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  1. Going from killing Russians for sport to killing Russians for gear ? Can't wait to meet you IG!
  2. Personally i don't see the issue with using pre-outbreak groups, if groups related to them are notified so they can potentially react.
  3. I'm in the EU, and there's no noticeable ping difference between the current US server and old EU server. As long as it is lower than 250 you should be ok, the real trouble starts above it ?. If you're looking for other players, server is busiest between 22-23 and 2-3 CET.
  4. I'd personally keep it until the end of January, -1
  5. If it's giving you invalid ticket, try restarting Steam. If it still continues or keeps giving you a timeout, you could try joining when the server population is lower and queue is empty (i have a LOT of problems joining through the queue, especially when i have to respawn).
  6. You need to create a character you will be roleplaying as before joining the server. https://www.dayzrp.com/characters/add/
  7. You don't need to commit suicide at all, after you die press exit, change to your desired character model and spawn back. The only downside is the need to wait in the queue again, but it should still be faster than killing yourself over and over.
  8. I think Taloon backpack has 46, this is ridiculous
  9. This guy in the red is stealing my look!
  10. We already have bike, skate, hockey, construction and firefighter helmets in the shop, so it shouldn't be an issue. Although, when you look at DayZWiki, they all except for firefighter helmet have noticeably lower stats.
  11. It feels like an AAA game trailer, great job!
  12. @Onyx Also had fun time RPing with you and your gang. Don't worry, things got even more hectic later. @Challenger @OxeN(can't find the rest of your group) Thanks for one of the best hostileRPs i've ever experienced. @Collin1398 Thanks for saving me! I hope it wasn't too hard to hear me. This has got to be my best night on this server (i wanted to go to sleep 2 hours ago but got so hooked i couldn't).
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