. Finally, when the opportunity to encircle and destroy a CDF convoy arose, he was chosen to go. There was no time for extensive training, so his officer gave him a hunting rifle, a handful of bullets and sent him off. The attack was a failure, CDF convoy managed to go through the ambush and most of the guerillas were heavily injured, including Petr. He spent the rest of the war stuck in a camp, seeing the slow downfall of the revolution with his hopeless inability to help. When the CDF forces were coming dangerously close, he ran back to his village, hoping noone would come for him. Ironically, the civil war and the fall of ChDKZ was what gave him a new life. Damage dealt to the country was immense and required a lot of manpower and resources to repair. He, along with few other friends, managed to find a job in a construction company. With his own hands he was repairing what he demolished few months ago. He was slowly fullfiling his goals- he had a job and he moved to a small apartment in the nearest town. However, he felt like something was wrong, like he wasn't living the life he wanted. With his parents ill and in need of medical care, he needed to spend all of his salary on medicine and drugs. With the nation having recovered from the civil war, there was no longer need for additional construction workers and was, just like his father, outperformed by other people and as the result- fired. Without his source of income he had to turn towards the government he was starting to trust for help. They, however, wouldn't cover the costs, which made his suppressed feelings of anger and the urge of revenge resurface. What finally put him over the edge and caused him to take action was the death of his parents in the early spring of 2017. Petr managed to get in contact with his old comrades from ChDKZ. They formed a small group, avenging fallen brothers in the Civil War by conducting small-scale assaults on police patrols and carrying out terrorist attacks. With the start of infection they found themselves in an unstable country falling apart. They were able to do anything they wanted, so they did. The group was getting progressively more violent and was drifting away from restoring communism and bringing back prosperity to killing innocent civilians in the name of revolution. When he witnessed them destroying a camp and murdering all inhabitants with another made-up excuse he finally decided to leave the group and headed back to his home town, the only place he could return to.
  5. lowca_ludek

    Krysí Hnízdo [Rats Nest]

    Going from killing Russians for sport to killing Russians for gear ? Can't wait to meet you IG!
  6. lowca_ludek

    Mini Events and their issues.

    Personally i don't see the issue with using pre-outbreak groups, if groups related to them are notified so they can potentially react.
  7. lowca_ludek

    [GAME] 400 posts before an Admin posts

  8. I'm in the EU, and there's no noticeable ping difference between the current US server and old EU server. As long as it is lower than 250 you should be ok, the real trouble starts above it ?. If you're looking for other players, server is busiest between 22-23 and 2-3 CET.
  9. I'd personally keep it until the end of January, -1
  10. If it's giving you invalid ticket, try restarting Steam. If it still continues or keeps giving you a timeout, you could try joining when the server population is lower and queue is empty (i have a LOT of problems joining through the queue, especially when i have to respawn).
  11. You need to create a character you will be roleplaying as before joining the server. https://www.dayzrp.com/characters/add/
  12. You don't need to commit suicide at all, after you die press exit, change to your desired character model and spawn back. The only downside is the need to wait in the queue again, but it should still be faster than killing yourself over and over.
  13. lowca_ludek

    Add more slots to the assault backpack.

    I think Taloon backpack has 46, this is ridiculous
  14. lowca_ludek

    "There is only one rule around the fire"

    This guy in the red is stealing my look!
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