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  1. Like Tarkov barter trades. That would be interesting.
  2. Ah, Yes. It was a great journey indeed. Hope to see you again soon. Sad face for Marcus. Shrooms bad.
  3. Military bases loot looks like army just returned from trick or treating.
  5. *Old man with a sniper rifle on his back is walking through the forest .As he hears the conversation ,he stops and turns around and presses his PTT.* *Looking in the direction he came from and with calm voice he says* "Wasn't that enough Lee? Should we really pay you one more visit?" *radio goes silent*
  6. Traders will propably not sell weapons so 5.56 is still the best currency.
  7. Voted No .We need to protect stability of 5.56 as a currency.
  8. @Smoser now that you posted that ss I remebered that you started spaming chat with ooc stuff and went out of character in game and started saying to me and @SovietPj ooc stuff like "It was KOS". It is very hard to roleplay while you do that.
  9. You can't hear my mic tho as my software was recording broken headphone mic. It starts somewhere around after @SovietPj was wounded and taken hostage.
  10. I was about to say there was no some single quiet shots in Berezino that night it was blazing with akm fire and shots with my very loud sniper rifle. Sorry I didn't read the last part.
  11. Ratko Zivkovic POV: Me and @Hampze arrive in Berezino to meet up with @SovietPj. On our arrival we hear that @SovietPj was banished from Berezino and @Hampze decides to talk to them (berezino people) about it. We talk to some guy and he gives us no info while the second guy runners and hides. After that we look for the second guy and while we do that we notice something bad is in the air as there are people sneaking around etc. And then comes a group of 5 (?) People with red/pink armbands so we decide to run away but @Hampze is surrounded and dies so I go into sneak mode and sneak around looking for them to avenge my companion. By doing that i kill 2 guys and save @SovietPj from hostage situation.As we are accounting for all enemies and trying to figure out is this over ,I run around a corner into 2 people with weapons looking like they are preparing to ambush @SovietPj that is looting behind a fence just in front of them. I pull a gun and before I can say anything one of them pulls a gun on me so i shoot to not get killed.
  12. It was a very interesting first day of my unexpected freelancer career as a security officer. Good fun with everyone who visted Berezino in last 8 hours or so. I hope you enjoyed how peaceful it was .
  13. *Vladislav straightens up after putting pair of steaks on the rack. Sound of cracking fire can be heard in the background.* Hello, It is Vladislav speaking. I'am in Novya Petrovka. I found myself in situation in which I have more meat then i can eat or carry. So if you hear this message and you are near Novya Petrovka ,you can find me in big green house up the hill to the north of Petrovka. Everyone is welcome
  14. Wipes are hard on roleplay. I dont expect people doing RP when they will starve to death in 20 min and when their base that they roleplay around is gone.
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